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Scam Contests Complaints / green card lottery scam

Kariem Soudy on Feb 18, 2019 is scam, they call me on daily basis, the also asked for my credit card, the last time they were so rude, they threatened me, I dont remember registering at their website, they collect data from linkedin or wherever, I want to report them, they sent me an email once and I tried...

Publishers Clearing House / / all their contests

Rob Twiford on Feb 10, 2019

Ive been playing their sweepstakes and searches close to everyday for about 7 yrs or more, have yet to win a penny !!!, im sorry but nobody is that unlucky unless the games are just impossible to win, then they have these drawings where you can buy your chances with the tokens you...

The Audible US / unauthorized credit card charges

Habeeb Olutayo on Jan 31, 2019

Hello, $14.95 was debited from my bank account today (31/01/2019). This is a surprise to me because I never subscribed for any audiobook or do I apply for membership with the Audible US. This is highly disturbing, I want to believe this occurred as a mistake because I have never come...

Ben Yoshiharo Push Wallet (Kickstarter) / push wallet

Lollita909 on Jan 28, 2019

Ben Yoshiharo Push Wallet (Kickstarter)Ben Yoshiharo and his wife Xatziri Cruz Salas have raised $755, 000 on the Kickstarter site for these pillows and failed to update backers or ever provide product. At this time backers are filing FTC complaints against her and her company as well as with the Orange County District Attorney'...

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan) / watertown/ma (and west yarmouth/ma) resident marina noble: criminal charges in bristol myer, squibb ct

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan)All post on this site and other sites are placed by marina noble from watertown, ma, who faces felony charges and has arrest warrants for her contempt to criminal court for her arraignment for her severe harassing and abusive behavior. Marina noble isn't just a cruel narcissist. She is evil...

Complete Savings / Complete Save / money being taken from my account

Saoirse O'Donnell on Jan 23, 2019

Complete Savings / Complete SaveTo whom this may concern, I am a student and own no business or whatever this saving thing is for and 15€ has been taken from my account which I have absolutely no idea why I've never even heard of or ever used this service or whatever it is. You may think that 15€ is not a lot but it i...

Aldi Stores / one of your managers are stealing from you

Kelly summers on Jan 21, 2019

Hi, I was writing you because one of your employees/ manager at the store is stealing for you. He would collect receipts that people paid with cash, and find the items in the store and take them. And he would give them to his brother or friends and have them return them while he is working...

Reward Zone USA / $1000 walmart gift card

FDH2 on Jan 20, 2019

Rewards zone USA is got to be some kind of scam it tells you complete 10 surveys or sign ups etc for a gift card and I have completed all ten requirements and actually did an additional one and have not received any info on my gift card. I keep being told I need to complete one more. What...

Maxima Medical, Ltd Company at Indonesia Jakarta / refund from scammer account

Dr Ahmed Elhadad on Jan 18, 2019

Maxima Medical, Ltd Company at Indonesia JakartaI bought Dental device from Maxima Medical, LTD company at Indonesia Jakarta. Mr Ferdi Airlangga sales manager in the company requested a wire transfere to Mr Darwin the later has an account at your respectful bank. the account details as follow: beneficiary name : Darwin Bank Name: Bank...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / unclaimed prize funds

Queen South on Jan 17, 2019

Sweepstakes Audit BureauReceived the exact same letter as other dated 12/22/18 with a document number and eligibility to claim $12 million dollars. Requested $5.00 be sent for a one time data and research fee and mail by the deadline date if 12/22/18 the same date of the letter. The claim form cannot be processed...

Pick n Pay Hypermarket - Pretoria - Centurion - Lifestyle Centre / scam - unethical behaviour

Ekgas on Jan 14, 2019

Dear Pick n Pay I had a horrible shopping experience on the 29th December 2018 around 14h00 - 16h00 of being defrauded by people who were posing as legitimate workers inside the Pick n Pay hypermarket shop in Centurion Lifestyle Centre mall (Pretoria). These people were purportedly doing...

ClassPass / incorrect billing

Eliza Heneage on Jan 12, 2019

Dear all, I signed up to do one free class with you in May of last year. Since that time, it seems as if you have been charging me on a monthly basis 55 pounds a month despite the fact that i did not agree to this, i was never contacted by you to let me know this and that i have never used...

Slotomania / playtika

Carmelo Olemrac on Jan 11, 2019

Only a word : SCAMMERS Every time you log in the game, it open 5 windows to pay. Day gifts are ridiculous. Unnecessary to play. Playtika only need our money, with very expensive packages. The support game [email protected] is non-existent. You will never get an answer. All studied to...

Inspire3 Ltd / email spam with no unsubscribe option | karl moore | [email protected]

Daniel Noakes on Jan 7, 2019

This guy sends regular emails with offensive content, and the unsubscribe links don't work. He also sends from multiple email addresses so if I blacklist one they re-appear from another. My main issue is the spam nature of these emails - never signed up to anything, and the lack of option...

Intelius / charges to my paypal account

Billy Kimbro on Jan 6, 2019

you charged me 3 months service of 29.95 per month for services i did not approve. I have already stopped your ability to withdraw money from my paypal account and i also started a claim with paypal to recover those 3 months you stole from me. i also plan on contacting the better busine...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / I received letter stating I won and im very angry can someone tell me something before I take legal action

ms.nicole ramey on Jan 5, 2019

100%assured award Type of award 100% cash I ashley ramsey recieved this I live on enough to get by this cause me to trust in yall now I have nothing first u say no purchase neccessary then u want a money order get a life I promise yall caused me to lose everything well not me my daughter...

Cash Crusaders / service and lack of professionalism

Ntika on Jan 5, 2019

Cash CrusadersI went to cash crusaders the first week of December and pawned my play station 4 this would be the 2nd time I pawned it there at this perticular branch, the 1st time I went there already the reps that value the goods and pawn or sell them to you had made offers to purchase my console off...

Magnamail / misleading about winning prizes!!!

Joyce (Jenny) Fraser on Jan 3, 2019

I have been buying with Magnamail for 11 year. During that time I have supposedly won $20:000 three times. This year was the final for me. I was asked if I could attend the winners presentation Night in Sydney. I had to reject that Invitation because of my frail husband. I received... / zen blanket scam

Stefan2 on Dec 27, 2018

Another amazing scam story which unfortunately means I will never use: or again! Have a read as it is better than a crime story: The Swede created a $400, 000...

PandaResearch / payment

Rita Putnum on Dec 27, 2018

I sent a complaint and wondered who I could contact in your office that might help me get my payment from Panda Research. They owe me $151 and I have like $5 approved after doing all the work. This was very upsetting I was just getting started doing surveys and mystery shopping. It doesn't...