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Annoying Commercials Complaints

Discovery Channel / discovery ads

Sabre007 on Feb 17, 2019

We liked Discovery, however the amount of commercials are ridiculous.They cut into the program out of nowhere, sometimes repeated 3 times in a row and the worst problem ( you are well aware of by all the complaints) about freezing, causing viewers to refresh or even sign out and back in!...

Digi Telecommunications / serious trouble in switching digi prepaid number to celcom postpaid.

masrie on Feb 15, 2019

I am having difficulty in switching my SIM number ([protected]) into celcom. Although several times the application was made online but was rejected by the digi with various unreasonable reasons. For example the reason for the contract (eventhough there is no contract for prepaid), the name...

Spotify / advertisements

David McKinsey on Feb 10, 2019

Every time the "It's the last day to get Spotify Premium Though It Really Isn't Shhh!" ad plays, it plays three times, one after the other. This has been going on all day. Every single time one of these ads plays, it plays three times. I get that you really want to bludgeon me into...

TV Land / tv land inappropriate commercials of their programs

Not Getting One on Feb 9, 2019

The promo for one of your shows (not sure which show as I was so appalled at the promo for it) was just despicable to play on a family station and at such an early hour. It was referring to a gay alter boy and his "excitement" and what he would do with his private parts... Using all of the...

TV Land / commercial on tv land

Tired of filth on Feb 5, 2019

While watching an episode of Andy Griffith, the commercial for Comedy Central's new show "The Other Two" came on during which the man talked about boners, dicks and a gay lifestyle in church. This is completely inappropriate especially during prime time hours where families may be...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / an ad on your channel

C. Fredrick on Feb 4, 2019

Monday Feb. 25, 2019 Approx. 8:05 pm We are watching the pickers "Pickers Dozen". An ad just ran for a show called "TWD". A man sewing through human flesh and hair...then you see him putting on the Scalp of a womans blond hair. HOW DISGUSTING. The reason my husband and i watch your show i...

Sling TV / tv streaming service

Linda X on Feb 3, 2019

I really didn't even know what this commercial was about when I first saw it. It is so offensive the way the parents dress, slink around and is incredibly suggestive of swingers. I think it was when the parents addressed the children to be "slingers" was most disturbing. I know now it'...

TV Land / commercial

Vickilh on Feb 3, 2019

I am absolutely stunned. I'm laying here on a Sunday afternoon watching the Golded girls with my 8 year old daughter and a commercial comes in where the guy talks about getting a hard on during church and where he ended up putting his dick! I can't believe the gawl you have to...

Ebates / your tv ad

Pam Connor on Jan 31, 2019

The grammar in your TV ad is atrocious! Certainly you know that "...where you shop AT" is not english. Only people on the lowest social class rung use such grammar. Many potential customers cringe when they hear "at" in your ads and discount your message. Please remember...most people...

Sling TV / comercial

Keldad on Jan 30, 2019

I am by far conservative, however this line of commercials are horrible! I should not have to explain to my 9 year old why these people are acting so weird when they are watching tv! These commercials are on all times of the day and need to be limited to certain times when there are sexual...

Extra Space Storage / customer service

Darrell Waller on Jan 28, 2019

I rent a unit at sherman st in san diego my husband put a chait bythe dummster the lady manage r comes upsairs and asks if we thrue garbage outside my husband politely told her that after. He puts his stuff. Away hewillcome and move the chair she tells u needs to. Has to do itnow or she i...

AARP Services / renewal notices

Anne 123 on Jan 26, 2019

AARP ServicesI received an AARP renewal 5 years for $49.00 mailed to AARP P.O. Box 93125 Long Beach CA [protected]. Is this a legitimate renewal or is someone trying to rip me off? If I were to renew on line it would cost $63.00. If it is legitimate, why is the $49 reflected on website? There...

AMC Network Entertainment / my cable company needs to dump this network

FATMAN WALKING on Jan 23, 2019

I tried to watch I am legend on AMC and it was awful. A hour and 40 min movie that turned into 4 hours and 30 min WTH.. Nothing but commercials. I called my cable company and told them I don't want AMC … I went out and bought the movie for $5 dollars. How can the FCC approve of this kind of...

Gillette / toxic men behavior ad

Sean Allen on Jan 22, 2019

I've used nearly all of your products (razors, shave cream, body wash...) for years. No more. I've switched to buying razors via club and have replaced all other products with ones, I made sure were not made by Gillette(my wife and daughter's Venus products too) Your recent ad is insulting to...

CMT Channel / advertising new program "siesta key"

Bruce Lobsinger on Jan 22, 2019

Viewed 11 PM on 1/21/19. Man carrying a naked woman over his shoulder(showing her bare butt, crack and all) promoting this new show. How much lower will your standards be going? Tomorrow is a "Cold Day" so my children are off from school tomorrow. They sure noticed it!! Please respond why...

Youtube / advertising

JayJay20322 on Jan 15, 2019

Youtube's new policy to stream the same advertisement three times back to back is really irritating. I personally will not buy anything that is presented me in this way, even if I like what is being sold. It's THAT annoying. It is a very poor advertising strategy. I'm far more likely to...

Yahoo! / continual "sad day for' adverts that are obvious bitcoin scams

AndyMarsh2019 on Jan 15, 2019

I am continually bombarded with adverts saying "sad day for" which show pictures of numerous celebrities bruised and beaten about the face that just take you straight to bitcoin scams. These adverts are illegal and immoral and are designed to entice unwary people into parting with their...

Peloton / loud annoying song by jay z

Opal Moon Markell on Jan 11, 2019

I watch MeTV and have had to endure that awful, loud, annoying song on the Peloton exercise bike commercials... every time it comes on I have to either turn the sound down or change channels... can they at least turn the sound down on this? I realize of course some people love this type of...

TV Land / offensive "slingers" commercial

KatinFL on Dec 30, 2018

We find the Sling commercial that depicts "Slingers verses Swingers" very disrespectful and trashy. This revolting ad is played in the afternoon where youngsters can see it. I also see it in the evenings. Any company who thinks this kind of ad is okay, is not a company we would trust or...

Yupptv / advertisements

Draju on Dec 22, 2018

Too many advertisements during fastforwording and its irritating. Why do we have to go through even after paying money? They charge too much much money. We called to customer service even before and they are reluctant to address issue. If it continues I will rethink having yupp tv. Please...