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Vacuum Cleaners Complaints | Page 9

iRobot / Customer no service, poor product quality (roomba 400, scooba 300)

Gary Gere on Apr 26, 2016

I have purchased 3 products from iRobot over the past 2 years - 2 Roomba and 1 Scooba. All 3 died while out of warranty. In all 3 cases, I called iRobot customer service and got the same answers, which reduce to this sequence: Clean it. Bang on it. Clean it again. Bang on it harder. Buy...

Carpet Cleaners / Auto-Renewal of Unwanted Services

Dex is Full of @#%T on Apr 6, 2016

I'll keep it short because I have wasted more time and energy trying to communicate with Dex Media regarding unwanted advertising that they continue to charge me. I have been in business over 30 years and have never been automatically renewed in print media without a representative...

Kirby Vacuum Company / Kirby is a well known scam

TheSolly on Apr 5, 2016

Apr 2016 A nearly identical experience to everyone else. -Gain access to your home under false pretenses. I got the same 'free one room carpet cleaning' line they favor. Of course this is a lie to get them in the door. -some nonsense about a contest they are about to win. This is pathetic...

Ingenious Designs LLC / Joy's Superchic Handheld/Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Forever Fragrant

VacuumMike on Mar 10, 2016

Ingenious Designs LLCI purchased three of these vacuums from HSN, one for each of my daughters-in-law and one for me. I used my vacuum five times and the on/off switch broke. It went into the vacuum, and it was impossible to turn it on. I then asked my daughters-in-law if their vacuums were operating. The...

Rainbow / vacuum cleaner - go4it program/ company is a rip off

Reviewer94785 on Mar 2, 2016

I was helping a friend by letting them do a demo in my home. Of course I loved the vacuum it self, so I decided to do a program that had going on. I could get mine free if I did a program called Go4it. All I had to do was do 12 demos to couples and sell just 2 in a matter of 6 month...

Kirby / Cancelled the purchase within time allotted-still being charged

Terry L Young on Feb 2, 2016

Bottom line- Salesman sold me a Kirby vacuum system. Couldn, t afford it! Cancelled the sale next day- sent cancellation next day by registered mail to be sure it arrived within the 3 days I had to cancel. Got it on Wed -cancelled it on Friday- salesman picked it Sunday. Its been 3 weeks -...

Samsung / vacuum cleaner

Simina Gougoulis on Feb 1, 2016

No customer service! clearly samsung does not care about its customers once the product leaves the showroom floor. I cannot even begin to describe my frustration. all I want is a brush head for my vacuum cleaner (model number vcdc20ch, model code vc20chndcnc/sg) I placed countless call...

HSN / joy mangano fragrant vacuum cleaner

Reviewer85091 on Jan 28, 2016

I ordered this in sep '15 and before i finished paying flex pays it stopped working. I am disabled with als--in a wheelchair and thought this was light to use in my chair. I called hsn they didnt want to help me by replacing it. They referred me to an 800 warranty number. I am done with...

Tristar / vacuum

Reviewer37548 on Jan 15, 2016

This is not a complaint, In 1991 I bought my tristar vacuum and to today it runs well and is still by far the best I have used for cleaning my house. I have never had to replace any parts. My husband did buy a couple of the less bulky well known brands over the years to save the lugging of...

Kirby / Salesman

texdeano on Jan 5, 2016

I made the mistake of letting a door to door salesman in our house and let him do all his stuff they do to show you how much better Kirby is than your vaccum.All went well until he was going to do the mattress.He put the vacuum brush on the pillow top and the brush chewed up a strip about...

Filter Queen / Huge Expense and Constant calling

Reviewer72077 on Dec 31, 2015

I purchased the Filter Queen vacuum and Defender air filter several years ago. It works no different than a cheep vacuum and was costing me over a hundred dollars every six months for filters and service to "keep warranty active". I finally quit the service and hardly use the vacuum. The...

Tristar / sales scam

BrandonJ on Dec 4, 2015

I am 20 years old and I was hired by this company as a salesman. I was told I would earn about 9.00 an hour while in training and 220 dollars if I made a sale. I made a sale and, was told that I was manager material and promoted to have my own team. i was told we would be paid weekly. I...

Discount Cleaning Products / Hoover vacuum came broken and horible customer service

Ladyjzzz on Dec 1, 2015

The product came broken. They have caller ID so they can avoid your calls. Amanda Kohout title Key Account Executive, will tell you she'll call you back but does not call back. Discount Cleaning Products deletes all bad review from their web site. I posted a bad review on a few product...

HT Servicing / Servicing

sandra bower on Nov 25, 2015

after having booked a service for my 12 month old cleaner the sales talk started as soon as he got through the door. he undid the machine and there was some grit in the machine but he said he couldn't undo the machine completely as one of the screws wouldn't come undun. he then...

Tristar / employment

Rich84095 on Nov 17, 2015

TristarI was hired by Golightly Distributing to sell tristar air purifiers, during the interview process the interviewer was very vague. When I got home I did some research (including reading reviews on this website) and decided that it wasn't for me. When I expressed my disinterest in the...

Tristar / sales tactics

Reviewer55237 on Nov 4, 2015

on thanksgiving eve 2014 two men showed up at my door, the biggest mistake I ever made was letting thease guys in my home. they started off showing me a small box that is supposed to clear air, then one of them left, the other went out and brought a box in which at the time I didn't...

Kmart Stores / vacuum cleaner

Reviewer26240 on Sep 17, 2015

I went to Kmart in Florissant, Missouri on 09/16/2015 at 1:40 pm, to buy a vacuum cleaner. I bought a Kenmore bagless vacuum cleaner, It cost me $60.00 dollars. I took it home and opened the box and what did I see in the box was no vacuum cleaner, there was three small boxes and two used...

Tristar / too expensive felt scammed

Reviewer89794 on Aug 30, 2015

I in April a guys stopped by to give us a 3 hour pitch telling us my house was a mess and it is not telling me that my current vac. I just bought was not good well it cleaned better than this crappy thing. They said you won a trip anywhere but had to come up with the money that is bull and...

Atlas Air Industries / Beware of a cheating company

Reviewer99513 on Aug 25, 2015

I was an employee at ATLAS AIR INDUSTRY for a few months. I guess I was swept off my feet by the presentation of the manager during the training that I joined them to work as a Customer Service Agent. I was assured that I would get 3000dollars after making 60 demonstration in 30 days. I...

Kirby / Horrible Job

hanesburn on Jul 31, 2015

I worked for Kirby, First of all, ANYONE and everyone gets hired. I found this to be because the turn-over rate is OUTRAGEOUS. I didn't have a car and had to take a bus 2-1/2 hours to get to work every single day. Yes we were to work 7 days a week and there was no "clock-out" time, you...