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Telecommunications Complaints | Page 8

Telkom SA SOC / internet

Claassens on Jan 17, 2019

Hi i am R. Claassens I got telkom Internet for my children as they do home schooling and need Internet. After weeks of paying them they came to do the installation. Had problems almost every week I had to phone them to conect me again. Then it went well until telkom went of for more than a...

Mobicel / mobicel

Trishazel on Jan 17, 2019

I bought my mobi v1 in june/july 2018 I cant hear my phone when receiving messages or calls Volume is on loudest Can you please assist me on this matter, nothing wrong with hearing someone on the line, but when I talk back the sound is noisy on their side. Loud speaker seems to be broken...

Telkom SA SOC / incompetence of staff members

Elize Hugo on Jan 16, 2019

First things first. I got my Telkom ADSL line in September 2018. nobody phoned me afterward to find out if I'm satisfied with the service or any thing. they did not ask if I will be making cash payments or will I make payments via debit order, I had to phone them and ask them since...

Digi Telecommunications / credit deduction

Nur fara waheeda on Jan 13, 2019

Please follow up my complaint regarding my credit balance deduction without any prior notice..i always top up and suddenly when i check my balance always missing with low credit balance..may i know what am i being charged for??and whatever it is please get back to me and may i know the...

UFone 3G and Signal Weakness / low signal strength

isarulhaq on Jan 13, 2019

AOA Sir I am Isarulhaq From District Hangu village Darwizi Palosa Hangu. sir we are facing low signal strength in our area called Darwizi Palosa. Unfortunately we are facing signal strength problem its too week kindly submet my complaint for recovering signal strength here in Hangu Darwizi... / false charges

Sue Michalsky on Jan 11, 2019

In October 2018, I received a bill from Primus for $20.38 in 'other charges'. I have never subscribed to any services from Primus. I have never had any contact with them. I don't know how they got my address. I called. They admitted it was an error and promised to delete the account. Today...

Vodacom / fraudulent account - number [protected]

Yashika Maharaj on Jan 11, 2019

I have received a letter of demand from Vodacom for an account/ subscription that I did not open. I queried this with Vodacom from last year when my account was being debuted. I am working in the UAE for the past 40 months and closed all accounts with Vodacom in 2016. I did NOT receive any...

Vodacom / account not in arrears

TNR Wood Projects on Jan 11, 2019

14 DAYS UNIT MY CASE IS HANDED OVER TO THE OMBUDSMAN With reference to my numerous e-mails and correspondence, the most recent dated Friday, 14 December 2018 at 13:27, for which I still have not received any communication or reply. My account has never been in arrears by the amount stated on...

Cell C / incorrect information given

Octavia Bhebhe on Jan 11, 2019

I have been in contact with the call center since last year late and I have been having no joy at all with them as no one is willing to assist me nor is anyone trying to understand what my query is. All the can tell me is that I must pay up. Please see below the email I sent through to...

Maxis Communications / maxis home fibre customer service

GladysLim on Jan 11, 2019

Is this complaint board helpful? I hope it is because your customer service staff (i asked for her name. She said Priya) does not seem to worry about her attitude to the customer. I would like to lodge complain regarding Maxis Home Fibre which I registered and installed in 10th january 2019. I...

U Mobile Telecommunications / billing

Wah123 on Jan 10, 2019

今天要去签umobile以外的postpaid线的时候才知道自己2012年有一个board and outstanding bill。那时我已经跟你们员工说你们线很差,我要取消。结果那个staff没有提交上去!最好笑我打电话给umobile客户说请检查我的usage! 是你们Staff叫我ignore bill还有说会帮我提交取消线。Umobile 线慢也算了,那么大个公司竟然没有几年前的record data usage。在安全制度来讲,觉得很没有安全感。如果有第三者拿了我的名字去签线。Check不到那不是很危险?这是一个漏洞!

Vodacom / cancellation due to my father that passed away...

Bianca Henery on Jan 10, 2019

I have been struggling for two weeks now, to do the following: My father recently passed away and I can't seem to get assistance for anyone at Vodacom to do the following for me. My mother is also ill and her line is now suspended and I can't leave her alone without a cellphone that i...

Mobily Saudi Arabia / all

J0 D0m on Jan 10, 2019

Mobily Saudi Arabia are cheats and thieves! They sign you up to extra services without your authorization and knowledge. Even if you disable those subscriptions that you had no idea about, they still keep deducting credit from your account. Uphauling customer support. Lack of morality and...

Telus Communications / politics and propaganda

Truth&Mercy on Jan 9, 2019

Recently, I have noticed Telus Communications has been supporting the so called "LGBT..." movement. As a Telus customer who has seen first hand the destructive behaviour involved in this lifestyle, I would request Telus to stay out of politics and/or "civil rights" movements. For further...

Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa / puk number

Mezue Chibuike on Jan 9, 2019

Hello, my number is [protected].. I mistakenly typed in the wrong password while I was setting up a password for my phone and now it's requesting for a puk number... Please send my puk number to my gmail: [email protected] The number that calls me is [protected], [protected].. The...

VoiceBootCamp / training company

Derek M UK on Jan 9, 2019

I paid for a course for voicebootcamp which was to be in spain and I live in uk so that was great for me compared to the usa or canada or duba. faisal khan of voicebootcamp then cancelled it and I have chased and chased him for a refund and to this day 9th january 2109 not received my...

Yahoo! / yahoo write in forum

bob cam on Jan 8, 2019

I believe I have been blackballed by yahoo. I would like to know if this is the case, the reason why and where I can report this to a government agency. My name is robert c soskis, my email address is [email protected] I would like to add that I never curse or use bad language. I...

Assurance Wireless / customer service agent joan i1716750202 & customer service as a whole. no help just trying to get me to pay more!!

Moe Steele on Jan 7, 2019

I called 611 on 12-14-18. I spoke to an agent i told them my phone recharge jack was not working. I was told I qualify for another phone. I was told I had to pay on $5. I gave them my debit card. I was told the phone would be there in 10 buisness days. I called 1-7-19 To find out where my...

Dish Network / / suspend service while out of the country.

PAGE20 on Jan 6, 2019

Put my service for 6 weeks while out of the country, checked with rep and ask if it would be the same deal when I renewed my service and he said only had to pay $10.00 per month and the charges would be the same. When I returned they said I lost all my credit for 2 year deal I signed up...

Telkom SA SOC / internet

Carike Metcalf on Jan 5, 2019

Good day June 2018 i ordered internet from Telkom at Hermanus Whale Coast Mall branch. I chose the deal uncapped 4 Mbps plus the TV box for R655 per month. 02 August 2018 the internet was installed. 05 August 2018 internet went off. Logged several complaints. Last week in Aug 2018 a...