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Flooring Installation Complaints

Empire Today / installation complaint on 2/5/19

Swans on Feb 12, 2019

I called the customer service number one week ago on february 5th and spoke with someone named "liz" who said she would have someone contact me regarding complaints on my installation. I called back today and spoke with "jasmin" who said there were no notations of my call. I have been...

Home Box Office [HBO] / amanda seales

Scotty Irish on Feb 10, 2019

My wife and I just watched Amanda Seale's "I be knowin" and, "WOW", I never saw a more racist and racially charged diatribe on television since watching: Nazis, A warning from History. Boy, she really hates "white" people, especially "white" woman. My wife, half Venezuelan, half Chinese...

Pergo / laminate flooring buckling

GLAguirre on Feb 7, 2019

We bought Pergo Laminate flooring about 2 years ago, in October of last year, and we noticed there was an area where the flooring edges were buckling. We notified the store where we bought the flooring and we submitted a complaint to December 2018 the inspector finally came out to...

Shaw Flooring / laminate flooring

Grannie Annie on Feb 7, 2019

Shaw FlooringSince right after we built our home 5 years ago I had issues The first issue was before we closed on the house Shaw said there had to be things installed wherever there was a door and the builder cut the floor and installed such so we would be covered under the Shaw warranty Then shortly...

Empire Today / installers broke toilet while putting in back in & won’t replace it.

Zanya Miller on Feb 2, 2019

I had tile floors in 3 rooms, they put ceramic tiles in my guest bathroom. Two installers were Spanish and while one gentleman did not speak a word of English and the second spoke very limited English. Without my knowledge they removed the toilet to place tile under but implored me to go...

Home Depot / flooring install - breach of agreement

Cbad on Jan 30, 2019

Hello, I purchased tile flooring from the Keller store. Measure 10/09/2018, Paid and signed agreement 10/12, pulled floor up Nov 1st. That is the last time anything got done. My house has been torn up for just under 3 months. I have been sleeping on the floor. I have taken off work 3...

SCS / carpet not delivered in time

D.M92 on Jan 26, 2019

Ordered a carpet on 26th December 2018 from this shop in Wednesbury. Paid all the cost upfront and was booked to have the carpet fitted on the 15th of January 2019. I got a call from the shop a day or two before saying that the manufacturer cannot get the carpet in time and they advised...

Faith Flooring / hardwood floor installation

Maryann Barth on Jan 26, 2019

The company used 'old' sand disks that left 'circles' in the wood; the seams of the floor boards are 'coming up'; the finish work was incomplete and 'sloppy'; and some of the hard wood flooring is buckling. Workmanship and materials used are very poor quality and we will need to have our...

National Floors Direct / carpeting done on my stairs.

M.V. Johnson on Jan 25, 2019

National Floors DirectCarpet installation 11/17/2018. December 2018 contacted them about carpet fraying at seams. Sent them pics as requested. Received a call after sending numerous emails and was told the approved the repairs and I would be contacted for them to come and repair. They want be to sign a...

Empire Today / service, sales, flooring

Anderson Family on Jan 24, 2019

So much deceit from the $50/room price advertising to the overly friendly and pushing salesman. I can't understand how a company can or would want to keep a $1000 from someone when they did absolutely nothing. I am a medically retired disabled veteran and the money we have is not something...

Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers / floor installation

A Leslie Morrow on Jan 22, 2019

We had a Cali Bamboo floor installation Nov 12 - 14. After inspection, here are the issues: The major problem in the living room is that the floor is uneven and buckled near the sliding glass door. It looks like there might have been damage to the sub-floor when the old flooring wa...

National Floors Direct / unprofessional company, terrible installers, rip off company

Moe1551 on Jan 20, 2019

I waited over two weeks to have my floor install and when the installers showed up they told me a certain section of my room was not covered in the quote and got me quite upset. After calling the company they informed the installers that I had paid for the section to be done in my quote...

Home Depot / laying of flooring

Lesley Henage on Jan 17, 2019

We bought flooring from home depot (hd) and arranged for their contractors to lay it in 3 bathrooms. Whilst laying the flooring they severed a water pipe ($1000 to fix - we had to find a plumber and plasterer) the company promised to pay that as soon as we sent them these invoices the next...

Empire Today / floor

Farooq Syed on Jan 16, 2019

Empire TodayI have an incomplete Flooring job. Job Site: 2674 Tamalpias Dr. Pinole, CA 94564 Job: Install Tiles in Kitchen, Family Room, Hallway, Laundry Room, Bathroom. Install Laminate in One Bedroom. Clean and leveled floor was provided. Complaint: 1) Transition strips are missing. 2) Wrong Color...

SCS / sofa floor carpet

Stephen frisby on Jan 14, 2019

SCSMy complaint is attached via the photos However since I have lodged this complaint I still do not have my wood flooring finished either Their was not enough beading ordered to finish the job which was supposed to be complete before Christmas so the fitter was unable to finish the job More...

AARP Services / unethical behavior

Barbara Lowry on Jan 7, 2019

They are con artists!! First they tried to tell me because they had to move my plumbing that they had to do a custom shower. Then the boss called and told him he had to add a $1000 increase to the contract after I already signed the contract and I only signed it because they guaranteed me...

Reward Zone USA / I unsubscribe from this email and keep getting emails could you please make them stop

Steve Lega on Jan 6, 2019

I unsubscribe from this email and keep getting emails could you please make them stopThese emails are very annoying I wish to no longer receive them I don't know how many times I have to unsubscribe but could you please look into it and see what you can do about it every time I try to get...

Home Depot / flooring

Ddlst on Jan 4, 2019

Home DepotI've already called in a complaint but wanted to also submit it in writing. I purchased flooring to be installed, when the installers came they tore up over 1/2 my flooring then complained there was mold and the floor was wet (there was no mold and the floor was dry) They left my...

Empire Carpets / carpeting

Vince Durso on Jan 1, 2019

I purchased over 8500 dollars worth of carpet from Empire in New Jersey. The salesperson was a bold faced liar. They showed up late to my house and didn't bring enough carpet. Not one person in the group could speak English. They were there till late that night to finish the install. The...

American Eagle Outfitters / service complaint

Nisha Rachel Alex on Dec 27, 2018

The incident happened on 26th Dec, 2018 in the outlet in Marina Mall, Kuwait. I went for shopping as there was a sale of 50% off. Due to rush or whatsoever the shop was crowded and the ply wood in the shop was off the screw. It fell on my leg and i came out without complaining though an...