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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in San Francisco, California

Web3 Capital / nothing special

Matthew Coney on Jan 29, 2019

Web3 Capital is not worth my long discussions. Their website is absolutely useless, contains no information and terrible in general. I don't understand who they created it for, what they wanted to tell and what they hoped for. All I see is a single page with a couple of sentences and an...

Wyre Capital Management / pointless

Tim Higgins on Jan 28, 2019

Who told them that putting a long text along with contact information is the best idea to tell people about the company? It's a single page website that has to have much more information than it has now. Nothing is clear. Why would anyone be interested in reading this long text telling about the...

Dynamic Fintech Group [DFG] / not impressive at all

David H. on Jan 28, 2019

Nothing much to say. These guys didn't provide a lot of information, and so we only know they are from San-Francisco (no exact address) and that their team is international, they have people from different countries, even though I don't how exactly this fact can help anyone at all. There are...

8 Decimal Capital / 8D Capital / some little things

Kristin Kerr on Jan 23, 2019

This company is a multi-strategy investment firm focusing on both token and equity investments. And I can't say they are scammers, because they are probably not. You never know for sure, but at the present, you can use them. No, I'm here not because they or someone else asked me...

Zero-One Capital / It makes me sick that this is just a waste of time

Tom Verher on Jan 23, 2019

Zero-One Capital is a crypto hedge fund based in San Francisco, CA. It was founded n 2017. That's all I know about them, the rest of the information is hidden. They also have a blog on their website, but they haven't posted anything yet. No thoughts within 2 years? No wonder. Why have thi...

Unbank Ventures / one thing I don't understand

Beth Maddison on Jan 22, 2019

Unbank Ventures is a crypto venture located in San Francisco, CA. They don't look like scammers, at least I don't want to think they are, but there's something I want to know. Unbank Ventures is active and have different projects and programs, so it's logical people (potential clients) will have...

Taureon Capital / typical enthusiasts

Hernel Beltie on Jan 21, 2019

Taureon website is useless and not informative, I really don't understand what they have it for. As they state in their blog they are a group of blockchain enthusiasts. There's nothing more to add. It's clearly seen they are.No one even doubts. Most enthusiasts are not professional and most...

Synapse Capital / scam

dave rill on Jan 18, 2019

They say that all materials on their website are for illustration and discussion purposes only. But excuse me, what are you talking about? There are no materials on the website. They state they manage a portfolio of crypto assets with a hybrid venture/hedge strategy, but I see no portfolio. Well, I...

SnapFish / deleting photos and projects


Contrary to what is promised on the snapfish site - they do not "store" your photos or projects. In the FAQ section - it states that it offers "unlimited storage". However, arbitrary deletion of both uploaded photos and created projects is commonplace (Even for customers that order on a...

F50 / you're warned now

Roger Perezz on Jan 16, 2019

–°an you forgive a spelling mistake that's made by a financial company, that pretends to be serious and reliable? I can't. It's lame. It can ruin everything. You see it and think: oh god, do they ever visit their website? Is it actually maintained? Corproate Network. Really?...