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Loans Complaints

David Raese [email protected] (209) 499-4263 - Modesto CA / mortgage modesto ca

Jenmodesto on Feb 16, 2019

David Raese said he had our buyers qualified for a USDA loan then days before our scheduled closing, David Raese cam back and said they did not qualify and said they made too much money to qualify. David gave them an "opportunity to save their dream home" by taking a loan that wa...

Cenlar / assumptions department

Christian Natale on Feb 16, 2019

I have been trying to assume my home loan following my divorce. I started the process in late August 2018 and as of February 16, 2019 have been unable to complete the assumption. I will admit that I left out a few items from the information I was supposed to send the first time I sent the...

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad / pembiayaan kenderaan

Tg. Shazwanee on Feb 15, 2019

Dua minggu lepas saya diberitahu saya ada lebihan bayaran sebanyak lebih kurang RM1000+. So saya minta utk refund blk duit saya. Tp minggu lepas ada call dr bank islam beberapa kali. Sblm tu saya tak jawab sebab nombor tak dikenali. Finally saya jawab call, tp sbb pemanggil meminta...

eLoan Financial / unsolicited approved loans

melissa_h2os on Feb 15, 2019

I rec'd a text from "Ashley Spector" (1.305.320.5168) stating: "Hi (insert my name). This is Ashley Spector from E-Loan Finance it a loan company. This regards to your loan application that has been approved for $5000. There is no processing fee or not hidden charges. So...

Santander Consumer USA / Fraud charges

JessiL on Feb 15, 2019

My car was repoed Nov 27th of 2018, I paid the full amount of $1580 to get it back which this amount included any fees there was along with the past due amount. Since this all has been paid and I have gotten my vehicle back Santander continues to try charging me fraudulent fees along with...

Ford Credit India Pvt Ltd / delay in noc issuance (car loan)

Mukesh Kumar84 on Feb 14, 2019

Dear sir, This is to inform you that I have done pre-closure payment for my fcipl loan a/c no. 017346 on dated 08/02/2019 vide neft. I requested ford credit to release the noc with other documents for the same accordingly, however till date they have not issued the noc. After repeated...

Mashreq Bank / I am complaining about after an agent and after sales service

Kate23 on Feb 11, 2019

I had a buy out loan since December 2017 and have submitted company STL. However after submission, it has been rejected due to format issues in which remaining loan balance was still on hold. Its almost (2) months now and I already did pay my first loan payment in which calculation wa...

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing / scam

Jennifer Brooke Battles on Feb 9, 2019

I received a call from roundtop mortgage. I do not have an account with this company nor have I ever. Of course I called bk and the lady wanted ss info n my name. I repeated to her I refuse to give you any information. I don't have an account with you nor have I ever. I then asked how they...

Mashreq Bank / loans

Sherazi on Feb 8, 2019

Its the Worst experience, its Manager & as well as Teller HIMANSHU dont wanted to work, I have entered the branch on time and they refused to provide services as they have to run to their houses. If somebody came inside the branch before 3:30 pm its their obligation to entertain/service. Its a...

Santander Consumer USA / loan

Amy Lynn99 on Feb 7, 2019

Santander Consumer USAMy car was repoed 3 months before payoff on 1/16. Only behind a month and a half. They refused to help due to my daughter's death. Took my only car at 2 an. Required 153$ to get car back. Paid that, then told i needed 1500$ more dollars. And if i couldn't get it back before 1/22 (my due...

Crisp Funds / debt consolidation

Crisp Funds on Feb 6, 2019

Be careful with Crisp Funds. Crisp Funds Scam Crisp Funds just popped up on our radar and we don't like what we see. Too many new companies offering debt consolidation teaser rates which end up being converted to expensive debt relief programs. Since we just started following Crisp Fund...

HDFC Bank / 2 wheeler loan

ritesh tiwari on Feb 6, 2019

HDFC BankMy loan no.- [protected] Have taken a loan through my relationship manager and the person came to me seek some handling charge 1500 additional to the all payments. I said no then after a long discussion he agreeed and now saying that my documents need verification just for harashing me and my...

Castle Finance Direct / refund

Jill3408 on Feb 6, 2019

I recently applied for a loan with this company, nothing ever come from the loan as they transferd my details to some other companies. Which I didn't apply for either but then they took a fee of £79 out my account for using their service which Is ridiculous, so I requested a refund and they...

Quicken Loans / customer service

Beth Duff on Feb 6, 2019

I had the not so great experience of talking with jamar Jackson about a home loan and first off he was VERY rude! He was not helpful what so ever I tried to ask him questions I did not understand he practically avoid my questions and would not answer my questions he did not do anything I...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / loan modification

Zondo-Turner on Feb 5, 2019

loan number [protected]. I have been trying to have my acct handled since 7/2017 with a loan modification. Since then FM has been tacking on fees and keep sending my file to different underwriters who require slightly different docs. They wait until the end of every month when docs like...

Lewis Group / credit approved for a microwave oven and flat screen tv for a old age pensioner

Mr Fortuin on Feb 5, 2019

Account No: [protected] Christine Adams, Barrydale I am the son of the abovementioned account holder. I discovered with total dismay and surprise that my mother was send a lawyers letter for outstanding debt pertaining the above-mentioned items bought on credit from your Lewis Store...

Regional Acceptance Corporation / car loan

Nicole Dun Can on Feb 4, 2019

I have been paying $560 a month and sending extra for over 7 years for my now ten year old BMW. Next month should be my last loan payment should be one month yet I owe them almost 10k still on a car that was 23k eight years ago. I now have to hope I can trade this car in or will be forced...

Santander USA / auto loan/financing

Yvette52 on Feb 4, 2019

I was financed thru this company in February 2015, at that time I didn't know they were a rip off company with daily compounded interest. My financed amount was $15, 000 and now 4 years later they say I still owe $13, 000, impossible I was charged a $10.95 fee 34 times for a total of...

CashNetUSA / CNU Online Holdings / online loan

JRTaylor on Feb 1, 2019

I had submmitted an application for a loan online due to some financial setbacks. I received an email from Sophia Brown stating that i had been approved fo $10k which is way more than I needed. I called and spoke with "Sophia" who clearly is not fom this county. She went ove the basic...

HDFC Bank / against personal ione no [protected]

Hari 12345 on Jan 31, 2019

To The Regional Manager HDFC bank Sub:Complaint against you sanctioned personal loan no [protected]of wife M Vijaya Laxmi Sir I inform you that I E Hari prasad H/o M Vijayalaxmi. She applied personal loan no [protected] without my consideration. Non repayment of this loan I am not Responsible. ...