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Doesn't anybody ever take the time to Google search a company for complaints BEFORE giving out their personal credit info? I can't believe how gullible people are these days. It's almost like they were born YESTERDAY, with the intelligence of a baby. You cannot trust...

Glenn Beck / Endorsement/Consumer fraud?

This is not actually a complaint, but I am a journalist and I am looking to talk with any customers who've had an experience (bad or good) with purchasing products endorsed by Glenn Beck either on his radio or through his TV show or on his personal Web site. It is for a book that will...

Standee/Deluxe Media Management / Fraudlent claim of employment

I'm Mike Franks, with Deluxe Media. We have been in business a very long time, our company website for more info. We do NOT offer employment. we offer a contract position to help us install standees, banners, posters, etc on you local movie theaters. We work with major...

DAZOGO daily deals / Big scam

Hw medspa on Jul 1, 2014

Scam! Be aware of this big scam company. We placed a deal on dazogo, paid $420+tax up front, so we were supposed to be getting 90% of the sales insted of 50%-50% (like others Groupon& WagJag) Dazogo guaranteed 100 vouchers at least will be sold in 2-3 months. "The way we (Dazogo) can... / hatred and racim

www.alintibaha.sdthis guy is president Albashir oncle. he is using this relation to spread hatred & racism in his news paper called: Do you support and guarantee this? please do something.

Atlantic circulation / magazine Scam

There is a magazine crew travelling the US and scamming people. They recently were in TX you can see compaints at the below links. When some one comes to your door watch out for names liek Terri Miller, Sean Yannotti, Kevin Oxford, Emerson Winfield, Donna Stubbs, Devon Wescoe and Matt...

Yahoo News / fool journalist


On Yahoo News, today in from Singapore Yahoo, i read about the News on Pope Benedict.. how rashly has yahoo referred to him as just Benedict... did he study with the writer... what an ignorant fool is the journalist who wrote that to address him like that... to address a person much higher...

ABC Good Morning America / Shout out Board

Sheila Spahr on Jan 9, 2011

Good Morning America an ABC television show offers a so called Shout Out Board for viewers to post comments about the daily topics of conversation. On a regular basis there are viewers posting negative comments about Sarah Palin and her family. Most recently 01-08-11 a congresswoman in...

VOLTAS LIMITED / Chennai Edition news papers not received & 100% payment paid in well advance

we all are working one of the tata group company M/s. voltas limited chennai. and your chennai edition persons cams and collected 6 months and 1 year scbcription(payment) many of our employees last Jan -08. All cheque have depaosited your AC. But papers not delivering our house. We tried...

Zoo Printing / Terrible Customer Service


This is a company, that if you are putting your reputation on the line with your clients, that you DO NOT want to use them I was wanting to move my printing from the current printer I use, so I sent a small job to Zoo Printing The process was pretty smooth and the...

Obama lack of information / the news media out right lack of telling the truth


This complaint is to the news media (televised and in print); you report on Senator Obama but do not tell the truth by omission of the facts. How come the mass media does not question and dig into his dealing with the 1960's radial William Ayers. You cannot tell me he sat on a board...

DTG / Unethical Business Practices


A customer service representative from Idearc Media contacted me in September of 2007 to offer the services. I requested that the representative send me something in writing so that I could review the services that are offered. I never received this document. The service was activated. In...

Quiznos Subs / TV commercial advertisement


I was recently watching television last night when I saw this commercial advertising 12 foot long sandwiches at Quizno's restaurants. I wasn't paying much attention until something did indeed catch my attention. There was some seriously distasteful sexual innuendos exhibited in...

CNN / In Session


What has happened to In session? Where is Jack Ford, Ashley Banfield and Jamie Lee? I really feel bad for Jean Kasaras and Beth having to commentate back and forth on air with anchor's who barely look over the age of 21, no offense to the anchors, but how much experience could they...

Best of The Bay-KRON 4 / Infomercial scam

KRON 4's Best of the Bay is a paid infomercial and they do not even do their due diligence on the companies they highlight. They will take money from the biggest shysters around, as long as they can pay. I personally know one of the martial arts entities they highlight (Kang'...

Insurance/general / advertising

Last night, Feb.14, 2010, I was watching Stargate SG-1 on Hulu and for hours on end, Nationwide provided a commercial for each break. The commercial was very repulsive, and down right disgusting. The commercial focused in on a group of people together and a man comes into the room, opens a...


TimF. on Apr 28, 2011

The publisher of the Offshore Alert Newsletter, David Marchant, claims to be a journalist exposing wrong-doers, when in fact he is TOTAL FRAUD himself. I signed up/paid to receive his newsletter (yes, me and about 25 other people, total) only to find out that Mr. Marchant makes up crap...

McDonalds / airs fox news

Sued1962 on Aug 29, 2011

They had Fox News on the tv. I find this reublican propaganda channel objectionable. I told them so and asked them to change the channel but they refused and said it could only be changed from the main office. What a lie!

Direct Marketing LLC / Unethical and dishonest Business Practices

bcxprint on Sep 28, 2011

This is to call out in person the horrible and unethical business practices of the owner of this fake print house.. Pete Chinnici [protected] Direct Marketing LLC This guy is a real treat ut not in a good way to say the least... He lies every turn he can .. He claims he is a...

7mate / AFL

Andrew999 on Apr 8, 2012

Hey 7mate, I used to have my TV tuned into mate virtually full time, until you put the AFL on air, now it seems that is all u put on now, even to the point of putting years old replays of games on! Wake up, not all of us want non stop footy, put it onto 7 two instead and start putting your...