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TV, Music & Video Complaints | Page 9

Sweetwater Sound / order # l231379356

William J Somers on Oct 29, 2018

Sweetwater SoundThe order was placed at 7:25 PM on Wednesday 10/24/18. Signature required. The items were supposed to arrive on Friday 10/26/28. As of Sunday 10/28/18 the items had not arrived. I expressed in an email to Wayne Wildman on Sunday regarding the non delivery. He responded Monday in an email...

Youtube / youtube app

Alex Willoughby on Oct 29, 2018

Can you please... please... please! Move the cast to TV button to some where other than the top right of the video screen. Im forever bloody hitting that button by accident and it annoys the hell out of me and my parents who i end up casting to. Maybe one of the bottom corners ? Many...

Netflix / sabrina

Jeremy Chase on Oct 27, 2018

Most shows are racist or sexist, especially in modern America. I've been watching the Netflix "Original" of Sabrina. So far this show has been pathetically sexist against males and very racist against ONLY WHITES. I didn't realize that Netflix was a company willing to perpetuate such...

Sharp Electronics Corporation / sharp roku tv

vanessam56 on Oct 27, 2018

I bought this tv 16 months ago, and it just died. I have a emerson tv which I have had since 2015. This makes no sense since I only watched this tv, every now n then> Not understanding how a tv New from best but can die in this short period of time, And the cheap emerson which I have had...

Netflix / background

Megan Hofmann on Oct 26, 2018

Netflix It is completely inappropriate to have a "spooky" background. I have a kids only profile on here. In order to select the kids only account I am met with a dark "spooky" background in what appears to be a cemetary with bats. Thank you for spooking my young child, she freaked out the second...

Netflix / big mouth

DGehman on Oct 25, 2018

I have just learned of the show Big Mouth being shown on Netflix and watched some video of an episode. I am shocked that anyone would think this is appropriate for teens and even more shocked that it has made it's way onto our TV. Our children can no longer remain innocent due in part to...

HGTV / too much flip or flop

M. Smith183 on Oct 25, 2018

Hgtv is my favorite channel. But lately there's a lot of flip or flop. Today [protected]) all afternoon from 1pm to 10pm tonight is flip or flop come on guys. Really?? You expect your customers to watch the same show for 9 hours straight. This is ridiculous. And you only have fixer upper on...

Youtube / music

Mark Thompson on Oct 24, 2018

I live in the UK, and resent having to pay £13.99 pm for the You Tube Music service that is provided to US subscribers for only $9.99. Furthermore, the price advertised and reported on at UK launch in June this year was £9.99pm. Are you claiming that YouTube has added 40% in value to the service...

Hallmark / christmas movies for 2 month

dancdud on Oct 23, 2018

I am tired of Christmas movies for 2 months. 2 Months is 60-61 days and you guys run these movies for roughly 69 days. If this is something that has your ratings go up then I suggest creating a new Channel called Hallmark Christmas this way all the people that enjoy watching Christma...

Kogan Australia / kogan 58" smart hdr 4k led tv

KimberleyB on Oct 22, 2018

I have emailed have a reference #6819211 have sent 3 emails. The TV is no good and i want to return it and want you to send me the paper work to return this TV and i want to receive a refund. The TV was delivered on Friday 20th - did not work from day 1 it is back in the box today is the...

ITV / programme credits

gus10 on Oct 22, 2018

Havìng just watched Strangers we found that we could not read the credits as a forthcoming programme over wrote those credits. I know this has been going on for some years but will ITV please consider stopping this advertising. We like to be able to view the cast list and consider the constriction...

FOX / shepard smith

Joan Aronson Roberts on Oct 22, 2018

I too can not stand to hear one word Shepard Smith says. He can not stop from expressing his opinion on anything. Those thoughts related to Trump I consider more than annoying. He has told me that Trump is insane for the last time. He loves to say that Trump has nothing to back up hi...

Vizio / e55-do tv will not tv and has a black screen

shannonoscott on Oct 22, 2018

Purchased Vizio 55" screen TV and after 2 year, the TV will not turn off and will not show picture. The screen is black with zero sound. I have been able to unplug the TV to reset and this has worked a few times. However, now the TV will not even reset once unplug. This TV is not the main...

Netflix / vampire diaries

Skyler Mae Roberts on Oct 21, 2018

How the [censored] can you remove vampire diaries!!!? They are one of the most popular shows in canada you stupid [censored]s!!! Bring it the [censored] back!!! Like I hope this stupid site is shut the [censored] down!!! You put on movies nobody has ever even [censored]ing heard of!!! And you [censored]ing remove the best...

Netflix / content cancellation

Rahsaan Romain on Oct 21, 2018

Hey There, As someone who has had a Netflix subscription for years, I am considering cancelling due to your cutting Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Both series, although not perfect, are incredibly entertaining and show off an incredibly diverse cast of characters often not seen in the superhero...

ITV / no service in the east anglia region

JDelaney on Oct 21, 2018

ITV not available across the East Anglia region last night from at least 5pm. We had to resort to watching Netflix all night.. I had a look at the outage map where it confirmed there was virtually no service in most of England. What is going on? I see that this serious outage hasn't made...

Netflix / cancellation of luke cage

Nichole Simms on Oct 21, 2018

I am writing to show my disappointment and disgust that you cancelled Luke Cage. With what I read the reasons were pretty weak. Luke Cage was one of the FEW African American lead casted shows as well as Super Hero shows out there. Luke Cage and Daredevil were the only reasons I have a...

Netflix / haunted

Darkmango on Oct 20, 2018

Okay so this show says the stories are true stories, but the second episode is about a father killing maybe dozens of people with no record of it ever being reported. The daughters say they saw the bodies and the nephew through away the trophies! Wtf Netflix. It would be okay if it wasn't...

Netflix / quality of movies and quantity of english speaking movies

Susie Henley on Oct 20, 2018

I am very disappointed that most of the movies on Netflix are foreign titles. If I wanted to read I would read a book. I however do not enjoy reading my movies and missing parts of the movie all together. Not really worth paying monthly for and the quality of the movies are 1 maybe 2 star...

Family Feud / show

Ricardo soy yo on Oct 19, 2018

I just want to say I like the show and watch it often, I just wanted to know if you guys can mix the families a bit. Everytime it's black against white. It can be black against black, white against white, and so on. Not just black and white. Thanks have a nice day. Otherwise I think the...