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Fake & Novelty ID Complaints

WillicosCompany LD / cars

cindyterry9076 on Feb 17, 2019

Global best documentation centre has years of experience producing fake passports, Driving Licenses and other identity documents. We use high quality equipment and materials to produce counterfeit passports. All secret features of real passports are carefully duplicated for our falsified...

CleverBridge / who is charging me? and I want a refund back for all the charges.

sirisha naka on Feb 14, 2019

CleverBridgeI have been charged since, 20th september & 19th october 2018 with usd 17.64 Followed by 10th november 2018 usd 14.95, 19 december 2018 usd 17.64 & 10th january 2018 with usd 14.95 on my card and it says "at hso* clever bridge ag using my debit card" I have not known this company...

Agoda Company / booking

Wong kool on Feb 8, 2019

Agoda CompanyI have never registered for a Agoda account and never made any booking but received s booking confirmation [protected] on 6/2/19. I am afraid my account was hacked. Pl provide booking information and cancel the booking as I will not be responsible for any charges incurred. Please treat thi...

1st Class Fakes / id

Jo Barker on Feb 4, 2019

I have worked out the scam that 1st class fakes is running. Having ordered before and received my IDs I could not understand how people were saying it was a scam company. However having ordered 2 IDs before Christmas and having seen the mock up IDs and approved them I sent money for them...

Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. / fraudulent activity

nikkialex on Feb 3, 2019

Nikki Koritsas 04-00-26 [protected] This is my name but not my bank account that has and is being used to con my friends out of money through Facebook messenger which was on the 01/02/19. I traced the sort code online to this bank, I'd appreciate a reply, and obviously you to look into...

Mylife / public profile

Jay Goldman on Jan 29, 2019

I was completely unaware of this site until a family member told me that all my information was publicly displayed. Everyone could find my phone number, addresses, even a violation from years ago that is not public record. This puts me and my family's safety in jeopardy. I called them... Fake ID & Vendor Discussion / beware of fake id & vendor discussion scam fake reviews

Liarsonlinefakeid on Jan 24, 2019 is the the biggest list of fake unverified and untrusted fake id vendors list. This is a fake community created by a fake fake id review site promoting their own fake id sites... So the real fake id scam list is the their own websites. owns all the sites with... / customer service

Terri Covington on Jan 10, 2019

I ordered from this company and never received my order. They were slow to respond to my emails andstated if I paid an extra$20, they would track it down.They stated that some customers received their orders on time while others did not. It was just random, they stated. I questioned their...

PCS Stamps & Coins / u.s. coins of the 19th century

MichaelArch on Jan 9, 2019

My father is 84 years old and is now receiving coins he didn't order along with an invoice to pay two $26 payments per month. I researched the value of the first coin, which ranges from $9 to $24. The total cost charged by PCS Coins and Stamps is $52, with a set of 15 coins to be sent. When... / complaint

Adam Hotmail on Jan 1, 2019

fantastic site always fast delivery and real identity Be careful of propaganda contact any site before ordering to see if they respond These sites below recruit id people asking them to post bad reviews and get a free id so that is scam any site who disses another site watch out it is fake...

Shakshii Wellnness / salary

Prince Iype on Dec 31, 2018

Shakshii WellnnessAm from Cbe my name is Elavarasn i worked for 1yr Shakshi in cbe the worst centre ever I haven't seen we are working for salary they can't give 10000 salary, they are in poverty so anybody, so financiers can help them to build there Bussiness, mostly the name of rajaji is fraud man in... / heli ball

RamonaA on Dec 27, 2018

On December 9th I ordered the heli ball after an ad popped up in King. Com games. Siad it would take two to five shipping days. To this day I have not been notified of a shipment. I have contacted the support page twice. Still no response from them other than offers to take 15% off next... / fake account

jlcba on Dec 22, 2018

The company has stolen my Google+ picture and community information in order to create a fake profile of me. The profile is reporting the number of profiles I follow and that follow me in Google+. It is showing a list of other profably stolen, random, profiles and portraying them as "My...

Facebook / reviewing lockout

Don Smithies on Dec 22, 2018

In the past 48 hours, Facebook have blocked my access to my own account on the pretext that my name is incorrect (there are lots of people using psuedonyms on FB) but presumably due to complaints leveled at me by the UK "charity", Campaign Against Antisemitism, a Zionist front that... / fake review site

JohnSnow22 on Dec 16, 2018

Please avoid this review site. It is owned by the same people who own the scam sites like IDHurry and GreatFakeID - which are both scam sites. The owners set up a fake review site to give bad reviews to real vendors and good reviews to fake vendors. If you'd like to see real ID...

Tagged / fake profile

RealKaren on Dec 4, 2018

TaggedHi, I've received word that there is a fake profile one Tagged, pretending to be me. The name is Karen Gaffney on the account. Whoever they are are giving out information of my Instagram username, Snapchat username and also using my photos from my Facebook and Instagram. Also they are... / Plenty of Fish / I have evidence of a fraud imposter on your dating site and I have all of his messages as well as profiles

nonalynn on Nov 29, 2018 / Plenty of FishAdrian Fort Myers is his username and he is a serious imposter from the UK apparently or who knows and he is preying on women in the severest ways such as pretending to send Parcels of gifts and sending misspelled invalid information of names addresses phone numbers and using the wrong...

Teechip / hallmark christmas sweatshirt

Kim Marie Roth on Nov 28, 2018

I ordered the sweatshirt on Oct 30, 2018 and is over a month later and no order number, no shirt, or shipping information. I ordered through Paypal and have filed a complaint. It should not take over a month for a shirt. When you call the TeeChip customer service line it just disconnect...

Betha Jenner Psychic Website / harassing emails ; negative

Chance73 on Nov 26, 2018

I am not sure how this women even got my email. I have had numerous negative harassing emails from her site. She is a dangerous, reckless, con artist. She intimidates the public, to purchase her items for fame and fortune. The other scenario is a curse was placed on you. No true psychic or... / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Ladyj502 on Nov 25, 2018 / Plenty of FishFred Patterson 111 is posing as a person in the military and has been in contact with my cousin. Fred's address is 1908 E 19th St Lot W39 Lawrence-Kansas 66046. I know this bc I went with my cousin to help him send Fred $100 via Money Gram at Walmart. I told my cousin not to send this guy...