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Sonic drive in / carhop always asking to keep change

Is it becoming customary for Sonic Drive In carhops to ask "Do you want your change".. I have had several at this Sonic in Sonora Texas to ask.. I think that this is rude and have never in my 50 years ever had a business ask this. Most the carhops don't smile, say thank you and seem to not care if you are there or not.

UltraBodyFuel / PyramidScam

This is a pyramid scam. The IRS should be notified ASAP. Are you kidding? Here is paragraph from this site: "For a Licensed Professional wanting to set up a "Professional Account" (giving a 40% discount), they must have a Tax ID number (BTW: a tax id number is for illegals with no social...

Steer / Steers TV advert


Steers new advert with sexy half naked girls on television advertising burgers is so not property and suitable especially as kids see it on tv its advertising sex and wrong ideas. Please urgently get rid of the advert. / Poor customer service!


I placed an order for delivery for a Valentines Day gift on 02/13/07. I maneuvered through the www.zchocolate website, I made a few modifications, saved all changes and entered my credit card information. I received an email confirming my order. I made the order the day prior to...

Edible Arrangements / poor customer service!

The product is very cute but the customer service at the franchisees (At least at far hills, nj) and at the corporate office have had us tell them not to deliver to us! A friend wanted to send us one of their baskets of fruit to thank me for helping them with some pc problems (I know how...

Dr Bernstein - Drbdiet Program / Rip off and does not work!


I agree this is a rip off!!! I joined the Bernstein program and then quit as I was pregnant and rejoined after having the baby. I paid for the whole month ($600). They told me that in the past 2004 or so I received extra shots from the program, as an employee had made a mistake on the...

Real Raw Food / Arrogant & Rude Owners


I ordered from this company once before & I was ready to order again. I tried to go to their site to see my previous order & I realized their site is poorly run, so there's no way to see previous orders. I called up & wanted to speak to the same nice guy I spoke to last...

Domino's / poor service

unhappywithpizza on Mar 5, 2011

I had checked the mail today and the only thing was a add from Domino's. I dicided to place an order but it had on line coupon so I did it through my computer. I placed it and thought right after I did not order a soda, so I called. They knew who I was since I had to put my number in...

Taco Bell / customer is always wrong!

zonofabee on Mar 23, 2011

Do you go to Taco Bell? Do you like their food? So do I! However, I'm more inclined to order a Burrito Supreme, when I go there, and I like it HOT! This is where the problem occurs! The company's policy is that they will NOT put in the hot sauce while they are assembling your...

Sonic / bad service, messed up order and had a bite taken out of food

angel halford on Mar 28, 2012

I ordered a simple meal at sonic drive thru on the night of march 28th 2012. I had ordered a foot long coney and 2 deluxe burgers when our order was brought to us the coney was not a foot long when asked to exchange for a foot long we were givin attitude and told we would be charged a...

Burger King / orderered vegetrarina burger at manchester airport, but served with chicker burger


I was waiting at the Manchester Airport on 13th June 2006 around 18:40 hours for my return flight to Bangkok by Emirates Airlines (via Dubai). I ordered an Vegetarian Burger at Burger King and was given a Burger (by cashier Tegan Walker transaction # 5088). On eating it one time, the...

Dave's Gourmet Albacore - Santa Cruz, Ca / Fishy fish company


I ordered 30 cans of gourmet salmon and tuna from Dave's Albacore in Santa Cruz, Ca. When the box arrived (in perfect condition), and I opened it, I found 26 cans were dented. When I called to tell them and to ask for a re-shipment, they said, "We don't ship dented cans!" I wa...

Harris Teeter - Laurinburg, NC / No promissed peanut butter!

I often shop at the Harris Teeter in Laurinburg. I also often buy Simply Jif peanut butter. On Saturday, March 17, I went to Harris Teeter and was told there would be a shipment of Jif on Monday, March 19 at 6 pm. I returned shortly after 6 on Monday, and was told that there was no Simply...

Taco Bell / shortchanged and shortordered!

I am a small business owner in Yuba City, CA. Like many other business owners, I fully realize that integrity and honesty with the public is crucial to business. I find it highly irritating when a large chain store does not keep fair business practices and standards. My family and I wanted...

Subway / coupons

Went to this subway to buy dinner for my wife and presented 2 coupons; one for 3 cookies for $1.00 and one for 50 cents Off a 6 inch sub. When getting to the cashier, which did not Know her head from her foot, she asked mgr or owner how to Ring it up. |the mgr or owner, whichever he wa...

Salvation Army Shelter / food handling/preparing/serving

I have to live here due to personal issues. And prepare for a major shock. A friend worked in the kitchen and told me about food safety/handling/preparing/serving procedures. I believe it too and wouldn't be surprised. These people shouldn't even be in the kitchen unless they...

Maruchan Instant Wonton Soup / Missing everything except season packet and a few dried carrots

I opened this product and found nothing except the season packet and a few dried carrots. The numbers on the package are 021210 CH 10:30. The UPC code is [protected]. This is not the first problem I have run into. Some containers have had no season packet, others have had 2, but this nearly empty container is a new one!

Baskin Robbins / use of a slang drug term

In the new Baskin Robbin commercial for color changing sprinkle the kids are shouting "yea" however the company used the spelling of "YAY" in their ad. The word YAY is a street slang term for cocaine. I think to put this is print is horrible and the company should pull and correct the...

Costco / costco worst customer service - chantilly, va

I bought a jug of 2% reduced milk from Manassas, VA. After I drove back home to Chantiily, VA I found out half of the jug leaked in my trunk. I spent an hour under the hot summer sun to clean up everything. It still has a bad milky smeel. Then I had to go to the closest COSTCO at...

WinCo Foods / couldent buy beer. not following ca law

My husband and I had a bad experience at Winco Foods. We just finished our grocery shopping and went to check out. I told the checker we also have a case of Budwieser beer. The checker told us she needs to see all of our I.Ds including our friends I.D who is only 20. Mind u hes not a...