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Internet Services Complaints

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / singtel not able to refix our terminated internet service

RNL on Feb 18, 2019

I am writing to feedback the poor service provided by Singtel.Our internet was disconnected on 20 Jan 2019 stating that we have not paid the bill .on the very same day we paid the pending amount & they told us that by next week Singtel people will call & will fix an appointment . from that...

Boxbe / email security

kailann76 Lan on Feb 17, 2019

Below message was sent to me by a Travel agent, I mistakenly clicked on "Click here to Deliver your message" Does this now mean all emails sent to me will also go to the Travel Agents email address? Please let me know immediately. thank you. Mr Kai...

CenturyLink / internet

Viv N on Feb 17, 2019

Stay away from CenturyLink! Dont switch! Dont believe what they say. The internet is very slow, down time a lot, you will have no internet for days. I have no internet for 2 weeks, I called every day, made appointment 4 times, no one show up to fix. When I cancelled the service, I still... / advertising - what you need to know if you buy

Bluebird101 on Feb 17, 2019

I advertised with Yelp with their Yelp Impressions program and called it quits after disputes with review problems and Yelp acting inconsistent. For example, you get an irrational reviewer posting several reviews on Yelp, the reviewer is removed from the site, yet one review is taken off...

JustAnswer / money taken from my account that I was not aware of

Sharon wally on Feb 14, 2019

I asked for help last weel had to pay $5.00 twice and then $48.00 plus $55.77 an now another $68.00 has gone from my account an nothing was resolved for me because the link I was sent didn't take me anywhere just lost the link and couldn't get it back unless I paid more money I dont want...

StackOverflow / Stack Exchange / stackoverflow is just a bunch of nazi's

Shinigami Lee on Feb 14, 2019

StackUberFascist (StackOverflow) is just a bunch of NAZI fascists high school bullies! Hey, guess what, you can't delete this post beotches! Send these NAZI's a clear message and cancel the service! #ThePlantationBeClosedBeotches! If you're like the majority of coders who have jobs and take...

JustAnswer / just answer

OhioJoe on Feb 13, 2019

On or about January 31, 2019, I was seeking help for a problem with a Trane furnace and attempted to use ‘'. I provided my credit card info but was unable to ever get an answer or even a suggestion. I asked to cancel the transaction and to credit my card for the charge. Today...

Kijiji Canada / advertising service

JohnM5C on Feb 13, 2019

Highly dishonest company that's engaged in questionable tactics for their advertising business, along with some scary stuff they're doing with the data they collect on you. The most obvious is that the developers and managers are absolutely incompetent and a large part of the site is broken...

Lovely Flora World / flowers not delivered

Gemma Williams on Feb 13, 2019

I ordered some flowers to be delivered on 16th Dec, they never arrived and I've had a serious lack of communication from the company. It has taken months to get a reply and they finally said they would not refund but would send out a replacement arrangement of flowers. Not really... / search engine

sethie gretchen courtney on Feb 13, 2019

when i search my name on bing it comes up with a horrible funny profile someone set up on disqus about me and underneath it says people are better off without me in their lives. my name is sethie gretchen courtney. i have deleted the 'funny profile' from disqus, but it is still appearing...

Camel / website

Banacs on Feb 10, 2019

I haven't been able to get the camel website to load. It worked wednesday, but has been down since thursday. I've checked each day since but it's still down. Do you know when it will be working again? Every time I try loading it now it says that the site is under construction but should be...

Omegle / omegle bots

Jrogue_91 on Feb 10, 2019

Normally I go online an talk to people on omegle out of bordem. It's a fun time to meet new people and learn about ther cultures but now there is a problem preventing me from doing this. So the bots and advertising is seriously out of control... Like way worse than normal. It needs to be...

Google / ads

Paul Siddons on Feb 9, 2019

My samsung galaxy j5 2017 android phone is being plagued by ads from google.Fair enough if i'm using free apps downloaded from google play or youtube or any of their free services but things i didn't get off google for free are being invaded by their adds. It doesn't matter...

GoDaddy Operating Company / domain hosting

Jenna Isaac on Feb 8, 2019

My domain expired due to the card that has been used no longer existed. The person that set up our account is no longer with our company so we did not have the pin to access the account. They refused to let me renew our domain with out the pin, since the domain was down we could not get...

Agoda Company / non viable access or help

Greer Ballantine on Feb 8, 2019

8th Feb 2019 After hours of searching, unable to access my Agoda hospitality business advert to edit it, trying every way imaginable, to be able to... *update rates so as not to mislead guests *add additional rooms after extensive and very costly renovations... *which include new furnishings and... / charged me extra fees, for a two way flight, book at jfk instead of newark

First off, i was charged extra fees on the credit card not disclosed while booking the ticket. Second it was a two way international flight, from syracuse, NY to entebbe, and back to the same destination. Instead of disclosing and notifying drop off at JFK instead of Newark airport. The dam...

Agoda Company / hotel booking cancellation

Navin Shrivastava on Feb 7, 2019

Pls. note I had made booking in Thailand Pattaya Dusit Thani Hotel, as per the policy I can cancel my booking three days before arrival to the Hotel. On 6th I came to know that I won't be able to travel for personal reason as I was in Europe and travelling so I cancelled it in the 7th Feb...

Together Network Holdings Ltd / dating service

Dobin dale on Feb 6, 2019

I never knowingly signed up to or started an account with this service. On at least 2 occasions I have attempted to cancel the constant bombardment from "Milfy" or "Milfberries", with accompanying requests to open an account. I am using the complaints option in order to bring thi... / routed to a site masquerading as a legitimate state-specific vehicle registration site

Mark Barrow on Feb 6, 2019

I too was charged $23.95 for unwanted services without ever reaching a screen where I could actually renew my registration. Immediately after I called the contact number and reached a call center; my impression was it was outside the United States. I heatedly demanded a refund and wa...

Suddenlink Communications / billing

Tonya McKnight on Feb 6, 2019

Suddenlink has great internet speed. But they suck at honesty and customer service. I was having trouble with my wifi and needed a new modem so I decided to buy my own instead of paying a rental fee, which adds up to way more than what the modem is worth. So I check my bill to see what...