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Telecommunications Complaints | Page 4

Telkom SA SOC / service given

Dimakatso Nkosi on Feb 6, 2019

I don't want to get black listed because I made a terrible mistake of signing up with Telkom, they debit wrong amounts and I didn't agree to that amount I paid R800 and now they want to debit me R1000 and my contract clearly states I need to pay R250 a month but I end up paying 4 time...

Renna Mobile / recharge coupon

asma ahmed on Feb 6, 2019

Renna MobileDear Team, I had purchased recharge card worth OMR 1 on 4th Feb 2019, the card did not work and instead the messages appeared was coupon used already or recharge code not valid. When I contacted the customer care on 1240 I was informed, this coupon was already used by another number around 6pm...

Vodacom / complaint about the I insurance dept of vodacom

Salma Khan on Feb 6, 2019

Been trying to get ahold of the insurance division for a whole day. Even been to a walk in store and they too failed at getting through to the insurance section. I have an urgent matter which needs attention and also I have a new handset to insure and I only have 7days apon receipt of the...

Maple Call Inc / long distance carrier

sebit2001 on Feb 6, 2019

I was a necc custumer, now I got an invoice from maple call inc, for calls that I already paid to necc, plus some charges that I did not have before with necc. I have never agreed to be a customer of maplecall inc. The bill came on february 4 and it says to be paid by february 2?!?!? I do not...

Telkom SA SOC / billing incorrect and harassment

pmb Angry on Feb 6, 2019

I have cancelled my Telkom account due to having no line and everytime I go to a branch they put me on a phone to hear o you have a line fault. It was a up and down story and being billed for internet and a line I did not have having to buy airtime and data. I went in explained it to them...

Maple Call / long distance services

bhengay on Feb 5, 2019

I just received an statement saying that I owe the company $9.02 that says other fees. I am not aware of this charges as we don't use longdistance call anymore because there is a free facebook calling where you can even see each other so I don't know what is this charges about. I called...

Maple Call Inc. / long distance international calling

Bettylou Haagsma on Feb 5, 2019

I was a necc telecom communication customer and looked at acct. I had a credit of 30 dollars. Then a week later I received a bill from maple call which I have never heard of and don't know if this company is legitimate. When I went to my account for necc it no longer exists. I didn't agree...

Maple Call / maple call

Vasile Mangos on Feb 5, 2019

Used to be with necc telecom. Just got a bill from maple call with fees that I never paid before. Every time I call customer service I slowly make it through the queue and then they eventually hang up on me before I get to speak with anyone! I've called 5 times and the same thing happened 5...

Vodacom / lenovo thinkpad

Sinothando on Feb 4, 2019

Hi Vodacom I'm Sinothando. I am very disappointed with the poor services I've received from Vodacom shop in King William's Town at Stone towers. I brought my lenova think pad for repairs for the first time there and it was fixed no problem. But when I took it home I found that it started...

Maple Call Inc / long distance

Kerasou on Feb 4, 2019

My parents and i, previously with necc, receive an invoice from maple call inc. For calls we never made. I am no longer a customer of necc and have no idea why i'm being charge by maple call inc. My parents want nothing to do with mapke call inc and we were never advised why the switch wa...

Telkom SA SOC / service

Lee Ann Samaai on Feb 4, 2019

I need to know what the waybill between telkom and the developer cbl is, our lines are cut, we have had no use of the service for 3weeks now, my mweb, my telkom landline and having to buy prepaid data in excess of r2000 already, numerous calls has been logged but no avail. I want a...

Telkom SA SOC / line cancellation

NateD82 on Feb 4, 2019

I moved homes in September 2018, but before the move was completed, I requested my telkom services to be cancelled (both phone line and adsl service). This request was done on August 27th 2018. Since then I have been billed every month for a service that I am no longer using. I've tried...

Telkom SA SOC / installation of landline

zankies on Feb 4, 2019

Been waiting for almost a year now for my prepaid line to be installed. Calls are being escalated for the past 5 months and nothing happens. I dont ever get any feedback. I am sick and tired of complaining. If this matter is not attended to or any communication received by COB Tuesday, i...

Vodacom / theft of accumulated money.

Mikehi on Feb 4, 2019

Vodacom just without prior communication to me wiped out most of my accumulated monies R450 or R650 that I had accumulated for emergencies. The "Customer Care" department advised me that there had been a Policy decision taken by Vodacom which gives them the right to steal monies and call it a...

Telkom SA SOC / fraudulent charges and providing contract as requested

Roger DCS on Feb 4, 2019

I have been using Telkom mobile since 2008 or so, when they were still 8ta. In Nov 2016 I was upgraded and told I would receive a copy of my contract, after 18 months worth of complaints and billing issues I refuses payment on what I believe are fraudulent charges, and demanded a copy of...

Telkom SA SOC / did request not to put my number in the telephone book

IM Nel on Feb 4, 2019

This weekend I was target for a cheating (scaam) me out of money by telling me the man working for me deceased and they need money to go home. My information were taken from the telephone book to tel me the man was killed and they need to take him home. According to the caller he was from...

Maple Call Inc / unknown bill payment request and personal information privacy concern

hakka on Feb 4, 2019

Received invoice from maple call inc. On feb.1, 2019 of amount $8.94. (international discount fee $4.99 and operation charges$2.99) for period from dec.9 2018 to jan.8 2019. 1. I do not know this company and never have agreement with maple call inc. 2. I do not know what kind of product...

Maple Call Inc. Toronto ON M5W 5M5, PO Box 57109 STN A / long distance calling

Habibur MIrza on Feb 3, 2019

I am customer of necc telecom and I just received a invoice (mail) from maplecall inc which I have o knowledge with a long distance bill from nov 11th 2018 till jan 5th 2019 with so many extra chages and fees that I never paid with necc telecom. I last time paid to necc via my credit card...

Maple Call / random bill

Delta123456789 on Feb 3, 2019

I received a bill for $9.01 even though I cancelled my services with necc three months ago. I have no association with necc or maple call and hence, there is no way I would pay this bill. Is there anybody here that can provide the best course of action on how to report this fraudulent bill? What...

Mobily Saudi Arabia / unknown charges

Rob Wolfhz Jennershan on Feb 3, 2019

I bought data sim from mobily which has 100 GB for 1 month i started the purchased at jan. 5 so supposedly the biling cycle will until i end my 1st month. The data connection is very slow that's why i decided to cut it from their office near tamimi market i was suprised that they were...