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Business & Finances Complaints | Page 5

PicMonkey / charging my account

Aaron Carman on Feb 8, 2019

We have been trying to cancel our account for months, but we have not been able to reach anyone who would actually be willing to help us. My wife signed up for a free subscription last summer and forgot to cancel it before the trial was up. However, for the past 6 months, we have been...

Masternode Ventures / be vigilant

Garry Wallace on Feb 8, 2019

What do I want to know about this company? Well, I don't know why it's so popular to hide contacts. It's one of the important parts and they cannot be ignored. To contact them for pricing and terms you have to send an email. But hey, shouldn't it be freely available? Is it that hard to...

RocketFuel / a lot of things to improve

Frank Woods on Feb 8, 2019

The first question: are all of their team members work remotely? This is their statement: team members are based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Bangkok, and Seoul. It means they have several branches or my assumption is the right one? If they have branches, then it's better...

Finrite Administrators / vodacom

Faizal Kamaldien on Feb 8, 2019

I logged a claim online on the 31st JAN 2019. Received a ref number VCCML4037694 I did not receive any feedback and was unable to get to the call centre to follow up on the claim. I wait listening to the music for hours at a time with no response. I did get through once to an agent named...

Couriers Please / non delivery of parcel

Despina Christoforou on Feb 7, 2019

Tracking # cpwdsl000018909 Rang wed and spoke with nada 4 times that day - made it very clear needed parcel picked up melbourne to get to sydney by c.O. B friday 8/02. She strongly recommended I pay for domestic priority to ensure I get it this afternoon. Now I have been told won't get till...

BlueRun Ventures / take this into account

Rayley Roh on Feb 7, 2019

Well, at least, I see they are active. Just judging by their event list. Who knows what may happen till May (it's when they are planning to visit one event). But what can I say about the company? Well I want them to pay attention that when you introduce your team all of them should have...

Huaying Investenent Holding Group / unfinished

Francina on Feb 7, 2019

It looks like the website wasn't finished. So it's hard to say whether they are active or not. Maybe they going to add new information and fix everything, maybe they're not. Who knows. Just open their website, scroll down the pages, click links and you will understand what I mean. Are they...

Decent Fund / be careful

Vall Benne on Feb 7, 2019

How decent is the Decent Fund? Let's see what they have. They have: 1. Not a big portfolio, but looks like this is the only thing they are proud of. 2. Links to posts on as if it's very important 3. A statement: "everything around us can be represented and...

Notation Venture Capital / silly mistakes

Simon Swift on Feb 7, 2019

They don't seem to be too suspicious but hey, it doesn't mean they don't make mistakes. They state that the best way to reach them is through someone in their network, so that's why you should email them. At the same time, they provide no alternative contacts. Moreover, what's surprised me the...

Bank of America / money missing from checking accounts after flawed zelle transfers

Screwed! on Feb 6, 2019

I have $156 missing from my checking account, after 3, triply-made transfers of $78 each! I made a $78 transfer on-line through Zelle and Bank of America, only for Zelle to put my request in 3 times! I called BOA, only to get put on hold. So I then asked my daughter to please, just...

Ironside Capital / confusing

Luce Litsa on Feb 6, 2019

It's a pity to realize that so many investment companies prefer to hide all important information. For no reason. There's actually one official reason: it's a scam. But some companies may not be a scam, however, their strange behavior makes people think in a different way. Some companies hide...

RaceWay Gas Stations / not getting a fair chance


RaceWay Gas StationsI'm filing a complaint about Rob, owner of Raceway, on US-90 Milton, FL. January 6th, Rob called me and offered me a job interview, & We set the interview for January 7th at 1:00p.m. Jaunary 7th, I get there 20 minutes early, & He's not there. A co-worker called him to let him know I wa...

Primerica / I was charged for the background check and I don’t even work with the company.

keniagonzalez680kg on Feb 5, 2019

I was recently charged for the $99 background check for this company, Tuesday, February 5 this twenty-nineteen and I do not even work for this company. I would like to request a refund and get answers on why I was still charged this fund although I did not take up on this job offer after...

Hoxton Ventures / not good enough

ian wayne on Feb 5, 2019

oh god, what a glitchy website. It takes forever. But of course, it's not their disadvantage. At least, not the biggest one. On the one hand, the website has its own structure, a lot of information more often it's not really needed). Investment criteria are provided too. On the other...

Central Capital Ventura / be careful

Larry Keating on Feb 5, 2019

Something is wrong even though everything is ok at first sight. Especially when you read they are backed by Indonesia's largest private bank, Bank Central Asia. Unfortunately, the Bank Central Asia website doesn't contain any information that would prove that, so it's just words. Maybe it just...

Goldenwise Capital Management / sketchy

Nina Murphy on Feb 5, 2019

One of the benefits is that these guys provided detailed contacts. They also have several awards, but I'm not sure how genuine information is it. The pictures are not in the best resolution, so we can not see them. They also mentioned investment strategies and that's good. It's a rare...

Lateral Capital Ventures / take this into account

Franck Justin on Feb 5, 2019

I don't want to be picky. But I have to. If I see there's something wrong, I just can't ignore it. We have no clue whether these mistakes were made accidentally or not, but we have to pay attention. Maybe this will help both: companies and investors. Someone has to make the right choice. I am...

Segpayeu / unauthorized credit card charges

Joseph Hoffman on Feb 4, 2019

I got charged on 2019jan20 for Eur 32, 31 from my Mastercard by SegPayEU, with these references : SEGPAYEU.COM*AVSGROUPS CY - 3508 [protected]. I'd like an explanation about where this charge is from and the name of the site. Is this an automatic renewal without my authorisation? Maybe from a file...

Consumer / womens nfl nike jersey

David Church on Feb 4, 2019

Ordered qty. 2 - women nike nfl jersey and came very small youth. They will not refund or work with the customer. Wanted me to sell the shirt and give me 15% off for another order. Fanzoutlet should be shut down and the customer service needs very needed training & work ethics. "do not buy from...

Slow Ventures / pointless

Judy Y on Feb 4, 2019

So these guys decided not to waste time. They bought or created the cheapest website, didn't add any useful and needed information and just provided social media links and a small description of what they are about. Very convenient. To them. And disrespectful to us. If you want to know a...