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Unauthorized Charges Complaints

Camp Australia / Childcare

reneewhite0000 on Feb 17, 2019

My children attended Camp Australia for the school holiday program and have continued to attend for before school care. My card was debited twice for $297 and I called as soon as I noticed and requested a refund. I was told that if I sent an email through with proof of the double...

Truthfinder / They continue to charge my credit card even if I only subscribed for one month

s. saphira on Feb 17, 2019

TruthfinderI subscribed for a 1 month subscription in November 2018 and was charged for the subsequent months until February 2019. And upon checking my Paypal charges, I was charged more than what was advertised, rather than 16 USD per month I was charged 27 USD. I requested for 1 report last...

Mylife / Mylife subscription

O Acosta on Feb 15, 2019

My complaint is simple: I enrolled for a free trial on just to check the details on the information I could see on me went I visited the site. I thought that the few things I could see on my info without being subscribed were not updated/accurate. So I subscribed, and asked for...

Complete Savings / Complete Save / Cancelling a monthly payment.

LindaCle on Feb 15, 2019

I have been trying to cancel a monthly payment of £10. I've rang the 0800 number and haven't got to talk to anyone. I have also sent my email address to the forgot my password on the Complete Savings web page and can't get an email back so I can sign in to no avail. I have even tried to stop...

Careem Networks / wallet not updated

Muhammad Farhan khan on Feb 15, 2019

Careem NetworksI booked careem rickshaw today and had negative credit of aed -5 in my wallet. The ride fare was rupees 282 but the total fare was 490 i-e including the aed -5. I paid 500, which should suffice the fare for the ride I took plus clearing the negative credit, and an additional 10 rupees in...

onlinebiowc.comGBR / no product involved

Joanna Barclay on Feb 14, 2019

An amount of 144.82NZ (137pounds) was charged to my credit card on the 10 February 2019 but I have not bought anything from overseas yet alone anything locally online from this lot. Do not know where they got my credit card number from as it is not even on my computer in any form. Credit... / ICF Technology / unauthorized charge on my debit card

Scott Boyd on Feb 14, 2019

On 2/14/2019 y'all made an unauthorized charge on my debit card resulting in an overdraft at my bank, and this is not the first time. I want my money back in the bank. I'm not sure exactly how to proceed from here, but maybe the bank can tell me where to go for legal advice. I don't...

ShopGoodwill / shipping charges

Kerry Lambert on Feb 14, 2019

Hello, Let me start off by saying that I love that Goodwill has the online auction site as a tool to empower their mission. However, something needs to be done about the shipping costs for auctions. I understand that size and weight play a lot into the price of shipping. I ship thing...

Netspend Corporation / account closed due to unauthorized charges

Mary Zuber on Feb 13, 2019

After being a customer for 12 years we suddenly got hit with a series of unauthorized charges in January 2019 I filed a dispute within 3 days of being resolved my account was hit again with unauthorized charges. I contacted netspend and they opened a new dispute. The very same week they...

Kogan / refund on duplicate order.

Janine Adams on Feb 11, 2019

On 6th feb.2019 I ordered 1xantler zeolite 3 piece softside roller luggage case set - charcoal order no. Xhtkk7nx, I pressed to pay with paypal and then there was a survey come up so I answered it, unbeknown I had ordered the product twice. I tried to get in touch with kogan to cancel the...

Course Hero / refund

Arath Flores on Feb 11, 2019

It's written that they charge 9.95 a month for 12 month subscription and but they charged me $119.40 at once on February 11 2019. You're showing that you will take it $9.95 monthly and then charging $119.00 suddenly. I only opened one file and it was also not like they described. If I knew...

Secure Box Office / honda center parking ticket

Eugene Ho on Feb 10, 2019

I purchased a online parking ticket on 2/10/2019 (order #[protected]) from Secure Box Office. The cost is $7.00 using Visa credit card, however, the final payment of the ticket turns out to $16.46. I called the office right away and requested the ticket to be cancelled because of the...

Course Hero / $119 scam

costadang on Feb 10, 2019

I am a student and I needed help to my homework thats why I purchased a subscription to coursehero thinking that I would be charged 9$ a month, instead I was billed $119. I am a student and can't afford something that is not very useful at all. I sent in an email right after I realized how... / 7.95 promo rip off turns into more unfounded charges


Yes I finally thought I found a reputable company but after recieving a sign and CD I'm suddenly now being charged $67.73 for nothing and no agreement to any amount other than the 7.95. I've sent back the silly sign and useless CD but in the interim this charge showed up. Please do not...

Just Ask / unauthorized use of my debit card

Rose Nelson on Feb 10, 2019

order ID# [protected]-540 I asked for some help with my Samsung galaxy S7 and the assistant asked a few ?s n then stopped talking when her ran out of ideas. I then asked for another tech to help me and never even reached anyone else. Then a couple days later he asked me to finish the session. I...

Gleekplay / taking money without permission

Girl from lebanon on Feb 9, 2019

GleekplayThey tried to take 21.5$ from my credit card several times without permission to do so. When entering my credit card number they said that I won't be charged for anything unless I make a purchase, but suddenly a couple days later they started to try taking money from my card without my...

UseNeXT / fraud/ abuse

weberhed on Feb 7, 2019

I cancelled my account with Usenext about 2 years ago after a lot of effort on my part to get out of contract - took maybe 6 months. They make it too hard to cancel! Periodically I would receive notices to renew. I would send them to my spam filter. Three hours ago I received a notice...

Playtika / taken money from my bank

Amanda hancox on Feb 7, 2019

PlaytikaYou have taken money out of my bank account and have been told by Google they will not refund me and I have to contact you about these unauthorised payments all for slotmania coin packages and gems I did not give permission for any of the transaction below are pictures which also I have... / unauthorised charging bill; pdf conversion

Dinh Anh on Feb 5, 2019

pfdfiller.comDear To Whom May Concerned, I am user who use your trial of PDF Conversion. On the reason of not using this products as much as I need to pay for it, I do not make a decision to pay for this service monthly. However, I was been debitted on my account $99.48 on Feb 02 2019 without any notice... / scam company - fraudulent billing practices

Penny59 on Feb 5, 2019

Criminals and scam company. They quote you the cheapest so you go with them. Then they charge your credit card without your permission 3 weeks later saying they misquoted you and that you owe money. I have reported them to bank of america. Bank of america says they are criminals and...