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TV, Music & Video Complaints

Letgo / 43 inch vizio smart tv

Ronald Cabrera on Feb 14, 2019

LetgoI bought a 43 inch tv from Danielle for 80$ On 2/10/19, we met up at an aldi in Patchogue NY and we tested the tv in my car to make sure that the tv wasn't working. Turned it on and it was acting a little funny so Danielle agreed to letting me take the tv home and see if it's still acting...

TV Land / comedy central the other two

Stefania Davis on Feb 14, 2019

The show "the other two" is absolutely disgusting and I can't figure why it would even be aired early enough when kids are still awake. It is showing masterbation, very foul language and how do you explain that to younger viewers tuned in.. If it's listed comedy central than move it. I...

Kogan Australia / request #7004016 - poor service and terrible communication

SeanWARD on Feb 13, 2019

Hi - please respond to me email…. Better still... Call me to resolve!!! **************************** Hi Can you please comeback to me on my email below Cheers Sean ***************************************** On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 4:40 PM +1100, "Sean Ward" wrote: Hi there, I...

Game Stores South Africa / / faulty tv

Elsabe25 on Feb 11, 2019

Bought a hisense 65' uhd tv in game klerksdorp on 23/12/2018. Sales assistant daniel lebotse. Tv since failed to switch on, and I took it back to the game store in klerksdorp on 29/01/2019. Daniel told me to take it back home, he will send a technician to repair the tv at my home (angelier...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / pathetic customer service for a huge well known company!

Jacelyn Odessa Ganesh on Feb 11, 2019

MultiChoice Africa / DSTVGood morning I am sending this email as I have actually reached the final stage of an irate customer. Multichoice account number - [protected] Last year towards the end of september some time my husband received a call from dstv advising about the special that they currently running at...

Makro Online / hisense 58" uhd smart tv

Krishan Ranasinghe on Feb 10, 2019

Order No. MAK1083953 I have purchased this TV in November and was delivered on the 2nd of December. the TV has 3 problems from the start: 1. TV Needs to be rebooted every time it needs to be connected to a wifi device or re-connect to a wifi device. 2. USB 3 port "throws the usb device...

Acorn TV / acorn tv

Carrie Anderson on Feb 8, 2019

I signed up two weeks ago for the yearly subscription. I noticed they were billing us monthly-which is more expensive. I contacted customer service-no response. I contacted customer service again-still no response. I contacted them via Facebook-that is just an auto response. I decided to cancel the...

Netflix / complaint

Sara Schlag on Feb 6, 2019

On several occasions we attempted to speak to customer service about our account. There were multiple payments running through every month and we wanted them explained and removed. We were met with contention, no one wanted to help us and i'm fairly sure they were trying their best to...

VH1 / kpop show

aashka dhebar on Feb 6, 2019

Hi. This is a complain regarding the Kpop show aired in India on Saturday at 8pm. The songs played are always repeated. BTS the biggest boy band does not only have 2 songs, 'Idol' and 'Waste it on me.' They have a lot of songs such as Fake love, DNA, Blood, sweat and tears, Run, I need u...

Box Office Ticket Sales / big daddy weave tickets

GAINESVILLE0930 on Feb 4, 2019

Box Office Ticket SalesI just purchased Big Daddy Weave tickets for the local church in town. All tickets are $20and they charged me $31 for " good seats" and 18 and some change for processing fees and some other ridiculous charge. I called the church and they have never heard of this website and would never...

Blossom Kochhar / damaged product

Ajaypreet Singh on Feb 4, 2019

Blossom KochharHi I got my tv two week ago it was totally damaged I take instantly photos and email on but after two week no one responded last week I get response After email 10 time but it's say our support team response shortly but after week no one responded yet I have frieght protection...

Omegle / blocked for no reason

brendaniskovach on Feb 2, 2019

i was sitting down and talking to someone and i just got banned im fully clothed not saying anything mean but [censored]s can have their [censored]ing dicks whipped out and u dont [censored]ing ban them what the [censored] is going on with that [censored] like i didnt even do anything wrong but omegle can let dude...

TV Land / big complaint about the tv show “teachers”

Randall Fain on Feb 2, 2019

Cancel the tv show, Teachers. The commercial came on and my 5 year old grand daughter saw it and asked what the teacher said. You know the commercial!! If they talk like that on the show it needs to be canceled. We do not need our grade school children thinking it is ok for teachers or...

Live Rich Media / Jay Richardson / Danielle Cole / production company

Joshua Dixon on Feb 2, 2019

Live Rich Media / Jay Richardson / Danielle ColeNOTE: I have attached some screenshots here to this post, however the link below is where you can see ALL communication with Jay and Danielle, please look at those-VERY IMPORTANT if you are considering working with Jay or Danielle. Jay and his producer Danielle, owe my film production service...

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center / unethical behavior, poor customer service, discrimination, etc.

David Tursi on Feb 1, 2019

To Whom It May Concern: Two days ago, an Asian male manager Alan, at 601 Webster St. Oakland, said the video games were being sold as a bundle package when I inquired (and could not be purchased separately). About 30 minutes ago (from: David Tursi to: [email protected] date: Jan 31, 2019, 2:24...

DirectV & Internet / double charged for ppv event.

Maxie Cervera on Feb 1, 2019

Ordered PPV event UFC 231. After ordering the event and seeing on the TV screen that the fight was scheduled to start at 9pm, I pressed it to record because I would not be able to watch it that night due to my work scheduled. When I got home, I looked for the recording but did not see it...

TV Land / the other two show

Denise Santee-Wilson on Jan 31, 2019

Please do NOT air this show anymore. Kathy Lee Gifford has been run off every show she has been on. And there's a reason for that. She is a nasty, self-centered, hair-brained liberal. It's really not all about politics but she ties to make everything about politics. I refused to watch it...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / mkr

MeReRe on Jan 30, 2019

I didn't think the rumours about Josh on MKR being an actor were real but I can see now that they could be true! Why create a character who is making Christians look horrible, not to mention how he's portraying the homeschooling community?!? It's become more about the Drama than the...

Channel 7 / mkr

Darren Perth on Jan 28, 2019

MKR, Josh & Austin, Really? I usually really enjoy the programme but was dumbfounded last night when I watched the first episode of the 10th season. I enjoy watching as the contestants evolve, seeing them under pressure, either making it or falling at the hurdles. The choice to bring in...

Harvey Norman / delay of ordered goods

Carol Sandison on Jan 28, 2019

On 29/12/18 we purchased a Samsung QLED TV, soundbar and bluray recorder and paid in full after being advised that delivery would be in 10-12 days. On the 8th January we were advised that delivery would be mid February. Harvey Norman were happy to take our payment in full, and we had to...