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Unauthorized Mobile Charges Complaints

Sprint / a sales agent at walmart

[email protected] on Feb 14, 2019

I went into walmart feburary, 1 to get a phone less than 100 because I was on a budget. The agent there was wearing all black. He told me that I could buy a phone for a special. The special was 5 dollars and some change a month for what he told me was 12 months. He told me the total for...

Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] / activated vas services without my authorize

Bharathi Nathan on Feb 9, 2019

On 24-jan-2019, bsnl charged rs.10 for automatic subcribing voice chat service for 5 days. So, I called to customer care and unable to speak. Customer care service like old damaged tap record. After 5 days, they renewed that service for additional rs.10 deductions. Again I called to...

Freelotto / subscriçaõ em cartão

Carla Martins on Jan 27, 2019

venho por este meio efectuar uma reclamação de um pedido de cancelamento de uma vossa subscrição atraves no meu cartão inscrito atraves do mail: [email protected], dados em baixo com os vossos dados (Movimentos - CARTAO IMPAR Moeda EUR N.º do Cartão 5206********1479 Nome do Titular CARLA MARTINS Dt...

Opera Telecom / charges to my mobile account

Oliver29 on Jan 24, 2019

Opera TelecomI saw an advertisement on instagram which stated that it was from the zara clothing brand, upon clicking on this link I soon realised that this was not zara but a scam!! I received a text from the number 88833 with an option to reply with stop in order for these messages to stop being sent...

Kogan Australia / sim recharge

Shilaji on Jan 20, 2019

I had prepaid sim plan with Kogan. I am overseas and will not use it for a year. I was cancelling it but based on information provided on webpage, it looked it will be automatically cancelled after not recharging. However today I got a message of the recharge amount that was taken from my...

Badoo Trading / badoo premium

atiziman on Jan 13, 2019

13 01 2019 this morning i was just looking inside the badoo options because there is a girl that finds me interesting ecc ecc but i did not click on any contract or option normally they say do you want to purchase it? or something like this but just looking at the options and then wihout...

Vectone Mobile Holding / “smart” rate

Vasil Mitovv on Jan 11, 2019

I topped up £10, sent smart to 345 and placed a few calls and after I checked my balance, I found out the smart rate had not been activated. After I called customer service, they told me they had some problem and eventually resolved it but i've been told I cannot get the money i've lost (around...

Anker / power bank

Alex Thomaskk on Dec 20, 2018

Dear Souq Team, I have order one Anker 20100mAh PowerCore Portable Power Bank - Black, A1271H12 Condition : New Shipped Order ID: [protected], Received on Monday, Nov 26, 2018. Yesterday i have fully charged the Power bank, and I have used this in my iphone, after 50% battery, the...

Netspend Corporation / netspend premier card

Steve Kenisky on Dec 16, 2018

I had a Hulu account that was not mine pull 43.25 out and Wal-Mart pulled 43.29 out this put my account in the negative. I then called netspend and they blocked my card and the next day I called again a manager came on and credited my account for both. The next thing I no they netspend...

SegPay Corporation / unauthorised credit card charges

Alessandro Borgonuovo on Dec 12, 2018

SegPay CorporationGood morning, on december 10th 2018, I found an unauthorised credit card charge of 14, 95€ with written " Granityen [protected]" . I never made this payment, I never received a request for authorise it . I also contact my credit card to make a complaint and I hope that I have not...

Direct Express / money keeps missing off my card

Miss bill on Dec 8, 2018

Money keeps coming up missing. Over looked it thinking my daughter was doing it some how. But the past few months I have gotten New card no one else has seen or use it nore have I and a lady called me and asked me if I just tried to use my card I said no. She frozen my card. I asked her if...

Maxis Communications / irresponsible maxis representative pushing the issues to customer

Andrew Thong Sin Kiat on Dec 5, 2018

Maxis CommunicationsHari ini 5th December 2018 pada pukul 12:30pm Malaysia time dan Maxis representive telah menghubungi saya. Ini merujuk kepada kes sebelum ini iaitu (ID Aduan: [protected]-MXS). Nama representive Maxis ialah Rahimi dan dia membutar belit kenyataan. Saya memberitahu bahawa saya ingin...

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications / lapse of a critical control by singtel

JenJen0000 on Nov 27, 2018

Dear Sirs I have received a Singtel bill addressed to my apartment. I opened the letter and realised it was attention to someone by the name of Mr Dhinakara Sandrasamy . It was a new line applied by him and the bill was for the month of November 2018. Details of the bill as per attached...

Telkom SA SOC / investigation of unauthorized debit orders

Bestowed17 on Nov 22, 2018

good day I have logged an investigation in Telkom outlet at Wonderpark mall on the 27th July 2018 regarding the unauthorized debit orders that date as far as June 2018. This transactions started from R100 to 1000, R1500, 2000, R2500, R4000 and the latest transactions that took place on the...

Metro-PCS / cell phone

Allen Suppner on Nov 12, 2018

I have had more than my share of problems with your phone and service from the foreign customer service where the language they speak can't be understood by Americans. The customer service never solves any problem rather they create more than they solve . Being a older disabled...

Vodafone Group / purposely deducting amount from my balance without any reason neither proof

bafnapratik22 on Nov 3, 2018

this is to inform you I am using Vodafone services from last one and half month and my number is [protected] . My balance gets deducted purposely saying reason that it has been deducted for mms . Neither I have done mms till date and neither Vodafone has any proof for deductions . This ha...

Badoo Trading / premium service

Matt Provost on Oct 27, 2018

I made a purchase for 100 credits for $2 and when checked my banking the next day, I was also charged for the lifetime premium service of 144.99 as well as $80, which I did not authorize or click on. I got them reversed then when I checked my account today there was another $80 which I...

FIDO / extremely overcharged.

Sandra. O on Oct 27, 2018

Manny (i1250732858 ) October 27, 2018 Was very unhelpful and not sympathetic towards my situation at all i was charged over 650$!!! for using 6GBS of data unknowingly, how is that even a reasonable amount to charge someone per GB, im very upset, i've been a fido customer for years and have...

Vodacom / cancellation of service and unauthorised debit order deductions

Sue Hugo on Oct 22, 2018

I submitted a request to close my account as I was leaving S.A. I paid the cancellation fee and faxed through to Vodacom. However, I have been in dispute with them since they continued to deduct money from my bank account after the contract was cancelled. It has always been the same...

Du Company / customer care

Faysal sarker on Oct 20, 2018

Abu Dhabi Hamdan Street customer service manager Mr. Bakid. he do not respect the customer. Miss Behave with customer. If customer shouting for same reason. He can shouting with customer without listen the Problems. He can tell to customer go out from branch. we do not help you. also Tell...