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Landline & Home Phone Providers Complaints

CenturyLink / phone & internet service

beaconmountain on Feb 8, 2019

We are having an ongoing problem with our CenturyLink service in Pueblo. In October of 2017, our Internet and telephone line went dead because CenturyLink mistakenly re-routed our line to a completely unrelated building in a different part of town. We did not have service for over a...

Maple Call Inc. / long distance call services

Jian Lei on Feb 4, 2019

I have never heard maple call inc. Until I received an invoice of $10.18 today. I have never been a customer of, or had anything to do with maple call inc. This invoice contains my private account information from another long distance service company necc telecom to which I am a customer...

Necc Telecom alias Maple Call / unethical transfer account from necc to maple

John Mathiew on Feb 4, 2019

I called NECC at [protected] and their message system says that "we are out of business, we are sorry" but they don't mention anything about being bought by Maple Call Inc. My invoice is for International Discount Fee of $4.99 and for Operational charge of $2.99. Before any payments request...

Maple Call Inc / toronto, ontario, m5w5m5

Irene Berman on Feb 3, 2019

I have never been a customer of maple call in. Just received an invoice from them for $16.00, somebody called me during last week and told that necc which was my long distance company went out of business and they are taking over their customers and I clearly stated "no". The charges on...

Cox Communications / poor telephone technical support

Elliot Tung on Jan 30, 2019

On 1/3/2019 I went to the cox store in chula vista and requested to have a cox bundle installed at my home. At that time I also put in a request to have my current telephone number ported from att to cox. On 1/19/19 the bundle was installed except the telephone number was not transferred...

Absolute Home / telkom line that never worked

Sithokoziso on Jan 29, 2019

My name is Ms Janet Mkize of the above address, I was provided with a telephone line at home in September 2017, the line in question never worked from day 1 till today. I went nd reported the mater to Telkom Bluff Branch, Durban in December... my problem never got sorted as they only gave...

Vonage Holdings Corporation / worst voip provider available

Steven C69 on Jan 15, 2019

This company should not be in business and anyone that signs up for this lousy service is in for a miserable experience. I tried this VOIP provider and the service never worked so I subsequently cancelled. Its representatives will threaten you with early termination fees and whatever it...

Telkom SA SOC / failure to fix fault on landline and adsl

Seshree Chetty on Jan 15, 2019

The problem with my phone and internet started on the 18th of Dec 2018. I have phoned 10210 many times, still there is nothing being done. At the moment my land line and internet is non functional. I have been In store today and I am being given the run around. Many of the call centre...

Etisalat / internet service at home

Amanda Bout Fernandes on Jan 15, 2019

On 9th January we had requested upgrade of our home router, we were told it would be connected in 2 hours. Its been almost 1 week, we have made more than 20 calls to etisalat and visited the business centre 4 times and the response is the same ' we are working on it' I cannot imagine it...

Windstream Communications / over charge upon disconection

patmath on Jan 12, 2019

to whom it may concern: i have been a faithful customer with windstream since 2002. i was moving so i called the company to have my service disconected. i told them i was leaving beween december 23 -31st. so turn off at end of month. No one explained that i would be charged another month...

Comwave Networks / end of term cancellation

Large on Jan 1, 2019

Do not use Comwave! I signed up for phone service on a three year term and at that time told the customer service rep I only needed it for that period. They violate the Consumer Protection Act by inserting a clause (like negative billing) stating the term automatically renews for another...

C S Orton / no service

Tina Orton on Dec 27, 2018

I phoned Telkom on the 6/12 to report that the wind blew my telkom line ([protected]) off my roof. Promised it will be seen to. Got a reference number 18/1206 995 which I later learned does not exist. I phoned again on the 11/12 and got another reference number 18/12/11 2694 as well as an...

Bell MTS Canada / complaint

toddv21 on Dec 21, 2018

All my neighbors have bell fiber and bell declines me. I had a service technician come out and said I need a new phone line and he made calls for me to get approved for fiber and got approved for spring. He called me and said if I want it quicker I can pay to make the fiber access under...

Assurance Wireless / phone not working properly

james S. Jacobs on Dec 17, 2018

Hello, my name is James S. Jacobs and I've been having a really hard time getting another phone because my phone dose not work properly... I have called customer service on many occasions but with no avail and I have even tried to reset the phone with #72786# many times and nothing help...

Singtel / singtel fibre installation and mio tv

LOWE Lowe on Dec 17, 2018

From 16 Nov 2018, I managed to contact Singtel customer officer for scheduling appointment for relocation of my singtel line and MIO TV devices to my new BTO flat in Tampines. I strongly emphasis on data point connection for 3 sets computer which Singtel installation team must ensure on...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / billing

BeBe Rica on Dec 14, 2018

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT]I keep receiving regular emails regarding billing matters from PLDT for account #[protected]. This is not my account. I have no account nor have I ever had an account with PLDT. On Nov 21, 2018 I communicated my concerns about this with PLDT representatives via Facebook and thought the...

Telkom SA SOC / service cancellation query

MarietVisser on Dec 12, 2018

Telkom SA SOCI canceled my Telkom landline in June 2018. The number [protected]. I used to rent the place where this line was held, I moved out at the start of July 2018. Thus I have no use for this line, and there are new tenants in there. I tried cancelling online, but there was no cancellation button...

Etisalat / closing down the account etisalat dubai, uae, [protected], dumitru valentin dumangiu

Dumitru Valentin Dumangiu on Dec 11, 2018

EtisalatBefore leaving Dubai, UAE, to relocate our self in our country, Romania, we have tried to close down the Etisalat account. The 1st request was on 22nd October 2018, [protected] . On 29th October 2018 the account was still opened, again we have received a new number: [protected] Seems on 6th...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom small business phone line

aspirefinsg on Dec 10, 2018

We logged a call with your call centre that our phone line was dead on the 3rd of Dec and was allocated a Ref Number: 10CRI031218. The phone is not working and the internet line is unstable. They promised to send a technician but to no avail. No one seems to be accountable or willing to...

AT&T / at&t/directv package unethical behavior

atusa on Dec 7, 2018

i am tired of calling these two companies to solve the problem. they don't answer, disconnect, you wait for hours on the phone and when you talk to someone not more than 15 minutes, they disconnect in the middle of the call. reps now are aggressive some from far east which mostly do not...