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Food Complaints | Page 6

Church's Chicken Restaurant / customer service by staff named alejandro

Bing Barson on Feb 5, 2019

It was a rainy day today, I went to the drive through at Church's on Huntington Dr. in Monrovia, there was a sign that said the speaker was not working, please order at the window. I ordered my regular: the 2-piece combo. But the staff at the window, Alejandro, said that we don't have thi...

7-11 Store in Brooklyn NY / farmland light cream

Joseph-JRE on Feb 5, 2019

I usually buy my farmland light cream at shoprite where the price for one quart is $3.99. This evening I stopped by the 7-11 store at 2800 coney island avenue, brooklyn, ny 11235 and purchased one quart of the very same farmland light cream for which I was charged $5.65 ($5.19 for the...

Hungry Jack's Australia / aussie burger

pete002 on Feb 4, 2019

On the 27 Jan 2019 My mate and myself went in to Hungry Jacks for something to eat I brought a Aussie burger and when I took a bite there was long strands of Black hair through out the burger. I showed in to my mate and you could not miss seeing it I took it back to the counter and showed...

Logan's Roadhouse / take out service and call in take out

sweethairgoddess on Feb 4, 2019

Logan's RoadhouseTried to call in a order on 2/2/2019 called three times was told to hold on hail about 10 minutes each time I have tried to call the lamb was easy line was busy When our fianilly got through they took order hung up before I finished said it would be 25 minutes said if they didn't come out...

Olive Garden / treatment

ztysl on Feb 4, 2019

On Saturday, February 2nd, around closing time, I was having dinner at Olive Garden when I was very disappointed in how staff was being treated as well as over hearing the customers complianing when they walked away. This one waitress was doing her best to fulfill their needs and they were...

Applebee's Restaurants / service

Tinadavis on Feb 4, 2019

Since I am an employee, this is a complaint regarding other employees. My first day of work, I was swore at and talked down to. I also witnessed the training bartender throwing empty bottles into the trash, disregard measuring tools for drinks and dump ice and pop into the trash as well. I...

Instacart / grocery delivery service

Kasara on Feb 4, 2019

They advertise a FREE (WHICH IS BOGUS!) try-out for a week, delivering groceries from Fortinos. The process was a nightmare...not everything you want is available - you don't find that out until the last minute when it's too late to revise meal planning. Very disorganised...and of course... / food delivery service

Robert Faith on Feb 4, 2019

My husband and I order a weekly meal subscription from This past week our box never showed up, I later found out they never even bothered shipping it. I took me hours of my time and 4 separate interactions with customer service just to get refunded. We also ended up...

IKEA / food service

J. Brian Dale on Feb 4, 2019

I went to the automated machine that lets you register for Ikea discounts, etc. It gave me a card and a receipt to use for a purchase. The purchase was buy one ice cream cone and get one free. I had my 2 daughter family with me which includes my tow grandchildren. I went to the counter and...

Pick n Pay / the products of the arena park chatsworth pick n pay express store

Kabitha on Feb 4, 2019

The pastries I purchased from there recently looked very appealing and appetizing to the eyes, however the taste was far from delightful. It was rather disappointing and left a stale aftertaste. First of all, for a Sunday afternoon, there were barely any baked treats at the store. This wa...

Chicken Licken / chicken licken pieces (rock my soul 6...)

Mthobisi Lwazie Mkhize on Feb 4, 2019

Today I bought Rock my Soul 6 pieces chicken in Stanger ( Kwadukuza Mall) but the manager said its some sort of spice or whatever and just denied the obvious facts which everyone can see. What i would like to know is whats on this meat? Is this what our delicious chicken is made of? Highly...

Tim Hortons / wrong order - insistence of employee

Jessicalynn3300 on Feb 4, 2019

I went to Tim Horton's this morning to order my usual morning coffee. I always order 1 cream, 2 sugar. I noticed when she handed me the coffee it said on the top of the cup, 2 cream, 1 sugar. I corrected this and she return to the coffee to me saying that it was a write up error. I noticed...

Pick n Pay / pensioner discount

Sandi Topliss on Feb 4, 2019

All the small Pick n Pay stores give pensioner discounts. Whwn shopping the teller is able to give a discount against the total of shopping purchased. Woodmead Hyper operates on a pensioner discount voucher book system. However, since end December they just say they have not received any...

Pizza Hut / lack of adequate food for the price I paid

Donald Lee on Feb 4, 2019

Yesterday, 2-3-19, I ordered two pizzas and 36 buffaloe wings from the Pizza Hut on Bragg Blvd. here in Fayetteville, NC. I was charged eighty ($80.00) dollars for this order. When I got home and opened my order, I was shocked to discover that out of 36 wings, I had received only FIVE (5...

Roman's Pizza / special one topping pizza

JenWren on Feb 4, 2019

I have already sent an email to [email protected] & have had no response. We got your special one topping pizza at your branch opposite Branbury Cross. We chose mushroom topping and is was almost not edible. I have always bought Romans pizzas as I've thought them the best but not thi...

Mostafa Abaza / the guest seating, taking the order and the quality of the new dish.

Mostafa Abaza on Feb 3, 2019

I and my wife went to dine at olive garden#1783 in san antonio, tx on feb2nd. The front desk was over staffed doing a terrible job claiming that waiting period was going to be 45min, many parties had left before they got called. Any way we got seated after 55min, it took the waitress another 10...

Spur Corporation / poorest service ever received

Chenteen on Feb 3, 2019

Visisted the spur on saturday morning for breakfast and waited for a simple breakfast almost two hours long. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back on sunday for lunch where the service received from the same waiter was even worst. The quality of chicken served was not edible...

Vons / raincheck on yuban coffee $4.99

Eduardo Palacio on Feb 3, 2019

You advertise Yuban or Maxell coffee for $4.99 I went to buy but you sold out, I requested rain check and I was declined saying today was the last day, right but I deserved a rain check because is last day then if that wasn't enough she was very rude!! it bothers me because is my favorite...

Roman's Pizza / the customer service

Trinique on Feb 3, 2019

As a consumer it is our right to get fair and respectable service.At Romans Pizza Phoenix Plaza in Durban although they run a great special however they need to train their staff on how important customer service and respect is.I have been to that outlet more than 3 times and have...

Pizza Hut / waiting for pizza 43 mins

Lopaka756 on Feb 3, 2019

I saw your email about preordering pizza for Sunday Super bowl Sunday so on February 2, 2019 I ordered online a Med. Combo pan pizza for pickup at 11:45am Super bowl Sunday. I ended up receiving the pizza at 12:26pm. Although the cashier was helpful and did her best apologizing for the...