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News & Media Complaints | Page 4 / mrs brown's boys - screening at 7.30 pm qld time; content of program

Joanne Woodford on Oct 16, 2018

I was watching the news when an advertisement for 'Mrs Brown's Boys', screening at 7.30 came on. Is the titillating of women's private parts appropriate for either adult or children viewers? Why did your network deem it acceptable to screen content that firstly degrade...

SABC / TV Licences / tv licence still not canceled

LoveLight on Oct 10, 2018

Good day, I would like to cancel my sabc tv licence ([protected]) and it seems that this has STILL not as yet been done to date despite all my attempts thus far. Please see my previous post dated 27 September 2017. I am not being harassed by a new company called VVM Debt Collectors for...

Taco Bell / advertisement on tv

Wanda Graham on Oct 8, 2018

Just watching Judge Judy and twice watched a very disturbing commercial by Toco Bell! It's a family sitting at their table having Toco Bell for dinner, when the father started yelling at his son that he had to have chicken in his Toco and the son yelling back at his father that he would...

Dollar General / corporate dg weekly ad

Steve Hanson on Oct 6, 2018

In Pine island mn today I went to get Diet Pepsi 12 packs tonight Oct 6 at 7:30 that was on sale for 3/$10. The ad says through Oct 6 not stopping at 7:00 pm. I called another store and they were selling sale price until 10:00 pm. How can you have a corporate ad but it differs from store to...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / bad service

Peter Bosch on Oct 5, 2018

The Dstv Catch Up, had no programes displayed. This lasted for 2 days and yesterday I phoned in twice for technical service and after trying several instructions by them I was told that they could not help and i had to take the Decoder into a Service Centre. At Skye TV Retreat I was told...

ITV / emerdale

M Hacker on Oct 5, 2018

I read that next year there will be an episode of Emerdale which will be written by produced filmed and only include actresses. I only hope that an all male episode is also produced with an all male crew actors. If not producing a programme of a woman would be very sexist, men are already...

Yahoo! / republican searches

Darlynn Wickstrum Sloan on Oct 4, 2018

I can't believe how hard it is to find what you want about Republicans or President Trump. You get 90% of the Democrats views and if your lucky 10% of Republican views. You ask in every way you can for positive and all you get is negative. I am leaving Yahoo as I have all of the national...

Mozilla / pocket

Peter Robinson77 on Oct 3, 2018

I (used to) love Pocket. However, as of late I egt a preponderance of recommendations for articles origination from The Atlantic. I do not know if you guys have a "whitelist" for sites or hhow it works exactly. But I do know that virtually every article from The Atlantic, whether it'...

Yahoo! / fake yahoo reporting

No Name on Oct 3, 2018

Yahoo!This video and write up was on Yahoo today. We listened to Mrs Mays speech and clearly your freelance reporter is posting incorrect information. Copied/quote ... Dancing on thin ice: May waltzes on to stage and warns 'Brexit could still be reversed' Yahoo News UK Andy Wells, Yahoo New...

Caters News Agency / curtis mitchell is a racist.

OpposedToRacismAndHate on Oct 3, 2018

Caters News AgencyCurtis Mitchell who is employed at Caters News agency is a racist who covers up sexual harassment and bigotry committed by his co-worker Becca Husselbee towards Muslim women. Becca Husselbee's father Steve Husselbee is also a...

Cox Communications / fox news blackouts

robb kent on Oct 1, 2018

I live in Sun Valley, ID. Cox cable TV continually blocks both Fox News channel and Fox business news channel. CNN? It is never blocked. Virtually all other channels are airing...while Fox News is "temporarily' off the air. This is not only illegal since I pay for this channel'...

Dishnetwork / I paid for 30 days of service.

Sequoia Estes on Oct 1, 2018

I paid for 30 days of service 139.00 on 09/17/18.. My service was disconnected again on 10/01/18... I called dishnetwork the young man (emanuel gonzales).. Stated I had to pay 84.00 I stated no I paid 139.00 on the 17th I paid for 4 weeks I only received 2 weeks but the most shocking wa...

Yahoo! / help on the phone

Makenzie Varner on Sep 28, 2018

I'm having issues getting into my yahoo because my old phone broke and I had to get a new number, but the other email that is set up isn't one that's activated anymore. So I called and they wanted to know subscriptions I had, I named off quiet a few that i knew it was linked up with but...

Yahoo! / your coverage of independent news

mikewanless on Sep 27, 2018

You allow posting of information on your news site that is not headline true, this is wrong and irresponsible. This is not one time but many that I have allowed to go on questioned but this one takes the cake. If this indeed happened to her he was never a federal judge at that time. Thi...

Yahoo! / yahoo news feed

Doctimm on Sep 27, 2018

Why does every story in my newfeed have a liberal slant to the Supreme Court hearings? I would like to think that your newsfeed would be fair and balanced, but literally every other story about the current hearing is from a liberal based website with negative comments about conservative... / my order, that i'm trying to order!!!

Kstout on Sep 26, 2018

Look ive been doing business with you all several years!!! I'm simply trying to place a damn order & it won't let me, I've always payed for everything I purchased from wish!!!but I will stop doing business with wish since you all seem to other care!! Call me asap [protected], I have...

Cable News Network / CNN / where is wolf blitzer???

La Teste on Sep 26, 2018

I live in France and I look forward every evening at 1900 hrs to watching Wolf Blitzer. He is a super journalist that I have had the pleasure to watch and follow for over 20 years. He has been removed from his regular time spot and replaced by Amanpour who is not the same caliber...

Astro Malaysia Holdings / online subscription / old superpack customer

couch potat0 on Sep 26, 2018

I am a LOYAL Superpack subcriber for abt 5-6 years. Scenario #1: I recently found out that Astro is offering new customers at RM25 cheaper than what i have been paying. the catch is that they have to register online and must be NEW customers. How about old customers like me? no rebate? To...

Star Ledger / grocery discount scam

Mitch Greenberg on Sep 24, 2018

On 4/9/18, a Star Ledger rep at a table in my supermarket (Seabra's in Union, NJ) said I could get grocery discount coupons and a $20 refund on my groceries but did not state I was buying a newspaper subscription. He said there would be no recurring charge, but that I should give him...

Pizza Hut / football commercial with angry child

Melissa Grant on Sep 23, 2018

I'm going to be honest, both my husband and I are very offended with your football commercial where a young girl is growling and tearing a pizza box. Then to top it off, her parents approve of her behavior. I'm not going to go on and on about violence in our society and all that, we all...