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News & Media Complaints

Village Talkies / village talkies

Village Talkies on Feb 15, 2019

Village TalkiesVillage Talkies a top quality professional corporate video production company in Bangalore and best explainer & animation video maker in Chennai, India & USA provides Corporate & Brand films, Promotional, Marketing & Training videos, Product demo, 2d, 3d Animation, Motion graphic...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / poor service delivery from multichoice sa after several attempts

AKruger on Feb 13, 2019

I have been struggling with multichoice since december 2018 to receive my r500 takealot voucher, for discontinuing the walka service, after purchasing the walka device a few years ago. I have phoned 7 dec 2018 (ref nr: 47039141i33) - no follow up/no voucher received. I have phoned 19 dec...

Marlboro / black 100s

Tara Vines on Feb 11, 2019

I have bought 3 packs with the.50 cents off on the pack. I opened the cigarettes and come to find out hey are not blacks at all they are special blend red 100s. I just would like to know what is going on. I pay to smoke a certain type of cigarettes and that's the kind I want to smoke...

Procter & Gamble Company / your ad on toxic masculinity

googley Smythe on Feb 10, 2019

Your Gillette ad concerning toxic masculinity is offensive to men of all ages. The next time a beach needs to be stormed, or a woman is being raped by some animal, you'd better hope there's a competitive male somewhere to be found. You can take your product and stuff it. My family will...

Sky Sports / sky sports

Keith J Bradbury on Feb 6, 2019

Please can someone explain to me why you are so biassed towards Liverpool FC? After the Man City v Arsenal game you had 2 ex Liverpool players talking about city's title chances, topped off with Gary Neville an ex Utd player. No sign of any ex Man City players to provide balance? Why??...

Spokeo / unauthorized charges

Chet Lockwood on Feb 5, 2019

I do not recall ever visiting the Spokeo cite, however, I found on a bank statement that I was charged $20 for spookeo. I googled spokeo and called them. I inquired about the charge and was told several months prior I had used their cite to look up a phone number. I disputed using their... / news

Samuel Ng on Feb 4, 2019

I have been reading Yahoo news on line via almost daily. I find the news on US politics is extremely bias against the current US government in white house. I hope to see more neutral position news and analyze the government policies and the opposition party's point of view...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news item on channel 7, 4 february 2019

LFish on Feb 4, 2019

Hi, you ran a story on the news on 4 Feb 2019 about an elderly man being knocked over and killed by a bus in Carlingford. My elderly mother saw the story and was deeply distressed by the footage. Although you provided a warning that you would not show footage of the impact, your footage...

TV Land / disgusting commercials

Cindy Wascavage on Feb 4, 2019

I tune into the TV Land station all the time. They have great shows. I am disgusted with the sexual content of the commercials. I agree with previously made comments. Children watch this station. Who is responsible for reviewing the content of the commercials? If this continues I would like to...

Massage Heights Franchising / 40 massages in count

[email protected] on Jan 30, 2019

I have over 40 Massages That I have not yet used, every month I am charged $49.99, I have asked Massage Heights for more freezes on the Massages. So I can try to catch on them, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to catchup on them, I don't work in Jacksonville any more; and there is NOT a Massage Height...

Yahoo! / ted bundy article on being white

Lisa Villarreal on Jan 29, 2019

Really Yahoo???!!! Who gets credit for approving the Ashley Edwards article getting published on Yahoo, in order to give her a platform for stirring up more racism in this country?? Shame on you Yahoo for allowing this hideous angle on an already hideous criminal. Why is it that a person...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / seven news

Barbara Earl on Jan 28, 2019

We know that your company is affiliate to CNN but it would be beneficial to all your customers not to have such a bias opinion on one topic when it comes to the President of the United States of America. All Media outlets should Report both sides of a story so people make their own mind...

The Huffington Post / margaret dilloway’s “what white, western audiences don't understand about marie kondo's 'tidying up'”

Swissofis on Jan 23, 2019

The title and some of the content of the article are blatantly racist. Yes, Western audiences are distanced from Japanese Shinto. To imply only white people within said audience, however, is outright marginalizing. Anyone unfamiliar with Shintoism is at fault, which includes Native Americans, African Americans, and much more; not just white people.

Kelsey Dyer / fake journalist

Lucas Romane on Jan 17, 2019

Kelsey dyer, you are a hypocrite! How can someone use her designation to spoil someone else life only to attain publicity? Remember, kelsey dyer, creating and exaggerating fake news about innocent people will not help you to succeed in the long run. Being a journalist it is your...

Gillette / toxic masculinity ad

Jane Clemens on Jan 15, 2019

This ad is offensive to the men in my family and all of the wonderful men that I know. Why you did choose to insult 1/2 of humanity and the people who buy your stuff? Do you believe insulting your patrons will make your sales go up? I doubt it. Did you really pay an advertising firm for...

Procter & Gamble Company / gillette ad campaign

Jim Gaster on Jan 15, 2019

Why would P&G intentionally offend so many of its customers? I find the recent Gillette ad campaign that clearly targets white men as "hostile to women" as blatant bigotry. I've been a life long customer and fan of P&G, but now will activity look to avoid your product(s). All product...

Gillette / gillette commercial

stouchton on Jan 15, 2019

I'm writing to let you know how disgusted i am about the #metoo commercial trashing "toxic masculinity". i am a female and am very offended and will never purchase a Gillette product again. As a matter of fact, we just purchased a pack of razor replacements this weekend and will be...

Chicago Tribune / subscription service is very scammy

thetribunesucks on Jan 14, 2019

An elderly relative purchased a subscription to the chicago tribune. The bills would list a "pay through" date. When the subsequent bill was received, the beginning date would be before the "pay through" date, e.G., she would pay through august 1, but the next bill would cover july 15...

Channel 7 News Perth Western Australia / withholding information

Voornie on Jan 14, 2019

I understand your company is all about profit and getting the public to watch your shows. I find it annoying that you have an hour long news program at 4pm but are constantly telling viewers to tune into the (half an hour) 6pm news for more information on stories. 4pm is a better time for...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / too much cricket in the news!

Enuff42 on Jan 13, 2019

9 minutes into what is supposed to be news we cross to "Barra"! at the cricket, then again prior to an ad break then again on return to "news". Last night was even worse For goodness sake how many useless questions can be asked on a game that the public are saturated with and not everyone...