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Lawyers and Attorneys Complaints

Morgan & Morgan / legal services

Southpawyahoo on Feb 17, 2019

These guys really created a "sweet deal" for themselves - at our expense. They tool all my information back in August, made me FEEL as if they cared about my situation, and then they told me that they will "refer" my case to another office that they are affiliated with (i.e. they get a...

GetDivorcePapers / divorce papers

David Passmore on Feb 16, 2019

I completed the divorce paper interview, but was notified papers were complete but they sent completed documents for legal separation and when I contacted them I was told I completed incorrect form, which was not true but they refused to anything unless I paid an additional 100.00, so I...

Rocket Lawyer / unethical practices

Goldman & Fine Group on Feb 14, 2019

Signed up for Rocket Lawyer for their free trial and had to give them credit card details which is a scam to make sure they can charge you. I used 2 or 3 documents, then tried to cancel. Cancellation didn't work, so they continued to take the money, without reminding me that the free...

ABI / fund unclaimed

Scosic Ngema on Feb 10, 2019

Good day I trust that you all well after long consideration and being sent from pillar to post hope this mail finds the correct department as I am one of your fund ex members working I used to work for Abi my name Scosic Ngema identity number is [protected] I was hired on 02/09/1982 and...

Gail C. Flake, corrupt bribed judge, Dekalb County Court, GA / remove gail flake from the judiciary system

NaziClarenceSeeliger on Feb 2, 2019

Since 1999 to present, there are immense of verified publications from the valid sources (like about the Dekalb County Superior Judge Gail C. Flake's amoral nature, her money laundry, documented corruptions, bad faith, her own appearances in the court of law as a defendant...

Scott McMillan Academy of Law La Mesa / legal and educational services scott mcmillan san diego attorney

McMillanLawFirmLaMesa on Feb 1, 2019

Scott McMillan Academy of Law La MesaScott McMillan San Diego attorney sued the San Diego Sheriff over its Facebook account, filed a request for preliminary injunctive relief but was DENIED as moot. (Karras v. Gore (S.D. Cal. Jan. 5, 2015, No. 14CV2564 BEN (KSC). Ultimately, the attorney received only a $20 settlement. The...

Chalos & Co P.C / debt collector, extortion, and harassment

Angry Gatsby on Jan 29, 2019

It's about time someone brought this pig to justice! The complaint, dated August 24, 2018, says Chalos gave "a lengthy, erotic story that she had no wish to receive." The complaint allegedly indicates the harassment continued for more than a year and that Chalos "repeatedly approached the victim...

Joe Young Law / terrible service

Bruce Bookbinder on Jan 27, 2019

If you want to destroy your life, hire Joe Young. He is a compulsive liar who has no concern regarding the outcome of your case but cannot grab your money fast enough. I honestly believe he shaves his head because he identifies with skinhead beliefs. He certainly has no conscience. He...

TLT Attorneys / someone rescue us - gross neglect & abuse: over failure to register property in 13 months

ketsia on Jan 15, 2019

Shona Feasey conveyancer from TLT Attorneys started process to transfer property in December 2017 and in January 2019 (13 months) it is still not transferred. We complied with all the requirements but still we are stuck. Bills, property rates, levies and costs are piling up and Lawyer...

Burkey, Burkey & Scher Co., LPA / real estate law

Ronald Ellis on Jan 14, 2019

I had Robert F. Burkey as my personal trust lawyer. He also engages in other areas of law. I discovered for myself that Mr. Burkey does not put the desires and needs of his personal clients as his number one priority. If there are larger and more powerful constituents involved in your...

Doug Graham / website failure

Douglas Graham on Jan 9, 2019

I was sitting at jackpot sit and go. Your site would not let me sit down. Ran thru it twice. Everything else was working. 1/09/2019. Email is [email protected] It was only $2 but that's not the point. Ive had a couple other issues in the past but didn't bother reporting them. Hope...

Cleveland Clinic / cleveland clinic weston fl chemo room

Felix Santos on Jan 7, 2019

Employees are being retaliated against by the nurse manager "Angie" and no one seems to care. Human Resources is passing the buck around. It's ok, when attorneys get involved for HOSTILE WORK environment and other violations, MAYBE Cleveland Clinic and the HR employees will start to do...

PM Law Offices Professional Group / billing for legal services

sanrenee1 on Dec 30, 2018

In August 2018, a friend and I received a fishing violation citation which we both did not contest, and contacted PM Law to represent us in Canadian court because we were both US citizens. I initially contacted the law firm through my legal insurance group, and then agreed to a suggestion...

Rahul Manchanda - Manchanda Law Office - Fake Attorney/Insane Criminal / scam, ripoff, mentally insane, pedophile, pervert, do not engage

KBose on Dec 28, 2018

Beware the suspected prostitute peddler, serial woman abuser, and attempted murderer, Rahul Manchanda. He was caught trying to lure my son into his bed when I tried to hire him as an immigration attorney. He then threatened to deport me and more when I complained. That's when I searched the...

Transunion / bad company and service

Zach Venter on Dec 20, 2018

In October documentations was sent to TransUnion to remove judgement and an email reply said they are working on it, time goes by no feedback, then contacted them and they say they need a document said that the account is paid in full before they can an email confirming the...

Starbucks / hot coffee - white choc

Deborah Manning on Dec 17, 2018

StarbucksWe grab four coffees Saturday morning at our local Starbucks at the Colonies in Upland, CA to take on a little road trip over the weekend up to Ventura. My husband was enjoying his coffee with the lid off and near the end of his coffee choked on something. He couldn't see anything while...

Dallas BBQ / client injured

Nancy Mal on Dec 17, 2018

On the evening of [date removed] our client, [name removed], was injured at the premises of 1265 Third Avenue. Please contact our office with direct information regarding your complaint department so that we may provide a letter of representation to the Dallas BBQ corporate office. You may...

The Cape Law Society / raf claim for my son, (12 years later) still waiting

lanagreybe on Dec 14, 2018

My son had a accident when he was 7years old. Now turning 19. an attorney has processed and finalized all paperwork and has sent in according to him an amount which cannot be DISCLOSED TO ME to me even after asking numerous times. He now says that THE RAF IS THE DELAY, when all paperwork...

DG Services / demanding money again and again

apsika on Dec 14, 2018

Sir a company name dg services that is a form lature maharasta is a form filling company I saw on august 3rrd of 2018 with their conditions and they assigned me 3000 forms for filling work for 15 days of time on that time they taken my id proof. I fail to submitted my work in...

Eric L. Pazner / attorney

Slynn8791 on Dec 12, 2018

Do not hire this attorney. He is rude obnoxious, has a bigggg ego. He comes in late by to court. He flirts with other female lawyers right in front of his clients, cause probably slept with them all. He humiliated and made fun of me and shared my confidential and very personal text...