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Food Complaints | Page 3

Shari's Berries / / order delivered on the incorrect date and product quality subpar

JenniferL26 on Feb 13, 2019

Shari's Berries / Berries.comHi, I want to mention that I have ordered from Shari Berries previously and have never had a fact, I am a huge fan of the chocolate covered strawberries. My boyfriend has never had these before and I wanted them delivered to him on Valentine's day 02/14/2019. I also paid an...

NetFlorist / underlined

Tanya Ehrke on Feb 13, 2019

NetFlorist I placed an order on the 12th to be delivered on the 13th of February 2019 it was not delivered. I have send the proof of payment multiple times and received an email that said my order will be delivered on the 15th of February this is unacceptable. I've tried phoning and emailing...

Chowking / Soda isnt available and happy plus is always offline

Ijee Ram Mones Ramos on Feb 13, 2019

Very disgusting! Soda isnt available to I have to add more penny just for a beverage. Cashier was also rude and really possess ignorance in terms of providing good customer service. Imagine, a gesture that stopping your customer asking what he need on his order base on his preference. I want to...

Hardee's Restaurants / the rude and sarcastic behaviour of the girl at the counter

Sona lijo on Feb 13, 2019

I went to Hardee's today by 12.25 pm, the girl at Hardee's corner. I asked her if you have veg / anything in veg, she did not even bother to ask me or reply me even after asking her 3 bloody times, then I asked again, she responded like it's not there and that's what I told, when did she...

Pick n Pay / there was no bacon

GHeart on Feb 13, 2019

I called the Manager this morning to question why I could not get bacon in the Tokai Pick n Pay and was told that it was because Moslems do not like it. The Manager cut me off before I finished speaking to him and before he gave me an answer. I tried calling again but no one picked up. I...

Real Canadian Superstore / cracker barrel cheese

Jaskul on Feb 12, 2019

Real Canadian SuperstoreI bought this cheese today from this location and found mould in the sealed pack which really surprise me because I didn't expect from Cracker Barrel and from real Canadian superstore Which quite dangerous for the health This is second time happened on this location and in deli/dairy section but still the same problem again Thanks Jas Mob [protected]

Aldi Stores / happy harvest cut green beans

Lynnray on Feb 12, 2019

I went to open a can of Happy Harvest Green Beans and there were diced tomatoes inside. WTH. This is uncalled for practices. How can you put tomatoes in a green bean can and it get through your quality assurance and everything else. I want a refund plus having to go to store because needed...

Carrefour / milk powder

Shabeer Bava on Feb 12, 2019

Dear carrefour team, Good day..! My name is sabeer hassan, I am a regular customer of carrefour jeddah. Yesterday (12/02/2018) I visited jeddah branch for purchasing some goods as I noticed some good offers available for this week. But it was very bad experience for me when I try to...

Vlasic / 46 oz jar vlasic kosher dill wholes

BoomerFrom47 on Feb 12, 2019

VlasicOn 2/11/2019, after using half the pickles, we found a clump of several dark hairs in the jar. We had just made a large dish of salad including chopped pickles. We trashed the salad and the pickles. I had already eaten some of the salad. About $10 would cover the cost of salad ingredients. We...

Bojangles’ International / / food not good & always out of drink products

LCarroll53 on Feb 12, 2019

My husband and I have been going to bojangles that is located on 7819 timberlake road, lynchburg, va for several years. Within the last 1 1/2 years the service at this bojangles is awful. The food is not good, they are always out of drink products, the employees are rude and very...

Pick n Pay / wrong label on promotions

Azola Sifuba on Feb 12, 2019

I went to Pick n Pay Wonderpark mall on the 10th February 2019, there was a promotion in store, the R100 promotion, it clearly said any 5 for R100 next to the sunlight liquid soap products, I bought 5 and to my surprise I was charged the full price of the product(R29.99 x5), I went back to...

Woolworths Australia / beef in cream

David 865 on Feb 11, 2019

11.2% of people living in Australia are vegetarians, that is almost 2.1 million and yet your main stock of cream contains beef gelatine. Coles main stock of cream is vegetarian. Why can't you do the same? You only have a very limited range of products for vegetaians. All I found was one...

Panda Express / messed up our order, cussed by management, etc

Ceramic pro 801 on Feb 11, 2019

When I spend $56 they do not give me a receipt and when I get home to my orders were messed up we tried to call and see what they can do about this problem and we were told there's nothing they can do without a receipt even though they didn't give us one then the man started cussing at me...

Dairy Queen / incredibly slow but most importantly not cooking the products properly

Ashley Fester on Feb 11, 2019

Dairy QueenI put my order in at 10:31pm - two cheeseburgers and by the time I getto the window and received the cheeseburgers it was 10:50pm = 19 minutes in a drive-through to get two cheeseburgers. I couldn't get out of the drive-through because of someone in front of me, had to turn the car off...

McDonalds Traders Way Salem, MA, United States / disgraceful, dirty and ignorant staff

ozzy j on Feb 11, 2019

they screw up the simple ordering process. Terrible terrible service that is if they can ever get an order correct, it's simply terrible food and even worse do not use the facilities they are disgusting Cold nuggets one day stale bun on burger the next. Last time I ordered 10 piece...

Makro Online / deneys full cream milkshake

Mishqa on Feb 11, 2019

Makro OnlineI was at your store in ottery literally 30 mins ago. I purchased a few household items and obviously something for the road. Being pregnant is not easy in this heat. To my surprise once opening my milkshake of R24.95, it's sour! This is not the first time it happens where goods are...

Chowking / all of their services.

Criz Sauza on Feb 11, 2019

Food is cold and isn't the same quantity as other branches. Crews are so apathetic and careless. I was updating them about my drink which was about 30 minutes delayed already but they wouldn't make it. I was polite to ask them to cancel it instead since I don't want it anymore because I...

Pick n Pay / deli - old stinking pastrami

zaakierah van der schyff on Feb 11, 2019

Pick n PayGood day, Sent the below email to the customer service "[email protected]" email address found on the website, still havent received any response, absolutely pathetic service!! Date of purchase 27 jan 2019 Email dated 30 jan 2019 below: Good day pnp, Re: outdated pastrami...

Dave & Buster’s / customer service

Jess03 on Feb 10, 2019

On Sunday Feb 10th at 11pm. I was waiting for 10 mins at the bar there was a young man and a ladie with a black hair thing on. Not one of them said can I help you when I ask the ladie can I have a diet coke she made me wait 3 mins more and when you she gave me the drink and it happened to...

Long John Silvers / nasty stuff found in crunchies of a piece of fish side

Wanda Jones on Feb 10, 2019

Long John SilversNasty orange substance soft to touch. Almost jiggly. The other tiny piece looks like a deep fried booger... I have kept this. I have also put it on my face book profile. T says I need to put so many words to this, but the more I think about it and write about it the sicker I get. The last...