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Credit Cards Complaints | Page 5 / no authorized payment

Kathleen Cabrera on Jan 27, 2019

JollyChic.comAs i was browsing my account earlier today, i saw 3 transactions made from your company, i wac curious about it because i had never made any transaction from your company. The first amount was taken from dec 22 which is $268.17 and second was from jan 22 first you took off $139.87 then on... / fraud

Amanda Te on Jan 27, 2019

This company whom I have never heard of placed a charge of $399.99 on my credit card. I have never heart of this company and called to get an immediate refund. HOW THEY GOT MY CARD INFO/ I DO NOT KNOW. They had an address on file I have never heart of. I IMMEDIATELY CONTACTED MY BANK TO...

Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. / fraud entry done by my credit card -6911 by someone on your website by 2:00 am today

Danish Arora on Jan 27, 2019

Dear Team Today 2:00am night I got a message on mobile that some one misuse my credit card -6911 on your website and do a fraud transaction of - 5108.83 from my credit card .. so requested you to detect the transaction and stop the delivery of address. Reverse the amount in my account back and...

HSBC Holdings / unauthorised transaction on card no [protected]

Angie1980 on Jan 26, 2019

My HSBC credit card had been aunthorised transaction on 14th Oct, I called HSBC directly to cancel the card immediately when this transaction happen and they refunded me that amount on November after I fill in the dispute form. However on January, HSBC sent me letter said that the merchant bank...

Me Richard Edmonds / visa gift card

Richard Edmonds on Jan 26, 2019

Payed car registration with visa gift card (31.00) then used balance for food which left nothing on card, threw card away. Got email B.M.V. that as WW2 veteran with DV plate money will be returned to card. That means visa gets it not me, so you may as well keep it and maybe use it there...

Green Dot Corporation / primor master card

[email protected] on Jan 26, 2019

It's been over a week and I'm still not able to my card or access the cash my own money. The card started declining all transactions, I've even been sent a new still not working and calling customer service is horrible they read a script before looking at the account trying to blam...

YGC family protect elite insurance / auto debit my account but no agreement received for 3 months

tade on Jan 26, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam: Good day! This is Zarade Casanova Cataquiz, presently residing in San Juan 1, General Trias Cavite. My concern is the YGC Family Protect Elite Insurance. Last November 09, 2018 an agent from YGC Insurance (Malayan Insurance) offered a Family Protection Elite which cost...

Netspend Corporation / I need my check for my mother’s birthday

Kahreem Mitchell on Jan 25, 2019

This will be my FINAL time emailing you all. My account got locked on Wednesday for I don't know what reason and I know the only way to get it is to send two pictures. I sent my SSN card, but I don't have an ID because I am under the age of 18. I spoke with one of the representatives and... / fees associated with expired cards

Lisa Burgess on Jan 25, 2019

My prepaid Mastercard expired and not only was I assessed a replacement fee of $15 to replace the card, I was also assessed a monthly fee on the card. That is double jeopardy on fees and is totally unacceptable. This card was issued for $50 and had an expiration date of 07/18. The card wa...

HDFC Bank / credit card

Vikasdagar on Jan 25, 2019

Hi I have been issued a credit card on behalf of my car loan. I have closed my loan of 3 years in 1 year . Despite of this advance payment and long term relationship. I have been using the card since long and paying all payments on time . Without any prior information my credit limit wa...

JustAnswer / money deducted from my account without my knowledge

Ndukwu madeline on Jan 24, 2019

Pls I needed to ask a question and they told me I couldn't ask until I pay and clearly I didn't want to pay so I decided to leave the site not knowing that I was charged for a service that I wasn't able to see my answer unless I paid and I didn't need their services again cos I was fine...

Industrias W WiLcHeS s a s / cargos a mi targets de crédito

Wilson wilches on Jan 24, 2019

Srs Por favor me podrían. Ayudar. Con el siguiente. Problema A partir del mes de noviembre estoy recibiendo cargos a mi targets de crédito a favor de google play pro . Com Es un cargo a diario por un valor de 4.04 En las dos Targetas. Por favor estos cargos yo no los he autorizado quiero...

Bank Of America Corporation / credit card

Phyllis Moschetti on Jan 24, 2019

We've been loyal customers for almost 20 years. Due to a life change, we decided to pay off our credit card balance and close our card. We called the company, got a pay off balance, and let them know when to expect our spite of our diligence, the company chose to report to the...

Green Dot Corporation / prepaid debit

Malisapaul on Jan 25, 2019

Green Dot CorporationHad my card several months seemed to work great. Suddenly my card an account was blocked for no reason. At first i thought it was a glitch. I tryed calling an was hung up on. I tryed calling back got a recording an no option for a rep tryed several times same outcome. I cant reach anyone...

Shoppers Drug Mart / prepaid visa cards

CB1987 on Jan 23, 2019

My mother purchased prepaid Master Cards from one your retail outlets. Inside were expired Vanilla Visa Cards. Unfortunately this was not discovered until I was left standing at a store having to return the items I was attempting to purchase with your faulty Prepaid Card. After waiting on...

HDFC Bank / credit card

Ritam Lahiri on Jan 22, 2019

Dear Authorities, I have been using HDFC credit card for the last one year. I terminated from the organization and not being able to Pay the dues on time. I had called the customer care to help me out in this regards, Stating that I want to close my card and convert all my outstanding dues into...

Gardner-White Furniture / credit account

Demaire on Jan 22, 2019

I have had stellar credit on my account. I called on December 11th 2018 and spoke to a gentlemen because my payment was 1 day late. This gentleman said there was nothing he could do said to call next month once I received my statement to get waived. I called today January 22nd, (spoke to...

Freedom Debt Relief / 8/12 consecutive months left of $510.00 to debt free

Orla OReilly on Jan 22, 2019

I signed on with freedom debt relief in October of 2014. About a year and 8 months and after paying off two creditors completely, I encountered financial trouble and I didn't have money to pay for drafts (this was during a period where no creditor was actively being paid by debt...

Grammarly / misleading information

Daisy111 on Jan 22, 2019

I work twice a week 8 hours max live in a small household and I really thought it was 11.99 not a full 139$ It really breaks my heart because I also thought it was a trial I am not going to need this for a year. Maybe one more month but I feel as if it won't be fixed I am also a broke... / unauthorized credit card charges

Uftade Muskara on Jan 22, 2019

I was using for some years and Itrusted them. However, I realized that this was a big mistake. For a booking at Convention Porte De Versailles Paris, I canceled my reservation timely (November 29, 2018) due to a change in my travel plans, it was an early cancellation and it wa...