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Business & Finances Complaints | Page 7

UpHonest Capital / terrible

Judy Lewis on Jan 31, 2019

There's nothing much to say, actually. This company has been operating since 2016. Honestly, a previous version of their website looked much worse than what it looks now, even though today's version is not perfect at all. I mean there's no needed and useful information. No contacts. The team...

Token Research Group / i don't understand this

Lily Jones on Jan 31, 2019

I wonder when investors look for companies to invest what criteria they consider? Because just looking at some companies that are obviously not reliable, I want to know just one thing: why did people choose them? It turned out to be too risky and money was lost. Or it's seen that the project i...

TLDR Global / TLDR Universe / confusing

sam king on Jan 31, 2019

TLDR Global is an advisory firm that works with dozens of leading crypto companies from early tech startups to major platforms. In other words, this firm helps them succeed. I am here to find out whether they are worth it or not, although it would seem, it's them who have to do this. Anyway...

Etihad Group Of Companies / is it a scam

Anonymous4528 on Jan 30, 2019

Hi Every One, I have received yesterday an offer letter from EGoC. I have read the complaints on this portal about the scam. Does any one visited the original company office or notify the original company about this. The website is perfectly fine and concrete (Any web developer can make) so...

PNC Financial Services Group / unauthorized debit card charges

CMcDonald215 on Jan 30, 2019

On 1/23/19 my card was declined when I tried to use it at a gas station. I called PNC and was told that someone was trying to make a purchase in Texas. I live in Philadelphia but was traveling to Florida. The customer service rep told me that they would put a hold on my account and I would...

Rocket Fuel Capital / take this into account

Kris Derrill on Jan 30, 2019

Good idea, but currently there is not enough information available. Details about the team have not been submitted. Yes, the team page exists, but I only see their names, photos, and positions. Nothing about their experience and so on. Would be nice to see. The same can be said about the...

Paytoo / funds withheld.

Feronmi on Jan 30, 2019

PAYTOO has my funds i.e $90. I have been requesting its withdrawal for over a year. I have complained several times and they have not responded to me. I also suggested I use the funds to make purchases but there has been no response whatsoever. Please assist me in recovering my funds from...

Wilson Tarquin Ltd / there fee for ppi

Postman007 on Jan 30, 2019

I had a success against Santander for missold ppi The gross amount was £3114.47 after tax deducted was -£312.53 leaving£2801.94. I paid them 49% fee of£1372.95. They are now asking for an additional £122. Now in the small print it states that they will take 48% including vat. There i...

indiafilings / opc registration

Satywan Birthlia on Jan 30, 2019

Almost 45 days has been passed they took my all documents to register one person company but nothing has been done from there end, and they took 9500 rupees from me and now I am contacting to them they are not replying in good way they file wrong information due to this my application ha...

PicMonkey / free trial subscription

Nette007 on Jan 29, 2019

I was charged $71.88 after canceling my free trail even though I was suppose to to $5.99 monthly if I decided to to keep membership. I literally long in once the day I sign up and never used it again. It wasn't for me so I cancelled. Why did Picmonkey take $71.88 from my account . They have...

Onyx Hearts / will not be purchasing drol here again they are fraud.

MichelleB. on Jan 29, 2019

These people are scammers! i put my order on december 31, 2018. I ordered a finesse champion hoodie $49.99 it is now january 29 still have no recieved my order. I emailed them twice and i did not receive an email back. Completely ignored my email. Dont buy from these frauds i have proof of...

TradersTFX / business and finance

N Pavan Kumar on Jan 29, 2019

During the end of 2016 one Mr Ajay contacted me and explained about the company and advised me to deposit 100$ which I did. And for my help and assistance one Mr Nisar was assigned. During second day of trading Nisar told me that I have lost 74$ and with just 26$ can't trade. hence I need...

M&K PR Consulting / Has anyone dealt with this company?

Maxwell Cortney on Jan 29, 2019

I found this company on the website that provides venture capital and funds that make investments in crypto. I decided to look through their website and provide you with some insight. Well, definitely, this firm doesn't deserve to be called scammers. The company is based in Seoul, South...

UtilEbill / furnace water heater

Denise Shanoha on Jan 28, 2019

2015 hired the above noted company they did installation of a furnace and water heater payments continue to rise every month plus they continue to take payments without advising me they're doing so it's not just once a month now over $100 a month between the furnace on the water heater. I...

Honda Financial Services / honda financial services

Leisa A. on Jan 28, 2019

Honda paid a tax bill for an amount that was not correct. I paid Honda for the amount due for the time that they pwned the car. I paid my town for the remainder and confirmed that Hona's list # was given a refund. I called Honda multiple times to try to get my Honda account resolved and...

Victory Square Technologies / they made a serious mistake

william duncan on Jan 28, 2019

Just wanted to tell you that it was not going to be a complaint because I liked everything, but then I opened their team page and changed my mind. Maybe the company is legit, but they didn't really try hard to make it look this way. Again, let's look at this page where their team member...

Adecco Group / pf transfer issue

Mande Aatish on Jan 28, 2019

Respected sir, this is informing to you I have worked reliance life insurance through adecco flexione solution. I had left the job on 30/11/17. my pf a/c no. is py|bom|34272|886052; I submitted my pf forms on 26 apr 18. docat no :- [protected] but still I have not received my amount. I...

Money Catch Australia / money catch business tactics 101

Susie Rodriguez on Jan 27, 2019

Deanna and her business are world class scammers. These crooks completely manipulating emotions of the people they work with, building up hopes to get people to sign over with them.. Only they don't actually recover it for you... Despite saying that they take 20%, Deanna instead rather...

Damien Elston - Eye Coaching / speaking and coaching services

GuruGetter on Jan 27, 2019

Damien Elston - Eye CoachingToday I am sitting at a Raymond Aaron event in Toronto, and I have been at this event for the weekend. I go to a lot of seminars and find always find a lot of people have a lot of different things to offer. Regardless if I invest or not there is usually value. I have attended Raymond'...

Racetrac / a problem with an employee

Mirinda Dillow on Jan 26, 2019

Every time I go into racetrack the one girl named Ariana, harasses me asks only me for an ID the people behind me about cigarettes too and they were not id'd. She's always distraught and rude. I don't think I'm ever going to go to your race track again and it's unfortunate because I go...