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Badoo Trading / I am complaining because my account was blocked a long time ago on Badoo. I don't know where I went wrong.pls unblock my account.

Onyinyeee on Feb 16, 2019

I was among people that started with Badoo and loved Badoo so much, I tell people about Badoo and introduced alot of people to it, but I don't know y my account is blocked, even if I open a new one, Badoo will still block it. My current Gmail is [email protected] my Badoo wa......

Coles Supermarkets / Negligence

Ninja3 on Feb 16, 2019

I lifted a spray container of Exit Mould from the shelf on Sunday February 17 at about 11.40am. The spray lid was not screeed on properly. As I lifted it the bottle came away from the nozzle dropping to the floor. The liquid flew into my face and left eye causing great pain and redness. I......

McDonald's / Everything

Emoboy999 on Feb 16, 2019

The bathrooms are dirty the food is greasy the people have no people skills the food you wait an hour for is burnt or not cooked at all I had to get four burgers before I got a cooked burger and half the time you get someone else's order this going to the McDonald's in croswell so make it......

MAGIC-REEL-STUDIOS. Intnlly. Unvrlly. Inc. / Sweepstakes/winnings. Unawarded.

[email protected] on Feb 16, 2019

I have entered two of your sweepstakes. Both a winning pick of a door choosing. The first, a fifty-thousand dollar pick. After, a three-hundred-thousand dollar win's to be awarded myself. Please confirm such, and grant me?. Info on, how?. I may collect, my winning/s?. I had two occurence...... / Fourth CANCELLATION of my account in 2 Months WITHOUT CAUSE !!!!

UnhappyUserNumber50000 on Feb 16, 2019

A call for an INVESTIGATION into this online social networking site. This is probably the worst online Social Network Site I have ever encountered in terms of service and functional contact information, which leads me to suspect that they are a scam! My account has again been cancelled......

Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung [KBES] / Konsortium Bas Express

Hamesh on Feb 16, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I am regular costumer of Konsortium Bas Express, today I took a bus 16 Feb 2019, 10:45 am AHL 5777 from Ipoh Aman Jaya to TBS KL . There was an older age aunty sitting at seat no 4 who alighted the bus and reminded the driver to drop her off at sungai buluh petronas but the......

Banc De Binary / Binary Option Investment

May Rose on Feb 16, 2019

Stop trading online. Most binary option platforms are scams. My husband lost an investment $60000 to a binary option broker 'Banc de binary' few months ago. After series of dual research and investigation, we were able to get in contact with a funds recovery expert who helped us to get our......

Firestone Complete Auto Care / Repair Caused Damage

Scott Marcus on Feb 16, 2019

I am writing to advise you of problems with a repair job you performed on my car, and to seek reimbursement and compensation. Your records will show that I have been a long-time customer of Firestone Encino Store # 015636 and, up to now, have been very satisfied with both how Firestone ha......

Tualatin Police / Police service

Loren Phillips on Feb 16, 2019

Too Whom it may concern: Today, at approximately 1515 hrs, I pulled into my driveway, the entrance to my apartment complex, immediately behind a police unit that had just tagged a guy. The guy parked in a parking space but to my surprise the officer in the police vehicle swung around to take up......

Maple Call / Phone bill

Daniela Brinzoiu on Feb 16, 2019

I was with Necc call for my international calls in Romania. I got a bill from a new company- Maple Call- they are charging me fees that I never agreed to pay! I'm trying to call and they never answer! I want to cancel with them and I cannot as they won't answer! I have friends that......

Motherhood Maternity / Destination Maternity Corporation / Service-worker

wats8682 on Feb 16, 2019

I'm currently a worker for the La Palmera store. Today I put in my resignation and the manager, Yvette, refused to accept my letter. I'm don't want this to reflect badly on me for future job offers so I am asking this situation to be fixed. I will not be returning to the store and will fax......

Jos. A. Bank Clothiers / Horrible customer service

Reginald408 on Feb 16, 2019

I recently purchased a suit from this location. I was satisfied with initial service. I had purchased the suit because I was going to wear it for a business conference. I did not attend the conference, therefore I no longer needed the suit. Upon my arrival to the store, I was greeted by......

