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Cosmetics Complaints

Nordstrom / Wrong product

Mark Alastair Macdonald on Feb 18, 2019

NordstromStore 386 Reg 4205 Tran 8097 Rng Sandra W I was in Las Vegas last week and visited your store to buy my wife a gift. I was after a particular perfume 'Acqua Di Parma' Colonia Absolute. My wife had sent me a picture of it which I showed to the assistant in the store. She showed it to me in 3... / hair medicine & shampoo + electronic quit

Rabah lazergui on Feb 18, 2019

I have requested an hair medicine and shampoo on 30/11/2018 and paid 428.99 SAR with my mastercard ending by 6015 .after success of the transaction, the request was cancelled due to lack in stock. A second operation 0n 15/02/2019, a request was done and paid by the same card with total...

OroGold Cosmetics / refunds

Pattie Lasita-Brown on Feb 15, 2019

I would like to know how this company gets away with this. They tell you what you want to here to get you to buy . We also were told we would get a refund so I called them 3 days later and told them I didn't want the Jupiter facial machine. they said it had already been shipped that not to...

Adore Cosmetics / Face products

Lisa AnneD on Feb 15, 2019

I was whisked into one of your stores in Houston, Texas on January 2, 2019. Below is a description of what occurred. I Drove 10 hours to Texas to drop off my grandson, it was a very emotional and stressful drive in pouring rain. I was in a deep depression from spending Christmas without my... / anti aging face creams

Helen Storr on Feb 15, 2019

I saw an advert in the Daily Telegraph for products made by the above company. I received the samples as promised, however one of the products was unusable due to there being no means of pumping the product out of the bottle. I emailed and Veloura did not send me a replacement but another...

Lancome / bi-facil eye makeup remover

soef on Feb 13, 2019

Dears, I have bought the Bi-facil eye make up remover before and was very happy with it. Recently i bought a new bottle, and used/opened it 3 days ago. already right after using it, i felt a burning sensation and the next morning around my eyes was very red and dry and wrinkly/dry skin and...

Mary Kay / 3d miracle set

Michelle1971$ on Feb 12, 2019

I have ordered and was charged for a 3d miracle set by consultant Kyleigh Burton. She told me she mailed in on January 17th. I have sent several messages of which no response. Tonight she finally responded and said she doesn't know what happened. She doesn't know where the receipt is. I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / not able to redeem points as advertised & product gift with purchase not in stock

Lady Knives on Feb 12, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartSunday February 10th I made a specific trip to Market Mall Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase some Elizabeth Arden Lipsticks to get the gift with Purchase adverstised in the flyer. Shoppers did not receive the Gifts with Purchase yet. This was advertised and illustrated in the flyer. They put...

Sigma Beauty / lost parcel


I've ordered some brushes on the 25th November 2018 and until now, no idea where my order is. It was an international purchase and I had access to some of the references given. Shipment #[protected]; Order #[protected]; tracking number SH890084928. I was also given another reference that it...

Idrotherapy / Idro Labs / Unauthorised deduction on a credit card

Annette Milligan on Feb 6, 2019

7th February 2019, there has been an unauthorised deduciton fo $153.66 on my credit card. I did buy a trial product, but did not agree to continued deductions! Today I have found that there is a deduction on my credit card which I did not agree to. I want deductions to cease immediately. A Milligan 25 Orsman Cresscent Nelson 7010 New Zealand

Idol Lash / scam

carieee on Feb 4, 2019

Idol lash is a scam!!! Please do not order from here. I ordered 2 to get 3 more free for $126.80. They sent me a completely different product called lash energizer with none of the natural ingredients advertized. I called customer service about returning the the lash energizer & getting...

Zest Add Ltd ( / gotagher beauty tag & patch remover

Ccmb on Feb 3, 2019

Ordered this product January 17th and have yet to receive it Have sent several emails to company but they keep bouncing back saying can not deliver I've paid for this product I want my money back if they cannot deliver but I don't know who to contact since the email doesn't...

Lancome / nutrix 125ml

Olwen Gill on Feb 3, 2019

Greetings I purchased a 125 ml tube of Lancome Nutrix in Dublin Airport last November 2018. We spent a month in Spain where the cream seemed fine but on return to Ireland it had separated. I realize temperature change may have a part to play but it never previously affected it. A squeeze of... / order not received and money refund

Hany R on Feb 3, 2019

I've ordered 10 items 2 weeks ago(Jan.21st, 2019), paid full amount & 3 days ago i received only 1 item out of 10 items and today the balance amount was returned to my account without any explanation i tried to call the center in Dubai no answer at all I'm very angry and disappointed it was my... / zeta clear

Melissa 4488 on Feb 1, 2019

WebSupportCenter.comI made One payment for two of Zeta Clear's Anti-Fungal Solution, not to long ago. But I have since received another two of the products that I have not authorised for. I would like to know how I get my money back if money has been taken out of my account for these two extra products that I...

Mitchum / triple odor defense men stick

Annelie4112 on Feb 1, 2019

Mitchum I bought this product from Discem for my husband but the second time he used it the whole contents fell to the floor. It broke into pieces. He put it back again but every time he use it it made n big mess and now I decided to throw it away because I'm tired of washing the floor and...

Regen-a / the products (face cream and such). the way they sell their products

Phyllis welch on Jan 31, 2019

The wording in their ads and how the wording has hidden ways of getting your money. When you are trying a product it's my understanding you are trying it not agreeing to buying it for life. When you call them to make inquiries about all this money being taken out of your account oh you...

Mitchum / mitchum triple defense spray

1julie on Jan 31, 2019

Mitchum Hello, I purchased 5 of these as they where on offer in my local Lloyds chemist. They were retailing at a £1 each however everyone has a a faulty spray. They are not coming out or not properly. I threw away the first 2 in frustration but am now really fed up to find this one is exactly the...

Pos Laju / delay goods delivery

Nurhidayahmustafha on Jan 30, 2019

Hi All, I am very frustrated with your service as my goods should be post out since 23 Jan 2019 however until today still no updated in system. I had been calling to your customer service twice still nothing settled. This is first time I face this kind of problem with your side. I had...

OroGold Cosmetics / unethical behavior, miss representation

Stephenie Hobson on Jan 29, 2019

On 10-22-2018 while walking through the Roseville Galleria, I was approached and practically apprehended by an individual named Giovanni of the Orogold kiosk. He grabbed my hand and sat me in a chair and started talking to me about the dark circles under my eyes while applying a serum to...