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TV, Music & Video Complaints | Page 7

Letgo / I purchased a sober bravio tv and it doesn’t work

Betsey Richner on Nov 28, 2018

LetgoI have the mans phone number and he blocked me after sale his name is Ryan and his number is [protected]. I paid 150 and gave him 15 for gas. I am in disability and bought it for my 84 yr old dad who just lost my mom. What can I do ? I don't have a lot of money and the fact that he... / subscription trap -, terrible stream, quality no money back no support

Patrick Uttrich on Nov 27, 2018

At first, the IPTV service is working, but most of the German Free TV HD Channels are below SD quality (320*200) and stuttering. I am using A 600/100 Mbit/s connection. So I've opened a Ticket and asked for money back - no response since 5 Days. As next, I have tried to stop the...

Discovery Channel / bad programs

Stimp Dogg 🌐 on Nov 25, 2018

Its always some stuff about Alaska or Big Bang Theory.Really?Cmon I thought discovery was supposed to have some intellectual stuff or some documentaries you could learn something from but this is honestly such a joke.Get some better shows/docs.Seriously I can tell you this is a problem a...

Kogan Australia / kogan 65" tv

Kerry Trenter on Nov 24, 2018

Hi We purchased a Kogan 65" Agora Smart 4K LED TV (KALED65KU8000SZB) from in June 2018. The TV won't turn on, the Kogan logo comes up and it says loading and turns off after 30 seconds. We have tried to reset the tv by switching off at the power & holding down the on button on...

Discovery Channel / master of arms

Weston Norgress on Nov 24, 2018

I would love to be able to watch Master of Arms, however the audio level of the sound effects is drowning out the voices, they are RIDICULOUSLY LOUD loud and do not add to the show at all. two episodes in a row I have had to turn it off, I couldn't stand it ! You are obviously trying for...

BrandsMart USA / 65" bolva tv

Andre Vernon on Nov 23, 2018

BrandsMart USAI just bought and very carefully setup and turned on. It has a area along the bottom that has a constitant bright white area of contrast and flares badly when touched and at random times. I've tried to adjust all settings. I've tried to let it warm up. The area only looks to be the bottom...

AN & Associates / hdtv antenna

Dorothy Reiss on Nov 23, 2018

I've hooked the antenna up as suggested, but cannot get ANY channels The tv screen remains cloudy and makes much white noise I've moved the antenna around and placed the TV in different rooms I am disappointed in what appeared to be a novel idea for an antenna I bought it as a gift to...

Toshiba Corporation / damaged toshiba fire tv - replacement

Maria Longoria on Nov 22, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam, I am fuming! I bought a Toshiba 50 inch TV on July 28, 2018 as a gift for my sister in Texas. They opened the box and connected the TV and there was no picture. I called Asurion the insurance policy I purchased to see if they could help me. They told me to call Toshiba...

Home Box Office [HBO] / bill maher

Michael Bacchia on Nov 21, 2018

I find Bill Maher to be really offensive and in particular his comments about Stan Lee to be disgusting, incredibly insensitive and in bad taste (as Stan Lee has just passed away) and just plain stupid. I wish he did not have a platform to spew such disgusting vile garbage. He is extremely immature and has no understanding about he is talking about.

Yanwen / soundflux - industry leading wireless headphones / a package that is not delivered.

Jan Kysucan on Nov 21, 2018

YanwenHello, I try to contact this company for more information for delivery. They write on tracking page (need more information, viz history), but I'm sure that I fill my address right. But ok one more time. Maybe what I can add is company name Sipral Jan Kysucan, Sipral 9A Devonshire...

Discovery Channel / discovery channel holland, the netherlands

Martijn van Haaster on Nov 19, 2018

Guys, I enjoy the discovery channel so much but.. Do you realise it's 2018 and everytime you interrupt the program 2 out of 3 people zap off, just the way it is. They are acustomed to the internet and netflix, too many adds will make people leave. But if the show was actually interrupted for the...

HGTV / hgtv urban oasis

bbssmith on Nov 16, 2018

I enjoy hgtv programming. I enjoy entering their contests like hgtv urban oasis. What I don't enjoy or agree with is their huge advertisements from ad providers like google. Unwary visitors to the site can be sucked in to scam sellers provided through the hgtv contest page. Before you buy...

FYE / cd orders

Gary W Radman on Nov 16, 2018

Order# [protected] I received a 99 cent used cd (never even heard of artist) instead of "We're not in Kansas Anymore" (new boxset) approximate $30 I ordered. I asked them to send the boxset I ordered and I send back the cheap used cd. I was told that I had to return the cheap used cd first...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / sports coverage, in particular cricket

Hongy on Nov 16, 2018

How come you bunch of sops with billion dollar budgets have been unable to get the one day series v the saffas on free to air? Pathetic and un-Australian. You have ruined the summer of cricket ( at least this one + however long this [censored] deal lasts for). Also a lot of people will now...

Courts Singapore / service and delivery

Georgetham on Nov 16, 2018

Ref:[protected] 55 Tax invoice [protected] I want to complain about the delivery service provided by Courts. I bought a TV and the date of delivery is stated to be on a Monday, 2 to 6pm. Later the sale person from Samsung called to say that the TV could only be delivered on a Thursday...

Star TV India / ishqbaaz generation leap & surbhi chamna's exit

Purvi barot on Nov 14, 2018

Ishqbaaz means shivika & shivika means surbhi & naku. Makers decided to take generations leap & post leap surbhi is not there so plz make sure that show can not take generation leap & surbhi exit create disaster for channel as no TRP - show going offair. I would like to request to channel plz...

Kogan Australia / kogan 65" smart hdr 4k led tv (series 8 mu8010)

Yesihandani on Nov 14, 2018

Order #PBB6JPMQ I would like to make a complaint about the service provided. Placed an order for the TV about a month ago, unfortunately need to wait for a while to finally get the notification of the delivery. (Which is fine, i can wait). I got a call from the customer service because...

The Brick / television

Gizzard on Nov 14, 2018

My boyfriend and I had baught a TV from the brick last September. We had 1 year manufacturing warranty and 3 year extended warranty. A pixel had blown in the TV so we call their third party warranty company to get it fixed. Long story short, they told us it was gonna cost more to get the...

eBay / yamaha tx802 - #[protected]

Freddie Chambers on Nov 14, 2018

According to the Tracking information It appears the item in question has never been shipped. If the seller is having trouble I would appreciate notification. I need tracking information so that someone can be available to meet the delivery personnel. The Fed Ex shippers label information...

Visions Electronics / extended warranty plan

Rob Gorman on Nov 13, 2018

I bought a Samsung TV back in 2013 for $2200. At the time I was talked in to the extended warranty which ended up costing me $500. The price for the warranty is based on the purchase price of the item so I fit into the $2000-$2499 category, or something like that, which is why it was $500...