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Crypto & Hedge Funds Complaints

Oyster Ventures / / They didn't impress me...

Florin W. on Feb 15, 2019

These people live using the phrase "brevity is the soul of wit" all the time. That's what I thought after I looked through their website. Not impressive, not informative, more questions, than answers. To contact them and ask whatever I want I can send an email. But that's all. They also say...

Digico Capital / misleading and confusing

Mr Nicholas Davidson on Feb 15, 2019

Their statements are ridiculous. At first, they say that their fund is a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund. Really? Who said this to them? How can they prove that? If they are a leading fund, then in what country? They were founded in May 2018. Leaders? Oh I really don't think so. You know what?...

Investors of Crypto [IOC] / IOC Capital / never deal with amateurs

JohnSong on Feb 15, 2019

You know what? I don't trust firms with websites created with help of wix service. If you don't know, is a website builder and you can use their tools to create your own website the way you want. And in this case, you don't need to hire a specialist and do everything for...

Blockchain Advisory Council / BAC Global / keep away!

Roger Young on Feb 15, 2019

They say they are the world's first truly decentralized fully comprehensive advisory and consulting firm related to the blockchain. Excuse me, but why do they think so? What does "truly" mean? So all other companies are not really decentralized? Let me remind you what the "decentralized"...

Blockchain Traded Fund / scam

Jason Winford on Feb 15, 2019

Knowing that they use to create and build their website is enough for me not to continue this review. It doesn't even matter what they state on the website. It's not a shame to use, but not in their case. It's not a joke, not a toy, it's supposed to be a serious investment...

Full Node Capital / don't waste your time

Michael Rohnson on Feb 15, 2019

No matter how hard I tried I could not find any comprehensive information about this fund. Just tiny pieces of it. The only thing I know about them is that they are based somewhere in New York, but unfortunately, they didn't provide any exact address. It's also known they were founded in...

Quadarch Fund / avoid

Stephen_Lewis on Feb 15, 2019

Quadarch Fund is India's first cryptocurrency & crypto assets focused investment fund. At least that's what they state, but it's hard to believe, it may be just words with no proofs. Looks like they sold the domain to a different company because checking their website I noticed they have a...

Bessemer Venture Partners / be always careful

robert freudlich on Feb 15, 2019

Bessemer Venture Partners is a crypto venture capital fund located in Menlo Park, CA. Let's see how trustworthy they are. Well, first of all, they were founded in 1995 and they still exist. Obviously, they invest not only in crypto. The next fact is that they have several branches and you can...

MyBit Ventures / they hadn't thought it through

Nicky Chain on Feb 15, 2019

MyBit is a crypto venture capital fund based in Baar, Switzerland. I would like to begin by discussing their team. I understand that not everyone pays attention to introductions. Most of the people will be satisfied and accept what is offered. And most of them will say that the way MyBit...

CryptoMerian / they don't use effective methods and options, so I doubt they are different and unique

Harry Mailston on Feb 14, 2019

Cryptomerian is a hedge fund manager located in Famagusta, Cyprus. Not sure how trustworthy are crypto funds from Cyprus. I can't say it's common. But what's common here is the mistakes they make. And it doesn't make them different from similar projects. Not sure I want to waste a long...

Cryptofondo / not informative at all

Dominic Norwell on Feb 14, 2019

Cryptofondo is a hedge fund manager based in Coahuila, Mexico. Unfortunately, that's all I know about them. Oh, and their exact address as well. Do you think it's enough? Of course, not. What about.. let's say.. a team description? Where is it and why is it hidden? What's the problem to...

Semantic Ventures / a lack of information

Chloe Herbters on Feb 14, 2019

I honestly don't understand why would someone want to deal with them. Moreover, they didn't deserve t get the highest rating or the best review from me. The words like "good", "nice" and similar are not about this project. Their website is almost empty and that's why it's completely useless. There'...

L4 Ventures / I am sure they cannot be trusted

S.B. 145 on Feb 14, 2019

Ok, let's sort out the details. To be honest, I am not sure what they are about. They say they build Web 3. Have they built it or not? They mentioned five projects on the website and I must say it's not enough. Of course, maybe they already stopped operating, but then why they...

KBW Ventures / no contact details

Tin Crowley on Feb 14, 2019

KBW Ventures is a They invest in several types of companies, including the blockchain projects like Origin Protocol, and as far as I know, it's their only investment in this field. And it's a reason for me to tell you how good they are and if you can trust them or not. Ok, the company...

Viking Capital / I am not sure they are reliable

Ashley Lawrence on Feb 13, 2019

Viking Capital invests in the world's leading technology and business trends, including digital assets and blockchain. Hard to say they are active. This fact that they stopped updating their social media profiles is not proof of their inactivity. Even though it's a disadvantage for sure. The...

Turing Capital / it won't impress you

DK Nairetti on Feb 13, 2019

Turing Capital is an early-stage crypto fund. And if you think that it's a decent project, I am here to make you change your mind. First of all, it doesn't even look impressive, it's not informative and has nothing interesting to offer. Their website is boring to read and not structured...

Midana Capital / not sure about them

Larry Richardson on Feb 12, 2019

I would appreciate a fact that their team decided to let you know where exactly they are located. Not each company from Asia does it. There's no reason. That's just their decision. However, I wonder what kind of an office they have on the British Virgin Islands? Do people work from there? Or...

ff Asset Management / ff Venture Capital / always a room for improvements

Jason Sullivan on Feb 11, 2019

If anyone from their team is reading it now, please, explain, why do you have an endless number of founders? It's not endless, of course, but it's huge. I think you got a bit confused, nah? Not saying these guys are total scammers, I looked through the website and I liked it. But thi...

Hashchain Capital / don't be naive

Carlie Stone on Feb 11, 2019

It won't take long, actually. There's nothing to discuss. I don't know what projects like this hope for and who invests in them, who trusts them and who thinks that dealing with them is a great idea, if it's clearly seen that something is wrong. What exactly? One important thing i...

Distributed Capital Partners / ridiculous

Lirey Jones on Feb 11, 2019

Distributed Capital Partners manages a portfolio of early-stage blockchain and distributed software companies, and protocol tokens. So what? I am glad for them. But who needs just words with no proofs. Absolutely useless. Where is this portfolio? How come they mention it, but don't provide? Where'...