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Neighbours Complaints

Fieldstone Farms HOA / hoa


This HOA violated its own Covenants Conditions and Restrictions in an effort to file a lawsuit against my husband and myself. According to their own rules, they MUST seek mediation first. This did not happen. According to their on Covenant Conditions and Restrictions "Similarly situated...

Next Door Application / being locked out without due process

L.Ravenwalker Robison on Jan 18, 2019

I was handling a dispute as per their guidelines. Try to resolve the issue through Private Message. Which I did. The person who took my money for "supplies" took off and never came back. I called him, texted him for months, nothing. So yesterday they locked me out of my account for no...

Buddy Dale Newton Sr / harassing ex neighbor who bothers the entire neighborhood

Buddynewtonstopit on Jan 17, 2019

I don't understand whats his deal, he stares at all the neighbors awkwardly. He always stands outside of his garage and stares at anyone outside. Buddy dale newton sr, you need to get a life or a hobby and stop bothering the neighborhood. You stare at our kids, you stare at people driving...

Burlington Northern Santa Fe [BNSF] / trains sitting idle

Gaye Nelson on Jan 13, 2019

On weekend usually trains sit idling usually on sunday nights, usually directly accrost from our house, there is times they stop and idle outside of our village of waco nebraska, that is ok, but when they stop and idle across from our house, its loud rumbling, makes for a very long night...

Kenyon and Associates / upstairs neighbors who rent and violate the noise ordinance

CCC h on Jan 14, 2019

I live at 2845 idlewild drive unit 102 in reno nevada 89509 it started out with erica sutherland and allen carver throwing dirty cat litter over the balcony then after complaing to the hoa association kenyon and association in reno nevada they started retaliating there noise nusience...

Amardip Vilkhu / lying

truthsihkeers on Jan 6, 2019

Amardip Vilkhu of n0 70 Windmill Rd has been using wireless router's with the names of hurbert/police survellence/longfordpark/longford park guest the police have identified these router's and evidence has now been gathered.Still illegally spying with covert camera's and listening device...

Marcus M.Thomas / perpetrator who uses people against their their family

ShemikaSpan on Jan 4, 2019

Marcus M.Thomas is a perpatrator who uses people and uses people against their family.He be thinking that pro wrestling is fake. Marcus be thinking negative about everything especially about college thinking that college makes a person smart and be thinking that college is for everybody!!!...

Vons / bad for business targeted by employees

Suzanne1581 on Dec 31, 2018

This evening December 30, 2018 I went to the Vons off Mission BLVD. In Camarillo. I have shopped there several times since having to relocate because of the firers in Agoura. I am 17 year RN in the community and a small business owner in Ventura county. I am educated and all around normal...

Toronto Public Library / incompetence and technical problems

Anchors59 on Dec 26, 2018

Toronto Public Library - a name of strange and backward places. I went to Agincourt Library, typed and tried to print. A pop-up windows asking for library card number and pin, I entered a few times, did not work, so frustrating. Went to the front desk for help, and the front desk said...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / locked doors

Orletha on Dec 22, 2018

12-21-18 After having a great night with my family at a Christmas Cantata, my mother-in-law was very insisted upon going to steak n shake with the family. We arrived at steak n shake at 4199 Hacks Cross Rd in Memphis, Tn at 10:45 (The in side dining is over at 11:00). This 76 year old woman...

CSX Transportation / excessive horn blowing

[email protected] on Dec 10, 2018

We live in Chase Maryland and there is excessive horn blowing in the evenings and during the night when we are trying to sleep. Can a stop be put to this? This is extremely disruptive to the families that live here. We recognize there was an accident here years ago but do not feel the need...

H-E-B / HEB Grocery Company / lack of cashiers

Grace1988 on Dec 10, 2018

Ive been a customer at heb for over 20+ years n these last couple years the lines keep getting bigger and the registers open tend to keep getting smaller. I've had to leave up to two carts full of groceries this year because they refused to open another register. When you ask if they will open...

Waffle House / uncooked chicken

Ashley N. Doss on Dec 8, 2018

I ordered achicken and eggs dinner from the Waffle House in Athens, Al. I stay like 15-20 out. I called to notify them that my chicken was not cooked fully and they told me I had to drive all the way back there and for me to bring the uncooked chicken to them and let them decide if it'...

Amardip Vilkhu/Gurmit Vilhku / harassment/cruelty to animals.

truthsihkeers on Nov 28, 2018

It has been brought to our attention that the Vilkhu family at N0 68/70 Windmill Rd Longford Coventry are still harassing there neighbour's by throwing thing's in there garden front and back and still spreading nasty gossip about there neighbour's and getting other's to do so. The pervert...

Law Office of Salvatore Bonagura / maintenance of area adjacent to lirr tracks

Roy Jetter on Nov 26, 2018

Please be advised this serves as official notice of a public nuisance caused by your agency. I am the owner of a commercial property, which includes my office, adjacent to the south side of the RR tracks in Floral Park, on the west side of the Plainfield Ave. crossing. We are plagued by an...

Cosmoprof / how I am being treated as a single parent

MadMom818 on Nov 26, 2018

I currently work for Cosmoprof at the Champaign Illinois location. My mom has recently been hospitalized and I've asked for my hours to change to my son's school hours until my mom is out of the hospital. Due to the fact I have no one else to take him and pick him up. I've been threatened...

Neighbors / wifi, satellite service, internet service stealing. (hacking)

H8ters on Nov 21, 2018

I have neighbors that are using extenders to my wifi, switching my charging cables to data ones. Switched my receiver adding devices to my Amazon, ITunes, Google, & Microsoft accounts. I found over 25 devices on my iTunes account when I only have 6 devices. I own my house & they are all...

Bullying from Ryan Harper / @ 37 19 th ave, bay shore, ny

Abdula Hashim on Nov 15, 2018

This individual has serious anger issues, sadly his parents have also fostered racial views and behavior, which he has directed towards two women who live by themselves. His parents having bigotry views against those they view as inferior have educated this man and his siblings to hara...

Serena R. Simmons / liar, a backstabber and she's sick, twisted and not a real friend

RTruth2600 on Nov 14, 2018

Serena R. Simmons is a liar, a backstabber and She's sick, twisted, She is not a real friend and not a true friend!!!, She pretends to be your friend and she stab you behind your back, by telling lies to security guards and law enforcement about her friends!!! She uses fake smiles to...

Genevieve M. McClintock / genevieve m. mcclintock is not a real friend and she's hungry for men

RCCotton on Nov 11, 2018

Ginny McClintock is not a real friend, because she hungry for men, When I first met her in 2016 at 9th and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.She signed my big big birthday card.Me and her shook hands together at the bus stop.She caught the bus home. I seened her the next morning on...