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Collections Agencies Complaints

The Foschini Group / breach of contract: illegal charges

JOSHUA AYOBOLU on Feb 15, 2019

Good Day Trust you are well. I am Joshua and a holder of Markham's Account since 2013. I was contacted few weeks ago regarding an alleged Outstanding Payment on my account. I was issued with a sim card in 2013/2014 I guess with the promise of 25 SMSs and R110 airtime (which can make...

Homechoice / unethical behaviour

Delia Oladunjoye on Feb 14, 2019

I received a call today from an agent (did not get the name) and she was extremely abrupt with me. For the past weeks I have received the same calls of agents reminding me of my account that is payable. Let me be clear, I am not in arrears, a courtesy call, when my next statement is due, and...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / monthly payment

Razaele on Feb 14, 2019

My pldt home's fibr plan was installed last september 21, 2018. It is 3gb unlimited offered at 1, 299 pesos monthly. But everytime I pay I was charged 1, 369 pesos. The payment center is charging me 7 pesos and that is acceptable to me. Then the total payment I made is 1, 376 when it...

Homechoice / bedding

Lelethu Nyawuza on Feb 12, 2019

Good day. I ordered bedding at home choice and it was delivered on the 09/02/2019 and I was told that should I not be happy I should call within 14 days and the courier will pick the parcel and so it happens that I am not happy with the parcel and I called home choice to collect and the...

Agoda Company / hotel booking

Clarissa Tablan on Feb 10, 2019

Agoda CompanyI made an online reservation but I did not receive any booking confirmation and to my surprise I was charged on the two reservations I made on the same period but different hotel. They should inform me thru email or mobile for confirmation. I just know the case when my bank texted me about...

Titlebucks / title pawn

George Lovell on Feb 8, 2019

I was unemployed for three months and got behind on my title pawn payments. The employees turned into wolves in sheep's clothing because now every attempt I had made to try to get a payment in has been resulting in being told no they're not going to give me any time and they want the...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / continual calls and voicemails from different numbers after paid in full

I Owe You Nothing on Feb 4, 2019

I have paid my medical debt completely in full and even after paying my debt and verifying (with the original medical provider) that my account stands at a $0.00 balance, I continue to receive daily calls from HRRG. Upon calling them, I was contacted with a lady who barely spoke English...

Mashreq Bank / credit card settlement [protected]- non clarity on settlement and request sent to bank not answered

priyesh prathap on Feb 3, 2019

My name is Priyesh Prathap holding Smart save credit card no [protected]. Have been using this card since 2013. I had approached for a settlement for this card since July 2018 sending emails to Mr Nishanth, Mr Hani etc from bank. (screenshots attached) I made payment of AED 8100 on...

Katherine Ensminger, Nashville, TN / scammer, hacker, katherine ensminger, nashville, tn

StoneMountainRecords on Feb 2, 2019

Katherine Ensminger, who now resides in Nashville, TN was from Stone Mountain, GA. There you can locate her criminal records. She was shoplifting habitually, but always gor clean because her father is a nazi judge, Clarence F. Seeliger at Dekalb County Court, GA. Katherine also had...

Massachusetts Health Connector / request a refund

Yanelis Bueno on Jan 31, 2019

Hello, My name is Yanelis Bueno Bautista, I used to be a member of the Massachusetts Health Connector but I decided to cancel my health insurance plan to take my job insurance plan. I would like to know who should I to speak with about $329.96 withdrawn from bank account on June 24, 2018...

ADT Security Services / adt security

annettepigg on Jan 30, 2019

My parents passed away and was in process of remodeling house for my son. got ADT service in my name during the remodeling process. as soon as my son moved in we changed the account into his name . i made payment up to that day now for some reason i can not make ADT understand that i am...

Gym Company / cancelling my contract - 2nd time

Audrey123 on Jan 30, 2019

Good Day, I am not able to meet my gym membership fees any longer and which to cancel my contract. I am permitted to do so in terms of section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. I hereby give you 20 days' notice of my contract to be cancelled. My last debit order to be deducted end...

Executive Credit Management / unethical behavior

Natalie Cecilia on Jan 29, 2019

Someone else's information was unethically and illegally shared with me by an employee. The owner, Don, was extremely rude and continued to contact me when I had told him multiple times I am represented by an attorney and he is breaking the law by contacting me. He also left me a voicemail...

Dunia Finance / unauthorized credit card charges and payments

Shikhakapoor on Jan 29, 2019

Dear Dunia Finance Team, I Shikha Kapoor being the Customer of Dunia Finance since 09years almost now and suffering from major Financial Crises, Its like i m paying and paying to Dunia Finance Just like that . Even after Paying for so many years, getting threats from there Collection...

Dunia Finance / loan and card

suepisces20 on Jan 28, 2019

i have a loan in dunia payable in 4 yrs, i had already paid 18 months amounting to 52, 000 but due to financial crisis i defaulted in payment for 3 now they wanted me to pay again 60, 000 against my loan and for my card CL 2, 500 they wanted me to pay 12, 000 . they are now presenting the...

Zone Fitness / acc ref 1zon1038

Hesmari Richter Van Toorn on Jan 27, 2019

For the last two months, Zone Fitness have been sending me reminders of overdue fees. Shortly after receiving the first notice, Zone Fitness was informed telephonically that it was a case of mistaken identity as I was never a member of any of their clubs. It seems that this message was not...

PurePlay / delayed payment

renato cortes on Jan 26, 2019

Since 11/04/18 until 12/6 i won a total of $600. On 12/21/18 I e mail and was told it was approved on 12/12/18 and just waiting from their finance team to mail the check. I e- mail them 4 more times and the same answer and that support have no control on mailing checks. On wednesday...

Navy Federal Credit Union Mortgage Department / mortgage department mitigations

mustangswo on Jan 24, 2019

Complaint Department I have been a member since 1993. I had a mortgage from August 2005 and had to sell my house under Short Sale program. The Mortgage Department mitigations/Claims did a horrible job in evaluating my pay and allowances. They included my Son's college 529 money as income...

Dunia Finance / settlement offer/direct debit

Janne88 on Jan 24, 2019

Hi, I have a settlement offer agreement with dunia of 2, 200aed to be paid first prior to sending the actual offer letter. I had paid the agreed amount afterwards they have sent the settlement letter. The same day an amount of 1520 has been dueducted to my account since I was enrolled to...

TRS Recovery Services / trs recovery

Stacey Lynn Cogswell on Jan 23, 2019

Trs recovery services are liers and scammers. . They said i wrote a check to amazon yet i don't ever shop online, , there numbers r computers... There a recovery yet they want your checking account info and bank. But they have your so called bad check you wrote... When i wouldn't give to...