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Desktop Computers Complaints

Hoobly / American bully

Emily lynn on Feb 18, 2019

Hello can i just kindly ask If my hoobly messages are working properly . im not sure if i am able to see messages i usually get quite a few or atleast one and it has been a bit since i have recieved one .i quess my question is it your system if not thank you for your time i have had issues not long ago with hoobly you im just makeing sure . Kind regards

Harvey Norman Broadway Sydney / fraudulent sales procedure acer pentium desktop tower

bradp15 on Jan 29, 2019

I think you should be made aware that a Fraudulent sales procedure ( ACER pentium Desktop Tower sale in this case) is being applied by one salesman at that store. On monday 28th january 2019 i saw the above computer for sale at the above store. A chinese gentleman asked what i wanted and...

Kogan Australia / kogan computer 13.3 two in one tablet laptop

Friedi on Jan 23, 2019

I've been waiting to Kogan about my laptop computers for weeks now and with no favourital outcome. My request number is 699849 I would like to talk to somebody because of emails they take to long for someone to respond. I'm very angry. I bought 2 laptops from Kogan. I've sent both of them...

Emax / / defective product sold/in service centre for nearly 2 months now

Suman G on Jan 18, 2019

I bought an HP All In One from Emax MOE during Gitex. Defective Product was supplied and when it was brought to Emax, instead of replacing they rectified the HDD and reinstalled OS. This alone took 3 weeks. Upon Collection on Dec28, I found that the issue with unusual noise was not...

PurePlay / password to login tournaments doesnt work

brancher on Jan 13, 2019

The login password for the tournaments doesn't work. I haven't been able to play. I became a member I think on Thursday the 10th. I want to be credited with these days I've missed. Please get me a password that works. I also never received the free 14 day trial offer. I became a member a...

Makro Online / non delivery of paid goods - order: mak1108155

Pieter Jordaan on Jan 13, 2019

Now critical!!!  Good day I have placed the above order online early december and paid for it in full, but to date no delivery and only empty promises!!  I want to know where is my order because you are now bordering on fraud as you advertised goods which I have paid for, yet you have...

Hi5 / all of a sudden my account has been canceled for no apparent reason.

☆The Legend☆ on Jan 8, 2019

Hi5 Dear Hi5 Team, my email id is cupidxxxonfire... and I'm a user/member of hi5 since 2008 as I remember, since I'm using this social network (I mostly use to play pets) itnever happened as today. I'm getting a highlighted message that my account has been cancelled. I just want...

MovieStarPlanet / ridiculous customer service

wwowwwgb on Jan 3, 2019

It is seemingly impossible to directly contact any MSP staff. My account was deleted, and I want it back NOW. Stupid that I have to come to a secondary website to submit a complaint that most likely won't be reviewed. I am fed up. I had VIP, and had put well over a years work into that...

DuckDuckGo / I cannot install ddg on my windows10 machine.

Rangert3 on Jan 2, 2019

I go to the DDG website and download it. What comes down is an .xoi file. What do I do with it? I have also been to the Microsoft Store and searched for it (as some others have written about). When I find anything even close to it, the app is called "Duckgo". This is one with the...

Kaspersky Lab / charged 3 times for internet security & refused refund

rich999x on Jan 1, 2019

annual renewal for Internet security was due & received an email from Kaspersky offering a discount on new internet security. took the offer & cover continued. Received a recent bank statement that showed 3 orders raised for amounts adding up to a total of approx £120. Contacted CS, sent them...

Omegle / recaptcha

For_The_Forsaken on Dec 17, 2018

18/12/2018 The recaptcha box is popping up every single conversation and trying to solve some of the picture ones is impossible. Example: telling me to click all the traffic lights when there is only one large traffic light so I click every single box containing some of the traffic light and...

Lenovo Group / lenovo all in one computer

elroy tgo on Dec 17, 2018

Purchased aio computer on 11/12/18 three weeks later computer stopped working called help line who told me to try fixes and none worked so I had to send my 3 week old computer in for repairs Tried to get updates on computer progress to no avail Called lenovo and got the runaround about...

Harvey Norman Thomastown / flexi rent

Spana on Dec 17, 2018

Contract numb: 1583110 ilia panousopoulos 17 december 2018. I called flexi rent and spoke with nikki in regards to paying out the contract and was advised that this is a rental agreement and we would have to pay $3561.40 for 24 months and then to pay it out it would be between $800-900. I asked to...

Gmail / unknown device keeps syncing with my account

Bust League on Dec 8, 2018

one time a device call "Acer Iconia Tab A500" synced into my account then i secured my account.this device keeps syncing and whenever i secure my account this device synds again and i don't have any device name "Acer Iconia Tab A500" as a matter of fact i don't...

Candy Crush Saga / why am I not connecting to candy crush saga anymore?

Carole Wilder Gardner on Dec 7, 2018

Candy Crush SagaI dont understand whats going on I have been playing candy crush saga for yrs THRU fb why am I not able to play its it frozen or something it keeps saying Logging on to a Social Network then it goes to Download and it just sits there and the game wont come on is there a problem on your...

Emax / / emax entertainer code

Maxkari on Dec 5, 2018

I had puchased all in one HP desktop during the Gitex show 2018 Oct at trade centre exhibition, during the sale emax promoted 200AED voucher (which i got) plus entertainer code valid (never recieved) When I try to redem the entertainer code, the code itself was missing in the invoice...

ink2u / printer cartridge supply

Andy Platt on Dec 2, 2018

I have been really pleased with the products and service of this company for a good number of years. However, I have emailed twice recently with a request in relation to cartridges that I have spare after my old printer packed in. (I had just bought the cartridges. I was unable to...

Royal Oak Salvation Army / donated a dell curved computer monitor

Jay3winds on Nov 29, 2018

Donated a computer monitor today 11/29 thought it was going to go to someone unforfunate not to have one and watched the guy take my monitor and put it right in his vehicle, I was pulling into parking lot to shop at another store when i saw him put my donated item in his personal vehicle...

CleverBridge / nero platinum 2019

winnpudd on Nov 27, 2018

I purchased Nero 2019 Sept. 1 2019. I received the licence number but when I tried to set it up it came out that the seriel number was for a different product so I contacted you. I revceived the response you would amend this and that I could download the product. My computer wound up with...

AliExpress / cancelled order no. [protected]

Raghavkumar Nancherla on Nov 26, 2018

Dear team please note that I have ordered an HP spare part vide above order no through Initially the order was placed by Aliexpress with the seller but at a later date the seller was unable to deliver the item. I received an email on 16/10/2018 from AliExpress team that my...