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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints | Page 4

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / drive thru

The one and only0221 on Jan 27, 2019

I came threw plenty of nights and there was a very nasty attitude that cums on the mic very rude and inpatient then i drive up to the window i ask the young lady wats her name she said tiyana or sumthin like that she said why i said u are very rude and i will be sure to put in a complaint...

Jack In The Box / the service and food

Teresa Schofield on Jan 27, 2019

I went to Jack in the box around 5:15pm not sure on the time because I do not have the receipt because it was not given to me. I was the only one in the drive thru and at the window when I pulled up. when she handed me the food she there you go have a good night and I was about to drive...

McDonald's / order missing several items

Hollie Finney on Jan 27, 2019

I ordered food on the McDonalds app in Maple Grove Mn. Myself and a couple different families were staying at the holiday in thought lording on the app would be easier since it was a large order. I ordered 4 sets of hotcakes. We only got two packs of syrup. Two of the 4 kids had to eat...

Taco Bell / food service operations

Steve Andexler on Jan 27, 2019

Taco bell, enough is enough! i go to tb 2-3 weekly and today xissed me off. At 3:00pm its not operational is not an acceptable reply. Pulling up to the take out, it is announced we can only accept cash as our computer terminal for transactions is down. Okay, luckily i have cash and place...

Captain D's / food quality and temperature

Shawalter on Jan 27, 2019

Me and my family visited The Captain D's Seafood Restaurant in Ruston, La. Sunday January 27, 2019 .We ordered several Chicken Dinners, Fish, okra, fries and butterfly shrimp ... The chicken looked old and like it's been under the warmer for a while.. We got our food in less than 5 minute...

Burger King / 2 big king xls, 1 cheeseburger, 1 small french fries

Jacque Maurer on Jan 27, 2019

Burger king located at 4199 veterans memorial parkway st peters mo 63376 January 26 2019 1:25 pm, order: 256, check: 20057 Ordered 2 big king xls, 1 small fry and 1 cheeseburger. Period. Guy at register quoted the price as $15.08. He couldn't do something at the register and called the...

Chowking / unprofessional approach of the manager

joycee567 on Jan 27, 2019

My mom and I approached the manager about the crew who was adding too much ice on our milk tea drink, we requested if they can LESSEN the ice. When we got home we realized the manager REMOVED all the ice in our drink. We thought that our request was taken personally, even though we kindly...

McDonald's / service

Gene Koerner on Jan 27, 2019

McDonald'sI pulled up to the ordering kiosk at 400AM and was told only breakfast and cash. I then waited about 10 minutes for her to take the order. There were 2 cars ahead of me. About 15 minutes later I got to the window and paid the $7.80 for a #1 with a medium OJ. Then the girl disappeared...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / specials offered on television or on the internet

Andy Alba on Jan 26, 2019

i have been to the santa maria restaurant located at 2205 south broadway twice and have been very disappointed. on the first visit i asked for the $5 pot pie fill up. they didn't offer it. i purchased a pot pie and using the receipt i submitted the survey for the free offer. i returned to...

HMSHost / torn basil delta area ft lauderdale airport

Donald Miller on Jan 26, 2019

Friday, Jan 25, around 10 A.M. until noon, this facility operated very inefficiently. There were long lines with only one person serving many tables. (i hope this was a result of people calling off sick). Also, take out area was extremely slow. The attitude seemed to be "that is not my...

Panera Bread / gift cards

Phyllis Supitilov on Jan 25, 2019

When I purchased $50 in gift cards for christmas I received a $10. I was told that it would be good after January 1st. I went to use it yesterday January 24th and was told it was rejected, then I was told it was no longer valid. I was never told that it had an expiration date. I wa...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / food safety

Dan 1 on Jan 25, 2019

1:00 pm Fri 25 Jan 2019 Brand new unit Lake St Louis Mo I watched the manager correct a complaint order He put the food that was on the tray brought back from the floor In the ready for service bins. He either should have let the lady keep the mistake order and given her a correct order...

Taco Bell / behavior/food prep

Jen Vance on Jan 24, 2019

Hello, I live in Columbia sc and went to the Taco Bell on Bush river or its Broad river road. First of all the girl who took my order was fabulous. But the rest of the experience with your drive through sucked. I got my food thrown at me through the window. I almost didn't get my...

Burger King / order incorrect paid for spicy chicken meal did not receive

Valeria Nicholas on Jan 24, 2019

For the first time I tried Grub Hub to order my food from Burger King 10142 S Phillips HWY Jacksonville FL [protected] order number [protected]-2816513 1 whopper Jr meal 1 Spicy Chicken Meal and a Free XL burger with the order. I did not received the Spicy Chicken meal I paid for, but...

Tim Hortons / pricing

864 on Jan 24, 2019

I have contacted this company 3 times now without getting any compensation or a resolution about the same problem. Very frustrating to say the least. Why does a store sell the same product for a different price depending on who takes your order? I know different stores can vary in pricing but...

Taco Bell / employees

Jimmy petso on Jan 24, 2019

I came through the drive thru to order a couple soft tacos and quesadillas when I order they got my order fast. But I had to wait because two of the employees (julian) and (jesse) both were on each other not focused on the task at hand. He'd work while she just followed him around like a...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / kfc chicken

Judy Haynes on Jan 23, 2019

I use to buy KFC regularly, then all of a sudden the chicken is not KFC s recipe.I can make better chicken myself. I am not sure if its just the location or if it is whomever makes and sends the coating. It is tasteless and last time I ordered it wasn't even fully breaded and was dripping...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / milkshake

Cheryl Longstreet on Jan 23, 2019

I went to Steak and Shake today to treat myself to a milk shake. I asked for a chocolate malt and was told you no longer carry them. How can a company that has "Shake" in its name and who offers "classic" milkshakes not offer a chocolate malt? (Not to mention that you offer about twenty...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / chicken

Ruth Whisler on Jan 23, 2019

We just went to the KFC on Teasley Ln in Denton, Tx. The Original recipe chicken I ordered was not that. No herbs and spices at all. No flavor . Chicken was very greasy and looked nothing like original recipe but also wasn't extra crispy. Won't go back for seconds there. Now know why the...

CK San Pablo City Laguna / lack of services

DennisBcjr on Jan 23, 2019

One cashier 8 people in line one floor manager or supervisor (helping or pretending to be helping) while in line to order manager are taking order of the people in line and writing it down in a small paper then hand it to them. Come to me while still standing behind the line he took my...