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Arts & Humanities Complaints

Tim Hortons / Atmosphere of Store

Richard Langen on Feb 17, 2019

I have patronized the above store since it was built. I liked the atmosphere because there was no backgound music. Today I went in and found very loud backgrround music. When I compained to a person there (a shorter, bald, brown skinned person), he first advised that the music system was broken...

Stage 32 / Script coverage

Michael Mackenzie on Feb 15, 2019

I gave the company Stage 32 150 dollars for script coverage I haven't received from Pat O'Brien in mid October. It is currently Mid Feb.I have been in contact with an employee named Nick. He has done nothing. I have asked for a refund and now have been received no contact since my request...

Microsoft Corporation / windows 10

Mark A. Hicks on Feb 13, 2019

I was uploading work files and Windows 10 shut down an open and active Internet browser for an update. I lost valuable time and missed a important deadline due to this issue. The lost time was costly! It was frustrating and unnecessary. Please have more respect for the countle...

The Bradford Exchange / the eagles theater

claire nuyannes on Feb 10, 2019

I received a bill for this item but I returned it several months ago. I did not order this and I do not want it. I am not going to pay for something that I have returned. Please do not bill me again for something that I do not have. My name is claire nuyannes my address is 3131...

Youtube / song "my brave face"

DBaldino on Feb 6, 2019

I really like Paul McCartney's song "My Brave Face." There are a number of video's of it on YouTube. Unfortunately, some Japanese [censored] has appended clips of himself to every copy, ruining them. Can you restore the video's and suspend that [censored]'s privileges? Example: date accessed: 6 Feb. 2019 Thank you. Donald Baldino [email protected]

Party City / items shipped late

fayevasi on Feb 5, 2019

Order number: [protected] Last Thursday (1/31) my mom placed an order for my baby shower which was to be Sunday (2/3). She paid for Next Day Air Saturday to make sure they would arrive on time. However, they arrived the day after my baby shower (2/4). I called earlier today and you agreed to...

Archaeological Survey of India / pandu mandir, kiramchi not maintained by staff

[email protected] on Feb 4, 2019

Archaeological Survey of IndiaSir, I have visited to Pandu Mandir at Kiramchi, Udhampur, J&K on 02 feb 2019 with my friends. There we have seen that the maintenance and cleanliness of the historical monument not done. There were the bird's nest, pigeon's shelter inside the temple roof and corner of the wall.The bird'...

XS Direct Insurance Brokers / cancellation policy

Yagmur ozden on Feb 4, 2019

Dear miss/sir I had experienced a cancellation policy from your side which is I don't understand why, they said they sent me form by post and I didn't receive I swear to god and I've spoke to customer services and even your manager and I didn't get no where, I use this car to drop my... / solong tattoo ink order

Dj Reed on Feb 3, 2019

I ordered some solong tattoo ink they claim they denied my payment and canceled my order. I went to my bank community national and they told me that amazon most definitly took 32.98 from my account that morning. I called amazon and they told me they did not take any money from my account...

University of Ottawa / fraud report

catusbrooks on Feb 3, 2019

Hello, The University of Ottawa Political Science Department gave me a refusal almost immediately after the application deadline, which is entirely against the norms of PhD applications in Canada for there would not be enough time to sufficiently set up a committee to review my file...

Paltalk / the flirting zone

lil_ladytx on Jan 31, 2019

Complaint/Complaints concerning The Flirting Zone Date of the most currant incident 1/30/2019 I have a copy of the room script from yesterday events if need be. I have been on Pal talk since it first began. I have been a room member, a super admin, and regular admin in the past. Recently...

ITV / piers morgan morning programme interview with ross greer msp

Fiona Forbes on Jan 30, 2019

Morgan, during his nasty and combative interview with Ross Greer MSP, was allowed to criticise Greer's appearance and demeanour in what I think was unprecedented even by the smug Morgan, who also hogged the interview and ignore his co- presenters. Ross Greer MSP provided facts which should of... / candy crush saga

Gina Crespoarce on Jan 27, 2019

I've spent a lot of money on this game and once again i have submitted a ticket for the issue on level 2580. The conveyor which drops candies is on ROBO . Just dropping and dropping and not stopping this process with no way of continuing to complete my game/level. I've submitted many tickets and...

Live Auctioneers / mc inns auction on jan 26 2019

alain filiz on Jan 27, 2019

last eve i was fooling the auction on live auctioneers and had few items i was planning on bidding on.It seemed there were technical problems thru out the sale... when lot 1543, silver box with dog in stone 9n lid came it opened at $ 100 i sent my bid and waited and waited and nothing wa...

Rama Deals / ios flash drive

CA Stewart on Jan 26, 2019

How can you rectify the fact that it came way after christmas regardless of my appeal to stop this order. I needed this item before christmas! It is of no use to me now! I wonder if you are even comprehending my reply's. The order came far too late. My complaint is not with the courier. It...

CA Stewart / ios flash drive

CA Stewart on Jan 26, 2019

After repeated attempts to stop the order this vendor keeps referring me to the courier and ignoring the details of my complaint! After repeated attempts to get a refund I sent this email: How can you rectify the fact that it came way after christmas regardless of my appeal to stop thi...

NetFlorist / service complaint

Angelique011 on Jan 25, 2019

Please note I ordered and paid for the gift on the 24th of Jan Its my bossess Birthday today, and as promised in an email ( stated it would be delivered today) and that the person drove from Jhb between sometime 11 o clock this morning to Pretoria. I still havent received the gift. My order...

TapJoy / earn gems

1532469 on Jan 24, 2019

Believe it or not this the 2nd time in 2 years, that you guys are not paying tickets or pending offers, I have M.S. And need your offerwall, in order to play Design Home. Some of the get a free whatever I did not finish, but the ones that are pending that I spent literly hours on after...

Ticketmaster / tickets

Totaaly scammed on Jan 22, 2019

TicketmasterI purchased two tickets on Ticketmaster (R2 Prouctions Bethel Music Victory Tour) that was misrepresented as Floor Row 1 tickets. After paying for the tickets they were mezzanine tickets purchased by a Vic Miz for $28 and I paid $59 for each tickets. After contacting Ticketmaster the...

Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport / service

Pradeeprj on Jan 22, 2019

Hi I'm Pradeep India citizen working in Fujairah yesterday I come to Dubai Airport terminal 1 to drop off my brother and grand mother I found some service late about older citizens means When I drop my brother and grandma I dintnot find wheelchair near drop off point. I asked several passenger...