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Bullying and Harassment at Work Complaints

Budget Suites of America / management/crystal/security

Snow1488 on Feb 14, 2019

Hello my name is David Skelton and I recently was a resedent for over 7 months at the property listed anove. During my stay you would see all kinds of harrassement coming from security if you so happend to disagree with anything they said. Take forexample my case. one night about 2 week...

Quorum / unfounded criticism

B. W. Davis on Feb 13, 2019

You sent me a note claiming I violated your terms on courtesy.  All I did was cite the US Supreme Court decision and cite published FBI UCR crime statistics.  "Confronting the police while armed can result in your death. This is not the movies and officers are not expected or required to...

Starbucks / employees

EurekaCustomer on Feb 11, 2019

StarbucksHello, your company has two intolerant racists at this location. Christopher, tall and blonde may be new and Steven also tall, dark brown hair and facial hair. Both of these employees have been seen and heard using racist language at a very loud voice level and then laughing at their rude...

Wawa Store 30 / management

Tanji1 on Feb 4, 2019

Wawa Store 30I was informed about a facebook post that is disrespecting associates badly im a former associate and so are some other associates mentioned and some still work there it was posted yesterday but has been taken down but i have evidence saved in my phone i would like it to investigated cause...

IHOP Restaurants / customer service

Dana Chijindu on Feb 3, 2019

Erica and Crystal from parkway attacked verbally after I just asked a question regarding the seating arrangement at the store. The manager on duty was incompetent and allowed his team to disrespect their customers. I have not been disrespected like this at any store and what hurts is that...

Omegle / banned for skipping perverts

krissy900 on Feb 3, 2019

i got banned for the 8th time just because I don't wanna get hit on or see guy's parts. the last week or so I've been on and these guys ask me how big my breast are or show them and I denied them that so I skip all the perverts and I get banned for those perverts and when i get banned they...

Sheetz / I am complaining about a worker named rick warnick

trisha year on Feb 1, 2019

My niece and I went to Sheetz on January 27th. Mr. Warnick was very rude and kept making snide comments to my niece. He knew of my 14 niece by the fact that his best friend had been in a relationship with her. This man was 19 and she is 14. He beat and raped her. So Mr. Warnick was upset with...

Mineral Home Care / very bad management

Meg.g on Feb 1, 2019

There are multiple issues/ incidents, but in short I will list them: > Being intimidated and bullied by the management staff to the point that it made me leave the job. > Several Health and safety breeches >being mis-led about my job from the start >Being disrespected in many different...

Canada Post Corporation / harassed by mail man at my home front door area today at afternoon time!!!

Nick60 on Jan 29, 2019

I would like to inform you that an incident occurred today January 28, 2019 with Canada Post man delivery in the afternoon, when came at my home front door uninvited and unprofessional to harass me and intimidated me without any reason. He said that at the mail return boxes is not accepting junk...

Kingsport TN IHOP / general manager, manager, and crew members

Ashley hay on Jan 26, 2019

I worked at the Kingsport TN IHOP, after two years I quit. I was sexually assuoted by another team member and all the general manager wanted to say was he wished I would wait to file my complaint till after the holidays so he wouldn't be short handed. Not only that but all the day shifter...

Safeway / manager of belfair safeway

Brie Mullins on Jan 22, 2019

The new manager at my local safeway is the rudest more disrespectful employee I have ever seen in customer service. I myself have been management of more then one retail store andI have never treated my worst employees the way I have witnessed this woman treat some of the best employees at...

Panda Express / harassment from general manager

Ludvich5 on Jan 19, 2019

Panda ExpressMy GM at Panda Express is constantly looking for any little thing I do to try and get me in trouble. My 3rd day of work, he kept complaining and criticizing me about taking too long to close the lobby when I was never even told how long it should take me to finish closing the lobby. I had...

Ruth's Chris Steak House / managers harassment on the job and retaliation as well as sexual harassment

Sugar34 on Jan 16, 2019

2 of your managers Ed and Jake have complaints about on job harassment sexual and retaliation as well as another person in the restaurant located in Portland Oregon. One of them put a girl on a closet and put her hand on her mouth and her legs up on his shoulder. Other manager ED, as far...

Andre (AJ) C. the Cyberbully/Ex-Friend in Grass Valley, CA / slanderous/defamatory posts about me

Renne Hom on Jan 15, 2019

Andre (AJ) C. the Cyberbully/Ex-Friend in Grass Valley, CAHis previous Facebook name in Japanese katakana: カネパ アンドレ *AJ used to attend SJCC after graduating from Willow Glen High School and moved to Grass Valley, CA, with his folks near/at the end of July 2016. He's been a practitioner of Shotokan karate since he was fifteen and has an interest to...

Kroger / employee complaint (reported to union but no response)

Devyani Patel on Jan 9, 2019

Over the past six months or so, I have noticed several adverse changes to kroger's management that have been of concern to me. I have been reluctant to bring them up (as well as several of my coworkers) due to fear of retaliation, but I now need to formally express my concerns because...

Medi-Corp, Inc / hostile behavior in the work environment

Karin D on Jan 8, 2019

I have experienced hostility from management at Medi-corp within the past month. My job was also threaten when I requested for a job description. Management has disrespected and humiliated me in front of other employees. Management also does not adhere to company policies based on handbook...

99 Cents Only Stores / disrespectful to an employee

Alicia Th on Jan 8, 2019

I want to file a complaint on a manager @the store my son works at. I am VERY upset at how my child is treated by the manager, Zara Kahn! The level of professionalism is null & void... She shows none! She has called my son a "[censored]" to another employee, she has called him...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / manager harassing and bullying

Sonia Ali on Jan 6, 2019

Hi my name is sonia, I was hired at winners Morgan crossing before Christmas, the manager named reema Singh started to bully and harass me recently. She took me to her office during my shift and asked me irrelevant questions on false stories from others. I worked hard at this job closing...

Chowking / chowking manager in landmark makati

Cathy Edilbert on Jan 6, 2019

Everytime I go home to Philippines Lagi kami nag dine in with my family sa Chowking Landmark cause I love chowking's Halo-halo. Nag work na din ako before sa F&B in Philippines and here in abroad. While we were on the queue with my mom I heard a manager yelling to her staff infront of...

Con Edison / employee complaints

Concern citizen01 on Jan 3, 2019

I am calling on con Edison to please investigate Narindra ramdeen. He is a ticking timebomb. He punched my tires in the city in July of 2018, luckily I got his plate number. He was wearing his Con Edison uniform shirt. I reported it to the police he was arrested. I looked him up and he ha...