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Work at Home Complaints | Page 3

Swagbucks / answer/surveys

LoganRandom on Oct 26, 2018

Hey everyone, Swagbucks is an awesome way to earn a few extra bucks, but some surveys take 20+ minutes to complete. This is something I don't mind doing, but STAY AWAY from any surveys with the word "Notch" in the URL. I've done at least 7 surveys (20+ min each) and the page "fails" as you...

Purolator / same day service

NinaQ on Oct 22, 2018

On friday october 19, 2018, I phoned for your same day service and was transferred to a third party delivery service without my knowledge. I spoke to a representative (rami) who was competent enough to take my information. Thank god for small miracles like this! I gave a unit number and...

Dollar General / coupons

Kristina Lane on Oct 22, 2018

Hi my name is Christina I have a complaint about my digital account and or Dollar general I went to the Dollar General today to purchase my weekly  Household items in my coupons on my digital account are not working so I ended up paying double the amount I was suppose to and I was told by the...

Sunira Jobs & Consultancy / payment not received, bad service, cheating

Harini N on Oct 20, 2018

Sunira jobs is cheating. I request everyone not to Sunira jobs. I had horrible experience recently. They took registration fee (not refundable), and they also got typed data from us, and they dont pay us. IF what we have typed is not accurate, then they have delete complete project what we...

Redbox Automated Retail / dvds

Felicia Morgan on Oct 20, 2018

Yall keep taking money off my debit card for movies i have returned or already paid for. I want my money back. It has taken money off of my debit card for 3 weeks in a roll. And my bank will not put the money back on there because its a debit card purchase with yall it says. This is the...

Sunira Jobs & Consultancy / typed data and payment

Chandramma on Oct 20, 2018

Yes, I too agree. Sunira jobs is worst. Please do not opt for Sunira jobs. Even I had pathetic experience. I feel its almost the same with all Data Entries. They take registration fee (not refundable), and they also gain typed data from us. After a week, they provide us results - We are...

Canada Post Corporation / express post

Gail Nesbitt on Oct 17, 2018

On October 11, I took a parcel to the post office in Yellowknife and requested it be shipped Express Post to Victoria BC (tracking # [protected]). It should have arrived in 2 business days which is what I paid for, but the parcel wasn't delivered to its destination until October 17...

Mahalaxmi Group / work from home

Himapadma on Oct 17, 2018

Mahalaxmi GroupOne guy named rajat I transferred 2300 to him for an online job, when I ask him he won't reply and if I call him he will tell that he is busy can you please, now his phone is not reachable he told the address as Pune and he lives in Pune but he is not replying anything about my money, can... / home based typing job/data entry offline

hsakarp on Oct 16, 2018

I had recently joined this company hoping to make some income...however I had very hoped pisitively in spite of so many mouths who warned me that they are all fake...I wanted to see on my own and registered myself with a fee of Rs2850/-.They make it so easy over the phone as if the job i...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / delivery

soonerfan66 on Oct 5, 2018

Well it's official "I am done with UPS" if a company I'm ordering from can't use FedEx or USPS they will not get my order . For sometime people in my area have had a problem with we are told is ONE driver who likes to leave your stuff at end of driveway or at the mailbox . Stuff like a...

Camex Technology / online and work from home jobs

Achuta Srinivas on Oct 4, 2018

Applied for the same on 03.10.18, for getting the online jobs/work from home jobs paying Rs.312.00 as application fees and sent a mail at [email protected] along with the application form duly filled and transferred the application fee thru paytm to the mobile number [protected]. After...

Camex Technology / work from home

ND on Oct 2, 2018

Camex TechnologyThis is complaint regarding the fraud done by the camex technology, Mathura, UP. On there website: on this website they mentioned that if we purchase there plans they will send the workload on email. I have done payment of 312Rs. for Plan A. but as promised they have...

iWriter / writing service

natoya on Sep 27, 2018

A writer from iwriter disguised himself/herself as working with another company and solicited my services as a freelance writer between sept 4-sept 21, 2018. Over 70 articles were written for which the writer did not pay. The writer went ahead and made submissions to clients as if the...

Oman Air / luggage not received

Siraj Suthar on Sep 27, 2018

Dear sir/ madam! On 25thsep 6:40 am when Ireached at Mubai airport, I waited for my luggage, I did not found my luggage which details and my details are mentioned as per attached file Immediately I inform the officer in charge of luggage mr abhisek tiwari. He tried to check, but not...

WOW! [Wide Open West] / Knology / cable/internet services

Pedroka Miller on Sep 26, 2018

I would like to speak to someone in regards to VERY unprofessional customer service! First, I had an appointment scheduled for a transfer & the guy over the phone input my appointment incorrectly! I work from home I have now missed a total of 3 days of work not even within a week. I spoke...

Digi Telecommunications / mobile network service

Jini19 on Sep 20, 2018

Dear Digi team, Im Jini here, regarding my signal very poor . My area is Telok Panglima Garang post code 42500 . I have called digi alot of time to improve their signal but still signal is very very poor until cannot use my mobile data and once im getting call it will cut automatically . Im using...

Camex Technology / fraud

Mrunmayi Pitkar on Sep 20, 2018

Camex TechnologyThis is regarding a complaint against a company called camex technology which is listed as providing work from home. It is listed on the company was supposed to provide conversation to convert into html format but even after paying the money through online transfer rupess 315 for...

Vigo Video (Formerly Hypstar) / Bytedance / I am not getting flames

Supriya07 on Sep 19, 2018

Vigo Video (Formerly Hypstar) / BytedanceRespected sir I am not getting flames plz help me I am posting high quality of video from 1 weed 1 am not getting plz help me u can check my account daily I am posting videos😢and what is reason😢😢😢😚😚😚😀🤥🤔😐 what is reason before I created one account after some time they have stopped...

DG Services / form filling

Arunkumar0999 on Sep 18, 2018

3000 forms will be given and deadline of 15 days will be given. Minimum of 2800 forms to be submitted in order get the payment done.After submission is done they will make changes inthe submitted forms so that correctly filled forms are less than 2800.So as per their terms and condition...

Hoover / hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner (fh50251)

farmer4421 on Sep 17, 2018

HooverI purchased a Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner (FH50251) on April 10, 2018 in the amount of $164.34. The Order No is : CTC1D104556638. I have been extremely busy but had to find time to submit this complaint about a defect in the model I purchased. In order to turn the machine...