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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints | Page 7

Burger King / does not let you wait in drive thru

Kitty Fein on Jan 11, 2019

Burger King in East Boca Raton, on Federal Hwy, everytime you go there when you order they make you pull ahead into the parking lot. Thought it was a one time thing because of a rush. No its not even if no cars are behind you they make you pull into the parking lot for someone to carry...

McDonald's / arch card

Thomas Rockwell on Jan 10, 2019

I bought two $10 arch cards and one of them was not activated. I went back to the restaurant where I bought them and was told that if I did not have the activation receipt that there was nothing they could do. Makes no sense at all since they did not activate it properly and I do not have...

Burger King / accuracy of orders

Burger King Sucks on Jan 10, 2019

1/10/19 manager was working drive thru and took order. One of his employees packed meal, but forgot whopper. Had to drive back to retrieve. No apologies or anything offered in return for inconvenience. Employees don't seem to care, take their jobs seriously, and incapable of double...

Del Taco / danger in parking-lot.

Ralph M. Miller on Jan 10, 2019

Del TacoAt the Del Taco at: 2900 Westminster Ave Seal Beach, California 90740 [protected] There is a damaged concrete parking stop near the store entrance. It has a length of rebar protruding about 12" long. I tripped on it this morning, and it was very painful. Please see that this is corrected...

McDonald's / overall customer service (drive thru)

Debra Dickey on Jan 9, 2019

McDonald's1-8-19 at 5:04 pm KS#13 Order 32 I placed my order through the drive thru. I ordered and pulled up to pay. They said you have two cokes. I said no I ordered... (repeated my order back). The person at the window seemed like they were trying to figure it out. It took awhile then they...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / product pricing on menu board was different than what the restaurant charged me!

Kirk Luther on Jan 9, 2019

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]Taco Bell 033415 555 Dacula Road Dacula, GA 30019 [protected] This involves KFC Date: 1-8-2019 Went to KFC at night to order some food to go. I checked the posted menu in the restaurant and the menu specific showed the following: K2 Meal Breast & Wing Combo - $6.99 - See photo of the...

Burger King / customer service

cptman57 on Jan 9, 2019

at 8:07 my wife and I went to your location at the corner of austell rd and hurt rd in marietta georgia and we both are senior citizens, as we took the trouble to park and make our way to the door for a dine in dinner the door was locked and we looked at the sign on the wall beside the...

Burger King / cold food/ long wait

Mike Metz on Jan 8, 2019

This will be my third attempt at getting a response from Burger King. On December 20, 2018 I used the drive thru at 353 South Kennedy in Bradley Illinois. I arrived shortly before 12:44 pm (I know this because a radio announcer had just mentioned the time) I ordered a sandwich and waited...

Hardees / my paycheck

Godsplan18 on Jan 8, 2019

I started work at Hardees in Piedmont, SC on December 2nd 2018. Been waiting on my paycheck. They have not paid me. I've talked to GM dm. They promised I would have it by this past Friday. If they had to personally pay me in cash. I couldn't buy my kids Christmas. My phone was cut off. And...

A&W Restaurants#0625, 967 Venture Way, Gibson's. B.C., Canada V0N-1V7 / staff and food condition

Wayne M. on Jan 8, 2019

On assignment out of town so I decided to eat at A&W for breakfast and some dinners due to your product has no chemicals, etc. (per advertising). Go I for breakfast and staff, SUMAN, sitting on food prep station on her cell phone. Saw me got off. I said 'Good Morning"and no smile just...

Burger King / rude store manager, woodbridge mall new jersey

Nana Boakye on Jan 7, 2019

This afternoon 1/7/2019 I went to the Burger King restaurant in Woodbridge Mall in New Jersey.. After I ordered Original chicken sandwich with French fries, I insisted on getting French fries that was hot and not stale and also without salt because of my health condition - I am...

Sonic Drive-In / two double cheeseburgers 11.89

Jackson on Jan 7, 2019

I have never, visited a sonic before. I have a colleague, that raved about your double cheese burger, and shared that there is one close to my home, so sunday 01/06/2019 sunday night. I craved a good cheese burger. So I put a baseball cap on and schlepped out the house, for great burger on...

McDonald's / inside walk up order machine

Startware on Jan 7, 2019

McDonald'sI have asked over and over to NOT have to use this machine that is a headache. Look if I am making the effort to come inside then why can't someone make to effort to greet me, take my order, money and be done. If I find a person at the counter I am gonna go there 1st. I like the...

McDonald's / service

Tammy Roberson Edwards on Jan 7, 2019

I go to McDonald's in Blackshear, Ga and order 6 biscuits and 2 buritos. I ask for jelly and the girl gives me 2 packs. I asked for more and the girl gives me attitude and hands me 2 more. Now I'm no genius but there's no way 2 packs going to be enough for all those biscuits and burito...

Taco Bell / terrible service and no products available

Douglas Chaney on Jan 6, 2019

I arrived at the Taco Bell on 6JAN19 at 8 pm hoping to try the new burritos advertised on tv all last week. I decided to get a new burrito box. I sat at the speaker for several minutes waiting for someone to respond. I said hello numerous times with no response. Two more cars pull up...

HMSHost / cafe latte and pastry

Jeanne Russell on Jan 6, 2019

At the La Madeleine, I just had the worst Cafe Latte that I have ever tasted in my life. Was made from coffee that tasted like burned cigarettes and awful coffee creamer - was definitely NOT made with milk. The apple turnover was worse than a greasy fried apple pie at McDonald's. The...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] Norwalk CT / kfc quality of food.

[email protected] on Jan 6, 2019

Went to KFC last night for the first time in months and was very disappointed. It was so greasy I had to wipe my hands each time I picked it up. Very unappetizing and left me with an upset stomach all night. Aside from that, the attendant at the window was not very friendly and I wasn't...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service at honer adams alton and web site

John E. Rauber on Jan 5, 2019

The Homer Adams location seated us and then serviced other tables after us and did not even acknowledge we were there. After waiting over 15 minutes and observing the waitress go to the table next to us and take their order and not even ask us for a drink order we left. We are very...

Red Rooster Wilsonton / the manager at wilsonton red rooster

Ethan Shipman on Jan 5, 2019

I went to red rooster wilsonton ordered a Flava wrap large meal add bacon they didn't wrap my wrap properly I drive my car half hour home to find out when I unwrap it and my tomato is hanging out the tomato wasn't fresh actually made me sick. I was not happy with their service the manager...

Burger King / service, not receiving product ordered

Doug Levangie on Jan 4, 2019

First time to a Burger King. New Burger King opened in Bradford, Ontario. Saw advertisement for a Bacon King and thought I would try it. Go to drive through, two cars ahead of me, yet I sit for 5 minutes waiting for someone to acknowledge me on the speaker. Order the Bacon King and get an...