Winn-Dixie Stores / Men's powder

jose mcguire on Feb 16, 2019

This is a widespread problem with ALL Winn-Dixie's stores and maybe Corporate policy. The latest is taking 'Shower to Shower Sport" off your shelves. This s a man's product, not a female product, why? PC? I been a Winn-Dixie's customer for many many years. Don't get yourself involved political......

Healthy Back Institute / unauthorised credit card charges

Alex Pederick on Feb 16, 2019

I ordered a bottle of your Heal N Soothe online early in the New Year 2019. When I received the bottle, I realised that some of the ingredients would be harmful to my health condition. I resealed and returned the package to your address, with a note which asked you NOT to send any more......

NuWave / My wave air fryer

Tripster7072 on Feb 16, 2019

Frier worked good for two months. Then all the coating peeled off the bottom of the inside of the cooking tray. Called the company. Third call got an answer. Had to send a description and pictures to see if it was under warranty. Sent everything. Got a call a few days later saying it wa......

Walmart Stores / automotive

shirtless on Feb 16, 2019

I went into the automotive department to have the oil changed on my 99 Civic. I arrived at the store at 15 till One. My departure was 5 PM. I was told it would be a hour and 45 minute wait. I was fine with that as I had shopping to do. I go back to Automotive about a hour later. My car wa......

Starbucks / Cashier attitute

Jamilya Ataeva on Feb 16, 2019

First time I bought a small cup of coffee at New Target Starbucks store. It was on February 16 around 3:30 or 4pm. Young girl a Cashier.. service with such Attitute. I was so dissapointed by that behaviour of that Cashier I put $ 10 dollars on counter to pay for my coffee. And a girl......

Logan's Roadhouse / Not being served.

Ddtate on Feb 16, 2019

My party arrived at the Winchester location at 3 pm sat Feb 15th. We were a party of 17. We were told it would be a one hour wait. We waited for one and a half hours. When we asked the manager when we would be seated we were told rudely that " they didn't want to fool with 17 people". I......

Supreme Homeworx / Contractor failed to pay me for work performed.

Bobby Hollingsworth on Feb 16, 2019

The owner of Supreme Homeworx failed to pay me for work performed by my company. The contractor was behind on my payment and when I reminded the owner I had not been paid as previously agreed, I was told I did not deserve payment. He used the excuse that I had not performed to hi......

Carrefour / Staff and Service

RizwanKhan on Feb 16, 2019

Dear Carrefour Team, I was one of ur most loyal customer, but my last interaction with ur staff (Varun - Electronic Section) and Duty Manager (Issam), in Dragon Mart 2, International city, Dubai, made me decide, to never go back to Carrefour again in my Life. Not only me, I vl b sharing thi......

Edible Arrangements / Customer Service

Nikkij7 on Feb 16, 2019

I ordered a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for my mom on Valentine's Day via the edible arrangements website. My mother never received the delivery. I called the local store in Baton Rouge, La on Corporate Blvd. several times within a two day span only to receive a busy signal or a......

Equity Lifestyle Properties / Mobile Home Property

Ekelly on Feb 16, 2019

ELS bought Colony Cove in Ellenton, Fl. Completely destroyed our area in the park. Paying rent for lots we have not been able to use for 2 years. And, they keep raising it. Only wish I could post my pictures. Unbelievable. Several residents are involved and suffering as a result of the......

Glorious Games / Bad costumer service

thesadqueen on Feb 16, 2019

First they were replying with different answers which confuse people. And now they are bullying me and spying to use anything I write on the site against me, they are also spying on me outside stardoll, and are giving wrong idea about me as well as allowing members to bully and report me...... / Ticket Reseller website

Dan Bogart on Feb 16, 2019

On 2/16/2019, I googled for tickets to Monster Jam in Cleveland for that night. One of the top results was so i clicked on it. I selected the event and I have the history on my computer that shows I selected the date of 2/16 at 7pm. I proceeded to purchase the tickets and......

Hertz Rental Car / Car Rental

Michael F. Brown on Feb 16, 2019

February 4, 2019 THE HERTZ CORPORATION 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Floor 3 Naples, Florida [protected] Re: Michael Brown and Hertz at the Miami Airport Rewards No. [protected] To whom it may concern: The Naples address was given to me by Hertz customer service. The letter was returned......