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Food Complaints | Page 7

Village Inn / cold food and rude service

Crystal Holtz on Feb 3, 2019

2-3-19 / First we waited our turn to be seated and three people came ten minutes after us and we seated the moment they walked in with out waiting. Second with all due respect to our waitress (I believe her name is Shawnee) she took our order and we specifically ordered our hash browns a...

Ahmedabad Airport / Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport / canteen not available for guests who came to pick passengers

Inayat suria on Feb 3, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I came to ahmedabad airport from dubai and since I have to travel to my hometown bus timing is morning 6 but my flight land timing is 12 midnight so better I will spend my time in airport only and for that I told my brother who came from porbandar to come inside...

Huddle House / service

jrorick on Feb 3, 2019

I have complained a few times. Doesn't seem to bother you. My friends were sitting in the resturant for 15 minutes waiting for us. We arrived and they were telling me, there was 8 tables of people that just got up and left. Was told it would be 45-60 minutes before they would get there food...

Jewel-Osco / bakery

DL12345 on Feb 3, 2019

I have ordered a plain rye uncut at least 5 times from this location and not once have they ever provided one even though I was promised it would be ready each time. I'm not sure what I can do to make it more clear to them what I want. Every time they have sliced it and several times they...

Lulu Hypermarket / california prunes; the product was infected with fungii during its period of use

Varnana Vijay on Feb 3, 2019

I bought 2kg California prunes for ₹1545 from lulu hypermarket as loose from the dry fruits section lulu mall last month The product as per the packing has an expiry till 7.5.19 But today when i looked into that it was fully infected with fungus and was not able to use I am deeply unsatisfied...

Carrefour / attitude of the cashier

Bicolanas Patlunag on Feb 3, 2019

Dear Ma'am & Sir, I have a complain about one of your stuff cashier. I was fall in line 10 items and then while he was punching my items he told me it's more than 10 while he's facial expressions got angry .. Then I told him that your font have customer either. So I think it's an...

Pick n Pay / haagen-dazs macadamia nut brittle 500ml r110

Chantelle Fester on Feb 3, 2019

Haagen-Dazs Macadamia Nut brittle 500ml R110 Bought this product at your waterfront branch on Saturday 2/2/19 opened it and it was definitely old and icy. The sell by date says 7/8/19 but this product is spoilt. Please let me know how I go about to get a refund. My closest pnp branch is Howard...

Hungry Jack's Australia / attitude. threats. money loss

Gareth Andre Williams on Feb 3, 2019

Hi debra on friday night manager on duty jesse at lakeview store gold coast took my name down and told me to return at anytime for a full store credit after I got home that night to find onion rings burnt and not eatable and also missing the 6 nuggets in the meal that was one of my kid...

Outback Steakhouse / service/food

Louie Rochester on Feb 3, 2019

My wife and I brought our daughter here for her birthday 1/18/2019. As well as her sister and my mother in law. It took over an hour to be seated and we were treated as if we were in the way and a bother, rather than welcomed guests. We finally get a table and since my daughter wanted the...

Jack In The Box / uncomplicated and professional order

Kelly McRoy on Feb 3, 2019

At the time of 2:01 am Sunday morning on Feb. 2nd 2019 my friend and I had ordered 2 double Jack burgers and a side of onion rings and we paid for our order and while waiting I noticed that the woman that had taken our order was really slow and seemed very tired and also had her hair down...

KM Trading Dubai Dates Worms & Dirts / al madina dates made by tomoor worms & dirts

Akhilesh Chakkroth on Feb 3, 2019

KM Trading Dubai Dates Worms & DirtsHi, I would like to draw your attention to the following incident that happened recently in Dubai and has left me and my family humiliated. last month I had invited my family friends to Dubai to take part in the DSF (Dubai shopping festival) for 10 days and they totally enjoyed the activitie...

Sheetz / online order through app

Justsploofit on Feb 2, 2019

Hi My name is Jerry Luizza my sheetz card number is [protected] I ordered a 2 meat platter online through the app, popcorn chicken and chicken stripz with my sides. I got my sides and my stripz but did not receive my popcorn chicken. I wanted to put in a complaint because the food...

Price Chopper / overcharged on item

Helen koziol on Feb 2, 2019

Yesturday, Friday, February 1, 2019, I have purchased 2 packages of Quilted Northern toilet paper at Price Chopper in Chatham, N.Y. The shelf sticker price was $3.99 each. After checking my receipt, I noticed that it was rang up at $4.49 each. I went to the office to get my 2 packages of...

Behavior of sales Associates / sales associate behavior

Hiral jani on Feb 2, 2019

Hello My store number is 5469 journal square area Jersey City nj 07306 One sales associate named Yousef said abusing words and I told him to stop talking in abusing language and he is saying mind your own business When I talked with manager named me.tony he told him to stop and apologize...

Waiter Charles S / olive garden

Denyce Arbogast on Feb 2, 2019

Our waiter was too busy chasing tail at the next table which sat 5 minutes after us. Yet these 2 young ladies got all of their food before we got any of ours. When it was check time after asking we finally got our rolls. The waiter promised us his undivided attention. We did not get hi...

Well yes / the foil lids are almost impossible to remove. I need my husband and he needs players.

akcyberswimmer on Feb 2, 2019

Every time I get the Campbell's soup handi can it is almost impossible to remove the foil lid. I have to have my husband help me. We can't even grab the little pull tab we can only get enough of the pull tab up to grab it with pliers. I understand that you must seal the soup but there ha...

Snickers / snickers bar 4 square

SaezClan on Feb 2, 2019

I just purchased a 4 square snickers bar and it only came with 3 square - why are you playing with our emotions? First you change the recipe to make the chocolate too hard (used to be creamy), then you started making the bars smaller and smaller (what used to be 4inches is now a bit le...

Work ethics / employees

Djhard22 on Feb 2, 2019

My daughter put her steelers jacket in the office and someone took a sharp blade and sliced her jacket. I want restitution for her jacket. It was a Christmas gift that took me months to save for. It's a shame this has to happen. Also they make her stay til 2 or 4 am and she has no way...

Game Stores South Africa / / red plums 500g class 1

Boitsepo on Feb 2, 2019

I recently bought a punnet of red plums 500g Class 1 of the brand Marketsode - Fresh produce with bar code [protected]. Tried eating one and it was very mushy and tasteless so was the secobd one, which l later discarded. Very dissapointed in the product quality. Feeling discouraged to...

Baskin-Robbins / customer service /answering the phone

Nandy123 on Feb 2, 2019

I called on February 2, 2019 at 11:42 am to speak to a supervisor about a cake order. The supervisor had sent me an email about the cake and I wanted to ask another question. Therefore, I called the store to see if the supervisor was in for the day. The male employee refuse to give hi...