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Model & Talent Agencies Complaints

VIP Talent Connect / VIP Ignite / false advertising

E Jay Sykes on Jan 31, 2019

They are currently contacting me and many others to steal money as we speak but it is all very questionable far as what was told to me not caring if you are not financially stabled they are expecting 1800 dollars for a 30 day plan and 3000 for 2 events in L.A. and n.y but my subscription ...

M Models And Talent Management Agency / shawn - the ultimate greaseball

Jane Sherbrooke on Jan 15, 2019

I have been with M Models for a few months and I still do not think it's a scam. The payments take a long time to come in for gigs and so I'm still waiting on my first paycheck from a commercial I did months ago... I still have faith I will be paid. But MModels may as well be a scam due...

The Playground Los Angeles Review Gary Spatz / acting

Mad Mommytoo on Jan 11, 2019

Beware of this company, a total scam! THE SET UP It all starts with the first contact at a mall or public place were the "scouts" are on the hunt for children. These people are basically out of work actors, so they are very convincing. They prey on kids and parents that look like they can...

InventHelp / invent help scam!

Brian Booth on Jan 10, 2019

Watch out for this hoax... I signed up with invent help in late 2017 & then rollercoaster of false hopes & crappy low budget "referral" services began. They know every trick in the book to hook you & then take your money. My biggest mistake I made was not researching the large amount of...

Urban Talent Management / unethical behavior

Brookelin on Dec 5, 2018

While there are many ethical issues within Urban Talent, I would like to focus on one big problem in particular. Urban Talent is a modeling agency which uses scam-like tactics to recruit new models. I was scouted as a model the fall of 2016 on Instagram. During my initial meeting with an...

Karan Bhalla PMO / customer service

Rituraj Mahapatra on Nov 28, 2018

I went to the Karan Bhalla PMO in the lower level of Atrium (close to dundas station) yesterday morning around 6:10am There was one gentlemen in front of me and another customer behind me, the Tim Horton staff Muna look at the line up and continued to put milk in the milk...

Jack In The Box / service

StephSantana on Nov 1, 2018

I ask for 4 tacos and chicken strips to the cashier then i asked her for small fries and a large soda i was going to pay separately for the fries and soda didnt want a combo .I explain to the cashier. I didnt want the combo but she said, she was refusing service. And got agressive and...

Max Agency / models

Doyourresearch18 on Oct 25, 2018

Hello, My daughter joined max agency in March 2018. At first they were very attentive to us to do everything to get us to sign. Making you fee like they can guarantee you work. Then once we spent all the money for pictures and cards. We haven't heard from them again. I have tried several...

Wild Models Talent Agency / agency

Babykiko on Sep 24, 2018

Not sure what all these people are talking about. They must have joined with someone claiming to be a recruiter at WMTA. I never had to pay any money and since signing they have sent me some awesome castings. All have been big brand names. I've booked several auditions and was paid every...

Nike / kaepernick endorsement

William Gibbs on Sep 3, 2018

Nike could just as easily have taken out full page ads in national newspapers begging patriotic Americans to have nothing further to do with any of their branded products as associate themselves with degenerate, finished, [censored]ic leftist tool the annals of advertising, thi...

M Models And Talent Management Agency / modeling

Ellen Matthews on Aug 23, 2018

I signed with M Models and Talent two years ago with $800. Sean promises big things and doesn't deliver. A friend of mine asked me to be in some pics with her for free. I did and he threatened us both with lawsuits. When I called Sean he uses slang a lot so that I don't call him again. He...

Synesthesia Images Model Mayhem / creepy and unprofessional

Edensrevenge on Aug 19, 2018

Models beware!!! This man is not a professional, he will try to force himself on you! He claims to have a studio but it's his gross apartment. He has no professional equipment and no actual credentials. He will try to touch you inappropriately. He is an old creepy guy using model mayhem to...

Stephanie D'oleo AKA Killah Kush, Killah Kvsh, asthmatic noodles, Teffy D'Oleo / unprofessional and engages in illegal activities.

KillahKvsh on Jul 20, 2018

Beware of Stephanie D'oleo who is an untrustworthy porn model/suicide girl and volatile. If Ms. D'oleo becomes slightly angry she will seek revenge even if it involves revealing personal information and illegal activities. Do not trust Stephanie with money as she bags online all the while...

Starnow / money taken

Cftcft12 on Jul 14, 2018

StarnowI signed up for the 6 months subscription to see what the website was like. I didn't like it, I didn't use it and the membership wasn't worthwhile for me, so after the 6 months I knew I wasn't going to renew my subscription. I got an email to advise me that £29.94 had been taken from my paypal... / talent company online membership site

TiffM on Jul 1, 2018

StarSearchCasting.comFor more than a year I have been trying to make contact with StarSearchCasting online to remove my profile from their site and I have not had any success in doing so. There is an image of a person who is posing as me that is connected to the StarSearchCasting profile in google search who...

Cheareen Jones / individual

Cheareen Jones on Jun 28, 2018

I am Asian and black and I am complaining that you have allowed black women to imposter my heritage, image and honor dragging me across your stages around the world. If you did not know about this then it's time you wake up. I have been attacked and undergone image degradation my feminine...

Joseph Mark / he is selling filipina ladies here in oman for sex.

Nanie Toca on Jun 23, 2018

He is selling filipina ladies here in oman for sex. That is not allowed here in this country and I will not allow it to happened on my kababayans. His email is [email protected] He should be stop right away. +968 [protected] his oman mobile number. Already someone tag the Royal Oman Police...

Model Mayhem / photographer

Dangerblonde on Jun 5, 2018

Model Mayhem photographer, Zach Reynolds of Sarasota, whose username is ZR Media, is an old pervert. I wanted swimsuit shots for my boyfriend. The second time I worked with him, not in a studio, but his dad's creepy apartment, he asked me to do things my gynecologist would never ask. He'...

Metro Photography / Apple Models / portfolio for work as a model

gillian anns on May 27, 2018

My daughter went for a photographic shoot with Metro Photographers in January 2014. They took several photos of her and showed us the photos afterwards and told her they would accept her onto their books as a commercial model. They said we would have to pay an upfront fee of £500 and that the...

Netflix / my refund

Nat Eas on May 18, 2018

I cancelled a accidental charge and was told April 6th via email it would be given back it's been over 30 days business days. I have my bank records it was never processed. I called and was told it was my bank went to my bank was told it was never processed and given printed out record...