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Auto Insurance & Loan Complaints

xs direct car insurance / payment plan of excess i owe

Trevor Becky Warman on Feb 16, 2019

Policy number XS1INYM0100928 mr trevor warman phone number [protected] address 251 quinton road west b321na email [email protected] on the 2nd of november 2018 we was reversing out of the car park i looked both ways and it was clear then all of a sudden there was a car at the back of...

Alliance United Insurance Company / Non responsive claims rep

Dusty Faye Rushia on Feb 13, 2019

I have reached out to my assigned claims rep 6 times in regard to replacing my child's car seat after my accident on 12/12/18. out of the 8 emails sent to Josh. We have had two phone calls regarding this. early on and I was asked to provide pictures of my car seat, which I did. I received... / claim denial

Elano on Feb 11, 2019

3rd Party Auto Ins Claim Denial : Their adjuster Kevin Rheingruber [email protected] denied our claim 97A387863 based on his prejudice against women and race. He completely ignored the police report and driver at fault (his client) interview thru a police bodycam. Police Report...

Racv / car insurance

Charles Landon on Feb 10, 2019

I wait for an hour and 28 minutes only to have them terminate the call, which I have all recorded on video.. The disgusting pigs. My wife's perfect car gets written off by a drunk unlicensed stollen car that the person runs off from. The victorian police do nothing to get video footage...

Chrysler Capital / warning: scammers

Highly Disappointed 2019 on Feb 6, 2019

I had a chrysler 300 for 3 1/2 the early days of the loan chrysler capital was willing to work out payment plans/arrangements with me. Due to loss of work (and life circumstances) my loan became delinquent again but now that i've paid nearly $30, 000 on this car plus the $5000 I...

Discovery Insure / rental vehicle not made available

Clarisa Fouche on Feb 6, 2019

Our Bakkie was stolen on 18 January 2019. Recovered by the police 19 January 2019. We informed Discovery that they need to collect the bakkie from Police pound 21 January 2019, all the documents was sent to the relevant claims person Vusi handling our claim at that time. It took them a...

RTA Mortgage Release / unsettled rta mortgage release papers from eib

Santhosh Bs on Feb 4, 2019

Dear Emirates Islamic team, I am deeply saddened and broken by the emirates Islamic banking procedures which is taking months to release a simple RTA mortgage loan which was taken by myself and also successfully cleared 2 years ago. It all started on 08th December 2018 wherein I approached the...

Outsurance Insurance Company / my car is not fixed since last year june

KarenDD on Feb 4, 2019

I've been with Outsurance since 2017, i started by paying R1900 comprehensive.I didn't mind paying it because I thought its a very good and efficient insurance. in 2018 Early I was paying R2 296.61, in June I had an accident another car bumped me behind at the Robot, I called and claim and...

XS Direct Insurance Brokers / re: re: why should I pay?

Alex Nazare on Feb 1, 2019

I have had an accident on 14/12/2017 in which i have no fault in. My insurance company XS DIRECT closed the case at a 50/50 basis, to which I have never agreed on. I called them and asked if they checked the surveillance cameras at the place of the accident (which show clearly that it wa...

Rick Gibbs PA Insurance / homeowner and auto insurance

LoveMyBoys on Feb 1, 2019

Rick gibbs is an absolute nightmare! Do yourself a favor and find another option!!! I had 3 homes with these people for more than 3 years... That is homeowners & flood... Every year, every single policy was cancelled due to inaccurate quotes, improper coverage, failure to maintain office...

Endurance / scam advertising, data abuse

- Abuses personal information to send scam attempting to deceive the recipient into believing it's mail from an official authority and not the spam it is - Refuses to stop spamming ("your data is publicly available") - Refuse to inform me where they harvested my data - Carefully crafts a...

Hostess Brands / product not in half and no sprinkles

Veloz on Jan 31, 2019

Hostess BrandsI have bought a box of Valentine Ding dongs as I opened one it was cut in half and the other half was gone. I could not believe what I saw . Looked like someone cut and had no sprinkles. I cant believe this is the type of product you sell. Think you should get what you pay for and not half...

Ally Financial / customer service

Caitlin JuAire on Jan 29, 2019

I paid off my vehicle in 2017. It is 2019 and I still do not have my title. Ally did not send a lien release to the state so my title could be released. I called 5 times to have them fax a copy of the release to the state and a copy to myself. It took two weeks of calling before they...

MiWay Insurance / third-party repair and assessment by assessor

Grove's on Jan 29, 2019

Miway client reversed into my vehicle on the 9 December 2018. I went to AlfaTrio panelbeater and got a quote for the damages. Quote was sent to Miway and they are only prepared to pay half of the costs for repair. The Assessor was never out to view the vehicle or to the panelbeater. The...

MiWay Insurance / miway insurance suspended policy

Andrew N Tanya MacIntyre on Jan 28, 2019

Good day . I am a policy holder car insurance On 23rd - 24th of January my Husband requested a quote and accepted car insurance for Mazda 2 1, 5L . The price was given R624 and we requested payment to be linked to my debit order. Consultant who was helping us suddenly could not give me a...

Bridgecrest / gap coverage

Shaun PL on Jan 25, 2019

My vehicle was in an accident in December my insurance company notified me that it was a total loss and they emailed and sent bridgecrest the information needed for the claim. Bridgecrest has continued demand payment because Gap hasn't done their part of the process. I need this to settle...

DriveTime Automotive Group / total loss of vehicle

Lori Denk on Jan 23, 2019

Accident occurred December 2nd. Bridgecrest notified by my insurance company. I received an email on December 20th from the total loss department stating what documents were needed. They had been sent to them by my insurance company but I sent the mb again. Each time I call I am told there...

Allstate Insurance Company / claim as victim in pedestrian accident with an allstate insured driver

Nancy Chromik on Jan 23, 2019

I am the victim in an accident which has a Claim No. of [protected] which occurred on March 7, 2017. The claim was being handled through an office in Hudson, Ohio. The agents on the claim have now disappeared twice during the period of time that has elapsed. The first one was moved to...

Camping World / loan not paid off

BCook123 on Jan 22, 2019

Camping World Fredericksburg/ Thornburg has stolen my trailer! In August 2018, my wife and I decided to consign our trailer with Camping World. Between graduate school and work, we just did not have enough time to enjoy camping anymore. After a few months of research, the consignment option...

Alliance United Insurance Company / my cancelled policeo

Theresa majano on Jan 21, 2019

In December we had a family emergency we have to leave for a few weeks to el Salvador and my husband thought he paid the bill with many of the things we paid before we left.we went to pay our bill for January and. It shows cancelled. I called to see if. We can pay it in full with the re...