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TV, Music & Video Complaints | Page 8

PlayerAuctions / continual declined payment

fortnite2018 on Nov 13, 2018

Everything is fine with my bank account. I contacted my bank and they say it is on Player auctions end. It is difficult to contact the company since there is no phone number. I want to buy this account before someone else does so its a time sensitive matter so I am reaching out here a...

Channel 4 / background music on tv shows

Lyn Nolan on Nov 12, 2018

I'm currently watching 24 hours in A&E on Channel 4 & the music is drowning out the actors voices. This is not unique to Channel 4 it is the same on every channel. Why do producers insist on putting music to drown out what the viewer is trying to hear. Where commercial...

LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd / lg electronics (m) sdn bhd "lg malaysia" took 3 months to redeem a gift from 25-aug till now no news

Alvin Soo on Nov 12, 2018

Hi LG Malaysia, I wish to lodge this official complaint against your bad marketing team in response to the gift redemption bad experience. 1. We have purchased a TV 55UK6300P at 25/8/2018 because you are offering sound bar during the merdeka sales. 2. After about 1 month waiting, we try to...

National Football League [NFL] / nfl

Matthew Bair on Nov 8, 2018

i am growing tired of the friggin NFL advertisements on my prime video screen. I block the damn element only for it to be right the flip back when i reload the page or refresh .I WANT THIS TRASH TO BE ABLE TO BE BLOCKED FROM MY VIEW PERMANENTLY.screw your terms of service and whatever you...

Steve Harvey on Family Feud / fairness to all!!

jet stream on Nov 8, 2018

While watching "feud" on Nov. 8, 2018 0n WOTV at 7:30 pm, Steve asked the Brown - Sass families what part of your body would not be described as petite and AFTER the buzzer rang the Brown family said butt which was the number 1 answer and Steve gave it to them. In the past when that ha...

Netflix / justin time go - episode "let's haka dance / big drum jam"

meh312 on Nov 7, 2018

This episode of Justin Time Go is extremely offensive and Netflix should consider its removal. It is a mockery of the Maori culture and the actions nor words are appropriate or culturally respectful. The display of "haka chant" and "haka moves" are disrespectful. The haka is a lot more than...

EasyHome / need help with my t. v

Jean-Claude Godin on Nov 6, 2018

EasyHomeHello! my name is Jean-Claude Godin. I bought a 65 inch LG Smart TV from the branch in Bathurst NB. My TV broke down 6 months ago. I've been fighting with them to fix or repair before my TV is paid off. They made me an appointments to come and pick it up which they never showed up and...

Yupptv / unethical behaviour and service

Joselin on Nov 6, 2018

I have been using YuppTv for the past one and half years with Roku. They levied a device activation charge every month.. My account was deducted twice last time. So the subscription is valid for this month October as well. It keep on asking for device activation. When I click Ok, it say...

Fox TV / too many commercials!

Bettysmom on Nov 6, 2018

One minute of news followed by five minutes of commercials! Enough! And then they lay on the teasers about what they are going to tell us when they come back from commercials… Really? Just tell us the news in longer in-depth segments, drop the teasers and less commercials please. I find myself...

LBC Express / lazada package/not yet delivered

ElonaJane54 on Nov 5, 2018

LBC ExpressGood Day po, bakit po ang tagal madeliver? I was expecting na for delivery na xa on or before November 01, 2018 pero wala pa po till now. please update po. Tracking #: [protected] UPDATE AS OF NOVEMBER 05, 2018 (1:54PM) Date of Last Status Transaction Status October 26, 2018 Forwarded to...

Netflix / the ranch

Lesulz88 on Nov 3, 2018

Bring back the Rooster! The charges are contrived and bogus! Just like the Supreme Court Judge! She'll admit she made it all up AFTER she ruins him? To support herself and her out of work boyfriend and some lazy good for nothing girlfriends?!? This is either about money or Scientology or...

Netflix / request a refund

bhatti11 on Nov 2, 2018

hello, my issue is only that i applied for free trial $18.49 ( premium one) for Netflix yesterday but they charged me during my free trial i don't know why because after completion of my free trial, Netflix charged from my card of $18.49 - same amount i mention above. please team, make me...

Cricket Wireless / portable mini speaker es31 mul

Brett Higginbotham on Nov 1, 2018

On July 25, 2018 I purchased a T & G Bluetooth Portable Speaker. I listened to the speaker for 2 days when it started making a loud clicking noise. July 28, 2018 I boxed it up, found my receipt and went back to the store I purchased it from. I was dissatisfied with the quality of sound and...

Fox TV / lethal weapon

FiaZe on Oct 31, 2018

I am so disappointed in fox for destroying an amazing show! I, like so many others, waited for and was so excited for the 3rd season only to have you, fox, go and destroy it with the firing of crawford aka riggs because wayans convinced you that he was the true star. Sucker... Riggs wa...

DirecTV / scam

Spil on Oct 31, 2018

DirecTV has been infuriating to work with. We made our first appointment date 10/26/18 for DirecTV to install their cable at my house. I took off work for them to be here and they did not show up. I called and asked when they would be here. They said "the order never went through." How???...

Acorn TV / subscriber, yet I have to pay further to watch specific programs

Skeetertoo on Oct 31, 2018

I tried sending a message to Acorn TV. It limits your ability to contact them-via drop-down menus that don't allow you to choose, 'OTHER." So, I'm forced to provide my issue as a "complaint." My issue is not represented on the Acorn drop down menu. I subscribe to Acorn TV. Ergo, one would...

Isidingo The Need / influencing of evil

enad pillay on Oct 31, 2018

it is appauling to see how they are influencing people to do witchraft and muti based on showing the audienc how it all works with a sangoma.please erase or change this story line to show that sangoma and witchdraft have no power and make lincoln to rather be made sik in othr ways but not...

Netflix / shows targeting children/teens with smoking

Crissy Smith Syversen on Oct 30, 2018

PLEASE stop the characters from smoking in shows that are targeted to children and teens. This makes me sick! I will not allow my children to watch shows where the characters are smoking or drinking excessively. I'm referring to shows such as "Stranger Things" and "Sabrina the Teenage...

Vizio / tv

tommygs on Oct 30, 2018

Vizio 60" TV ($800.00) after 2 years the unit shoes ghost dark image on screen!!! After communicating with Vizio over a dozen times and different person each time, they are like robots, trained to brush you off with generic answers, each responds starts with: "Thank you for your recent...

Yupptv / poor customer care

Shijilp on Oct 30, 2018

YuppTv they are saying download app and watch everywhere, but when I moved another country they are saying I need purchase new and they will not refund my old account it was brand new. I complained to their customer service every time they want 24 hrs time and they will not come back...