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Hospitals & Clinics Complaints

Peachford Hospital / Communication /Over Medicating

Sharon Firestone on Feb 18, 2019

My daughter was transferred to this "facility " Saturday on a 72 hold for trying to hurt herself. I drove from Cleveland where she has a mental health protocol to take her back to get treatment. They are refusing to release her to my care and I am a licensed health professional. She is an...

Stanford Health Care / id photos

thi nguyen on Feb 15, 2019

I went into today to get my ID photo taken. The male sitting on the right on the room closest to the door presented poor customer service. I stood outside at the waiting line for about 3 minutes to be called in, however he was not aware I was there until I popped my head in and asked me...

Cartersville Medical Center / employees

Jamie Baker Jolly on Feb 15, 2019

My husband was a patient this past week at this hospital the nurse staff on 2nd floor was the rudest most unhelpful people I've ever encountered in a hospital. We call today Friday 2-15-19 around 830am and speak to a Laura in administration and this lady is just as rude and unhelpful a...

AFC Urgent Care Throggs Neck / horrible/inappropriate behavior

Erica Greene on Feb 12, 2019

Hello, I am writing this complaint to advise or inform you of my recent experience which occurred on friday, february 8, 2019. The incident took place at the afc urgent care throggs neck facility (843 hutchinson river parkway) at approximately 3:36 pm. I must mention that I am an asthmatic and...

Paragon Contracting Services, LLC / lie about payment due

mooser02 on Feb 11, 2019

I received a bill in Dec. 2018 stating I owed $56.75 from an emergency room visit from March 2017. I called Paragon Contracting service, llc (the number on the bill) on Jan 3 and questioned the balance. The rep (Devin) stated that my insurance reviewed the bill and stated I owed the...

Clicks Retailers / inefficient staff

Nirupa baboothilall on Feb 9, 2019

Clicks vangate mall has to be the worst branch in the history of mankind. The pharmacist do not load scripts properly. If you do not make a copy of the script you are screwed. I have experienced more than once. Whenever you need to call upon the previous consultant that assisted you. That...

Zulekha Hospital / accessibility and customer response

Syed Sajjad ahmed on Feb 9, 2019

Dear zuleikha hospital management, I want to raise serious issues which is actually not seen or even over-looked by higher management which are as follows: 1. Drop-off area for parking: The drop off parking area is extremely congested due to the traffic mismanagement which creates chao...

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Novena / extreme service lapse, insensitive staffs

Frustrating Patient on Feb 6, 2019

Very bad experience with them. Insensitive to patient's situation, haywire billing and did not give me what I am supposed to get. I opt for c sec maternity package but I am not even given any of the items in the package. Simplest thing such as confinement food are not provided, no post...

Aster Medical Centre / doctor timings

Nayyar arjumand on Feb 6, 2019

I had a miscarriage. My Dr referred to radiologist. I went to burdubai after on Monday as well as Wednesday. Despite she is only working for 2 hours she has got conferences on both times in these 2 hours. I work on shift and tomorrow is my last day of approval. It's really inconvenient for...

Teledoc / contact back to customer is very slow. not even worth it.

carrie933 on Feb 5, 2019

Both my insurance and my husband's participate now with teledoc. So recently, I decided to try them. I was so not impressed. It took them 5 business days (7 if you count the weekends — I put in a request for my son on a saturday.) by the time they contacted me with a phone call the following...

Aster Medical Centre / service

Harihara Subramanian on Feb 5, 2019

I have waited at ur desk for morethan 2hours for sick certificate. After 1 hour i asked receptionist and he replied me that he dis not get time to apply for it. And 2 hours later he is telling me to come in the evening to collect it. Am i a guest or a patient. I am getting sick cert to...

Concentra United Healthcare / refused service, being accused, lied to me, and discriminated

mihan zaman on Feb 3, 2019

After talking to the united health care's 24 hrs nurses help line at [protected], I was told to go to urgent care. I drove to a facility nearest my home, but it was closed. So, I called back and they suggested me to go to another facility or nearest er. Finally, I drove to the said...

Geisinger Health System / overcharged for a colonoscopy

Kevin Lynaugh on Feb 2, 2019

Geisinger Medical center of 100 North Academy Ave. Danville PA 17822 ; [protected] email: [email protected] performed a prelininary exam and recommended a colonoscopy. Client record number [protected] General Exam, Outpatient services charged 8/03/2018 at $147.00 recommended a...

Aster Medical Centre / checking the patient without token sequence


Hi, My name is Muhammad Aman, Right now I am in Aster Beauty clinic for check up, last week i have called for booking an appointment for Dr K. Blachandran on saturday they said on saturday is only for walk ins so I cam today at before 1pm then they give me token number W127 and on that...

Arwyp Medical Centre / bad service

Lee Bouwer on Jan 29, 2019

I brought my daughter (Peyton Kiara Bouwer) in on Saturday 26 January 2019, she had blood shot tonsils now there were 3 doctors on stand by its not Dr brown or the male Dr it was the other female Dr. She came and checked my daughter said it's tonsillitis and she will give her a antibiotic...

Froedtert Hospital / Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin / quality of care

Skippy G on Jan 26, 2019

I have been dealing with abdominal issues and constant pain for many months and keep getting referred from Dr to Dr and department to department to get NO answers and feel like I just keep getting "pawned" off to somebody else or another department or something. Do some tests and tell me...

Quest Diagnostics / glucose test

Rosangela Desarden on Jan 26, 2019

I made a appointment two weeks before January 26 2019 online at the 1700 S Lucerne Terrace, Orlando, FL 32806 location. For 7:15am I've arrived at 7am. So when they called me in they immediately said We can't do the test we close at 11AM I was furious! Because that's the reason of making...

Memphis VA Hospital / emergency room

LeNard 76 on Jan 26, 2019

I was taken by ambulance to the BABYGIRL emergency room, and the nurse whose last name is Sullivan was the most rudest person I've ever met. She kept calling me by the wrong name even after I corrected her, and when I complained of chest pain she literally yelled at me and said that my...

LabCorp / Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings / customer service, professionalism, discriminatory, rude, and standard of care

Deborah Hughes on Jan 25, 2019

This LabCorp is located on S. State Street in Dover, DE 19901 First incidence was arrival at 3:15 p.m. Jan 17, 2019 according to website office hours are until 5 p.m. Upon arrival no one was at the desk... My 22 year old recent C.N.A. graduate and State Licensed daughter was there for... / health care provider

Krissy Oster on Jan 23, 2019

Luke-Dorf.orgLuke - violated HIPPA ACT AND ETHICS request people leave b-day on VM, a hippa act violation. Jeanne Marie Ritter refused to admit that she is a licensed, her biz card states her name follwed by ( M. Ed/Ed. S. ) On the phone todsy she refused at admit she is licensed & stated she i...