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Landlords Complaints | Page 8

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. / safety of residency with felony criminals living here who have assaulted a resident

aubry B on Jul 11, 2017

Equity Lifestyle Properties INC (ELS) is allowing felony criminals to live in the meadows mobile home park next door to their victim they have assaulted twice in the past three months and arrested for. The victim is a long time resident of the park and the felony criminals under one...

Greystar / no follow up to complaints put in

Concerned4Real on Jul 11, 2017

GreystarThis company is doing the "least" they can to save a buck. There are so many issues within the company that putting in a complaint is not going to go very far. They will do nothing at all or do as very little as possible. The company is Greystar which owns properties throughout the State...

Waypoint Homes / a/c untimely service

C.Taylor34 on Jul 9, 2017

Waypoint stated emergency a/c service within 24 hrs as it is 90 degrees within the home. They were provided with local vendor willing to do the job at with no overtime price etc. They chose to let us go without in order to use their third party vendors who would not be available for two...

Waypoint Homes / customer service

Rphodge79 on Jul 5, 2017

Today I found out my girlfriend got money orders instead of putting the money in my account. I deposited one money order in the bank and they put a hold on it so I called the office and explained that I was coming back from mississippi and couldn't make it into the office untill 6:20 pm...

Lobos Management Pittsburgh / Landlord of lobos sobol

user1666781 on Jul 1, 2017

Today we got great new from the renters association against landlords they called us to Day on a Saturday, they are helping us out to put an ends to sobols slumlord ways they are going to meet with us Monday first they are talking to the health a zone code department we are like yes !and...

Lobos Reality Pittsburgh PA / being attacked on lobos property and landlord retaliated

user1666781 on Jun 22, 2017

My name is Christine chew I was staying with my husband at the Birmingham apartments in north Versailles, on may 2 2017 I was attacked from behind, because people were leaving the entry way doors propped open because they would let the drug dealers in 24/7 and homeless people would sleep...

Ashford Retreat/Radco Properties / scam, ripoff, lies

O f on Jun 22, 2017

This place is the worse! They have 3 leasing agents but the phones ring off the hook. My daughter has never been able to get through by calling them. Only when they call her. I have been hearing from friends they would've never rented from a radco property. Being that i'm not from ga I had...

Waypoint Homes / rental property

MThorndike on Jun 22, 2017

We were relocated from another state to GA for my husbands job last June and had to rent via the internet. We did have animals and we gladly and promptly paid all deposits and rent including a $750.00 non refundable pet deposit for our three dogs (all kennel trained and kennel kept when no...

Lobos Management Reality Pittsburgh PA / unfair treatment liability of a slumlord

How a bout it on Jun 21, 2017

Lobos Management Reality Pittsburgh PAlobos reality located in Pittsburgh pa ! Before you even think about renting from them read and will be shocked and sickened, sobol of lobos reality is basically a bully, and doesn't take any responsibility for things that happen on his properties, he simply doesn't...

NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) / my mother's bathroom wall was broken open in a emergency leak

Lorraine kenner on Jun 20, 2017

Incident happened on 5/20/17 in the evening. Ms. Laverne Kenner, at Monroe Houses in the Bronx, apt 6F, My mother's bathroom wall was broken open in a emergency leak situation a month ago and they never came back to repair the wall just covered hole with plastic and duck tape. Now we are...

Burger King / front counter

psnowball on Jun 19, 2017

Have visited bk on crill ave, palatka, and starke, fl, while slow and focused on drive thru first, good food and very nice service on my inside visits this past week, on way back from business trip, dropped in to bk at 8:00 am june 19, to bk 1164 n. St. Augustine rd, valdosta, ga 31601. Think...

Monagram Trust Residential / harassment, intimidation, and discrimination toward low income and disabled residents

Annoyomous on Jun 18, 2017

Ongoing retaliation and intimidating threats toward low income disabled tenant for complaining about noise and other lease violations from a neighbor. Management says my complaints are invalid even though they are well documented and evidenced based (pics, emails, recordings of ongoing...

Motel 6 / we was an hour past check out and they put my stuff in dumpster. we never received phone call asking if we was coming back

Keith Mcmaster on Jun 17, 2017

We had to Tempur-Pedic pillows we never seen again. I had probably 25 or $30 in small bills and loose change which I understand it's my fault for leaving it in there that's missing. We never received a phone call asking if we were coming back to pay our bill when my wife called and told...

Waypoint Homes / the company as a whole are scam artists

SuperMom88 on Jun 16, 2017

I submitted an application for a property through Waypoint Homes. With the application I attached copies of my, US Driver License, Social Security Card, a Recommendation Letter from one of my creditors and the last two paystubs for the verification of employment. Received a call on a...

Lobos Reality Owner / Sobol / Rubenoff / apartment and lease handling/making slumlords own up to responsibility lobos reality/

How a bout it on Jun 16, 2017

Don't ever let your wife daughter mother sister aunt, rent from lobos reality.actullay anyone, they make you think you have a great apartment with there lies, the black mold in there apartments is astounding, even when it was reported in 2010 and now is 2017 and it's still going...

Morgan Properties / unprofessional, poor customers service

Fredricka on Jun 12, 2017

Hello my name is Fredricka and I lived in Parke Laurel 2014 and I am dealing with a mistake on Morgan Properties side with them putting wrong information on my rental history jeopardizing me trying to rent or buy a house. I have been dealing with this for several years and have contacted...

Morgan Properties / the glens in windsor mill md management liars, unprofessional staff in office, utility ripoffs.

Adriane Waddell on Jun 12, 2017

Do not rent from these people> the staff person that helped me when I came was professional and very courteous. Since then my experiences have been horrible. I was charged for a month to month lease which I never agreed to. The office staff has lied about it month after month and agreed to...

Waypoint Homes / the service and everything else about them

em25 on Jun 12, 2017

I lived in one of their houses in Florida. first I had an issue with something I will not put on this for other reasons. Which might I say they took longer then they should have and they knew it. Every time I called and asked for a supervisor they would tell me that the supervisor was on...

Waypoint Homes / nuisance/ excessive noise by waypoint homes' tenants - too many people at a 2 bedroom house

loud neighbors on Jun 11, 2017

i want to report this issue/nuisance i am having with current tenants from 160 Shari Ct in vallejo, first of all the house is too small its only 2 bedrooms and looks like 10 people or more live there at all times. secondly they argue very loudly very often disrupt the neighbors looks like thi...

Fraud by House Owner / owner cheated - water bill - every month

manish2611 on Jun 10, 2017

Fraud by House OwnerHi, We are staying as tenant in one house paying enough money for rent 12k .There is total 5 tenants + 1 Owner = 6 house in building. Every month sufficient water coming from kaveri around 70000 .If we divide the 70000/(30*6) = 400 per liter/house/day which is coming on calculation. But owner...