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Sweepstakes Complaints / magic-reel-studios. intnlly. unvrlly. inc.; sweepstakes/winnings. unawarded.

[email protected] on Feb 16, 2019

I have entered two of your sweepstakes. Both a winning pick of a door choosing. The first, a fifty-thousand dollar pick. After, a three-hundred-thousand dollar win's to be awarded myself. Please confirm such, and grant me?. Info on, how?. I may collect, my winning/s?. I had two...

Publishers Clearing House / sweepstakes entry

Charles Lum on Feb 11, 2019

Pch is telling everyone about scammers using their logos and other similar letterheads or whatever they can to make you think it's them and alright to deal with them in some way so they can take money from you. Pch has been really deceptive in making people think they have a prize waiting for... / 1000, amazon card? plus 1000 dollar gift card

Cupidtime on Feb 7, 2019

Amazon.comI won 1 1000 dollar Amazon card plus An 1000 dollar Wal-Mart card,. The silver line deals were met and I received the Silver line products yet eye Haven't received the Wal-Mart, nor Amazon 1000 dollar card.. Thank you so verry so much... I have won different my, previously, though this i...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / received obvious fraud letter

Vyncent on Jan 23, 2019

Sweepstakes Audit BureauReceive letter from this 'Bureau', claim that I had to send them 5$ to process 'my request' for eligibility to win 12, 000, 000$. I needed to send the money alone with completion of the form that came as part of the letter. Definitely a fraudulent group scamming money from people. I have...

Winnebago / unsatisfactory warranty service and safety-related issues

SamboGizmo on Jan 11, 2019

Purchased new 2018Forza 34T on Dec 7, 2017 from Southaven RV in Southaven. MS. Had several problems on the way home to the Dallas. Tx area. On a return trip to Southaven, we had warranty repairs performed at the purchasing dealer on March 12, 2018. Most of those repairs lasted for only a...

Marlboro / phillip morris

Nalabean on Jan 10, 2019

Phillip Morris/Marlboro/all their other tobacco brands have locked me out of my account permanently and forever until I die. They do so with no explanation and apparently don't give a crap about people who smoke their brands. For two years now I've been accessing there coupons, playing...

Reward Zone USA / $1000 walmart card

Rachelnic1 on Jan 6, 2019

#[protected]-Claim Incentive - Walmart $1000 gift Card Completed all offers outlined for promotion before the 30 day deadline. After I completed I had to complete online survey to prove I entered all offers. Company then said that they did not have access to see if I had signed up...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / to research a person's identity for $5.00 processing fee for 12,000,000.00 worth of unclaimed prize money.

Emmy Clement on Dec 29, 2018

The date of this incident was December 29, 2018. The envelope was postmarked for December 21, 2018. Their was a document number on the correspondence. It was #[protected]. The sender was Sweepstakes Audit Burear, P.O. Box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354. They were asking for a $5.00 processing...

Reward Zone USA / wal-mart $1000 gift card

F E Jones on Dec 20, 2018

Frances Jones [protected] I ordered the Disney books and have received them. But every time I copy the letters and numbers it would not let me go on. If I keep ordering but never able to pass this test I still will not have the gift card. I did text you for help did not get a response What do I...

Incove / racing software scam

Sharon johnno on Dec 10, 2018

I invested $15, 000 AUD to buy incove software that was supposed to guarantee winners, I also lost a few thousand more dollars on betting with their software which obviously did not work, when I tried to contact incove the original email they had used was no longer in use and I could not...

Sweepstakes Notification Center / 12,000,000.00

Davejordan58# on Dec 7, 2018

I keep getting a letter telling me to send 5$ to process be my entry. And when you do that, you never hear from them again and they only have a PO box. It says it comes from sweepstakes audit bureau which I've never heard of. Please do something about this scammer. They are takeing money from innocent people including me. I am struggling as it is..

RewardsUSA. / l need a loan to repair my home

Marie koteles on Dec 2, 2018

I've followed the prompts an all that lam suppose to do for the prizes an never received any of them $1000 reward card from Walmart a $250 Amazon gift card an a check a l never got its awful to get your hopes up an nothing shows up in the mail months ago love put my address in l don't know...

USARewardSpot / $1000 walmart card

OhSacredOne on Nov 26, 2018

USARewardSpotI was complaining about this deal not working because I was unable to move forward but I did. now the site just says thank you and I do not know if I am going to get the gift card I was promised or not. I see these type of deals all the time and I wanted to be able to get this gift card...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / sweepstakes audit bureau

Frustrated609 on Nov 26, 2018

Prize Report Remains Unclaimed They ask for a $5.00 Research and Data Processing Fee which unfortunately I have sent a couple times not knowing til I researched. They also give you a deadline date which now it says strictly enforced. We cannot process your request for eligibility data for...

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse / business closed up after taking my payments

Elaine1999 on Nov 12, 2018

My customer #317191. I ordered the Dell i5 Laptop PC w/Windows 10. Order # 410661. Wanted it for Christmas this year and had put it on lay-a-way. They received payments from me. Almost had it paid off when the last 2 payments never went thru in my bank. Said address unknown. So now I am...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / winning 1200000.000

Wendy and Craig yerkins on Nov 3, 2018

11/3/2018 I just got a letter from them why cant someone stop these people from preying on people it's a scam and they've been doing it for years they are asking for 5 dollars for processing fee I know real sweepstakes don't ask for any money so why are they still getting away with thi...

Reward Zone USA / walmart gift card

Tdb1960 on Oct 23, 2018

Last month it was a amazon gift card makes it impossible to look at a website I look at call Auction zip they make it 10 days to get you off their list so I can't look at the website I'm wanting to look at they keep changing it every week after the problem is resolved I don't know if...

Reward Zone USA / advertising

dw mi on Oct 18, 2018

I'm so sick and tired of this site constantly popping up on my phone when I have unsubscribed a 100 times. I have emailed them many times and they have ignored me. You can't even back out of their pop up on your phone when it happens! They have even said that I have won and that was a lie...

Safeway / shop and score seahawks sweepstakes

Karla Ferrians on Sep 22, 2018

SafewayI received a coupon with pin unavailable instead of an access code. I took it back to the store and they told me to call customer service and give them the code on the end of the coupon and they would give me an access code. I called customer service and they referred me to the company in...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / sweepstakes

CHarkins on Sep 15, 2018

Sweepstakes Audit BureauTHE SWEEPSTAKES AUDIT BUREAU of Dallas, TX. sent me a letter requesting five dollars to enter a sweepstakes. This is suspicious because I have never heard of this company. I do not believe I will have a chance to win $12 million dollars by entering this sweepstakes, and I would like to...