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Airlines Complaints

DAMAC Properties / Wrong information

Nehagosalia on Feb 18, 2019

I was shown Damac hills while booking Akoya oxygen and told by the agent that Akoya oxygen project is just an extension of Damac hills while in reality the project is 25 Kms away and no we're closer to alQuadra road.I would like to ask for a refund of 20000 dh as the agent gave wrong...

Aeromexico / Cancellation of Plane TIckets

CJD123 on Feb 17, 2019

On Sunday 2/17, I made reservations for 11 travelers and I decided to cancel within hours due to personal reasons. When I called to cancel, I got hung up on multiple times (I guess doing a refund for multiple travelers is a pain) Anyways, when I finally called a 5th time, I got connected...

Icelandair / Icelandair

BC Associates & Taxation on Feb 17, 2019

Have traveled Icelandair for over 20 years from Halifax, Canada and have consistently used Premium Economy with a 4-day stopover in Reykjavik coming back from Manchester. It included 2 checked bags and lounge to which the rest from a 4-hour layover is appreciated. The 2nd. bag was alway...

Southwest Airlines / Southwest airlines / rude and unprofessional flight attendants on flight 1999

Joseph Boland on Feb 17, 2019

On February 15, 2019, We had 32 passengers in our group fly on your flight number 1999 from Punta Cana to Midway, Chicago. The flight attendants were extremely rude and unprofessional in bullying all passengers on flight 1999. On several occasions, the flight attendants rudely argued with...

Southwest Airlines / Rude and very unproffesional flight attendants on flight 1999.

Steve Petersen on Feb 17, 2019

On February 15, 2019, we had 32 passengers fly on your flight number 1999 from Punta Cana to Midway, Chicago. The flight attendants were extremely rude and unprofessional in bullying passengers on flight 1999. On several occasions, the flight attendants rudely argued with several...

Jet Airways / Flight Cancellation by Jet airways

Nathan Bala on Feb 17, 2019

reservation code: ucugt m issue date: 24 jan 19 ticket number: [protected]/73 invoice number: 2900330 issuing airline: klm royal dut ch airlines issuing agent: air link t ravel 5200 finch ave, suite 115, toronto ont canada m1s 4z 4/ass issuing agent location: scarborough on iata number...

Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport / Bagage demage

Selma Porobic on Feb 17, 2019

Dubai Airports / Dubai International AirportDear, During my flight from Bangkok with Emirates BKK EK 0384/12, on 15th of February, there was a delay in taking off due to which I was delayed for the connecting flight in Dubai to Prague on 16th of February, DBX EK 0140/11, but made it with a group of passengers escorted by staff at...

Etihad Airways / Booking and boarding

rkirank on Feb 17, 2019

Hello, I am the regular traveller to Europe on business purpose. This time I preferred etihad airlines for my travel, which very much disappointing and frustrating. While travelling from India to Frankfurt I was asked to postpone my travel to next day due to over booking. Some how did not...

Fiji Airways / Seating and handicapped wheelchair service

Sharon Cook Jacques on Feb 16, 2019

Flt # FJ931 Fiji to Melbourne I was in seat 27C. An obese man weighing 300+ lbs was seated next to me. He took up half of my seat and half of my leg room! I requested to be moved but was told there were no empty seats. His body was pressed into mine and I was leaning into the isle for the...

WestJet Airlines / unethical staff behavior

Myrna Stabenow on Feb 16, 2019

Incident took place feb15/19. My grand daughter Brooke Herlick {a student} was flying for the second time out of grande prairie to regina with a stop over in calgary. The flight was delayed out of GP, but was told she may make her connecting flight out of calgary and had about 15 min from...

Singapore Airlines / Inflight Condition

Jas F Lee on Feb 16, 2019

Dear Sirs, I took a SQ flight from Singapore to Taiwan on 13 February (SQ 878) 2019. This is one of the worst flight I have ever experience with Singapore Airline. The flight was running full & to my dismay, 2 of the lavatories located at the back of the aircraft were unavailable due to...

Ahmedabad Airport / Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport / Baggage scanning

Kiran Patel on Feb 15, 2019

On 9th put my 2 bags for security scanning for air India, operator asked me to open the bag, because it has '[email protected] inside, I replied I don't have any electronics in my bag, he said there are some batteries and cables. I said batteries aren't electronics, and cables is my heat pad...

Singapore Airlines / Late flight injury

Shell Forsman on Feb 15, 2019

We sent a complaint 7 months ago with no response Our flight was late in from Phuket to Singapore, so one of your beautiful staff rushed us to our connecting flight to Brisbane, we had to run for at least 20 minutes, in the process of this adventure my husband fractured his foot by tripping...

Kuwait Airways / Delay baggage & damage baggage

Abdeelahi on Feb 15, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysI was traveling on 19th Jan from New Delhi to paris on kuwait airlines Flight no KU 382 delhi to kuwait Flight no KU 167 kuwait to paris Upon reaching paris we did not get our luggage after waiting many hours we were informed our luggage is in kuwait & will get it after 3 days on next...

American Airlines / Departure Board inaccurate

Annette Gilley on Feb 15, 2019

Your info board time was not correct. My flight left early without me. I go to the desk to see if we are boarding yet, but I am told the flight had just already left! The flight had been delayed by 22 minutes. The board said it was departing at 11:12 a.m. Apparently, the pilot made up the...

Changi Airport Group / staff at gate b1

X Legend X on Feb 15, 2019

Flight SQ502 from Singapore to Bengaluru Boarding time: 07:05pm Flight time: 08:05pm Date:12 Feb 2019 Gate B1 i reached the B1 gate at around 7:45pm, i met my colleague for board in the plane together. He was group 5 and i was group 6. At that time, because i was quite late, i did not...

Shari's Berries / / chocolate covered berries

cdmiles1 on Feb 14, 2019

Shari's Berries / Berries.comI have ordered Sherrie's Berrues several times and have been extremely satisfied — however this year the entire order consists of extremely small and somewhat mini strawberries. The berries themselves don't fit in the tray (the indents for the berries are twice the size of the actual berrie...

Etihad Airways / baggage fees

Rahul Parsa on Feb 14, 2019

My daughter and I recently flew from Chicago to Hyderabad, India and back on American Airlines and American's partner airlines, Etihad Airways. When I arrived at the airport for the departure flight, I was informed each traveler was only entitled to one checked bag and there was a $100...

Westjet Vacations / fiesta americana holguin, cuba

Susan Jackson on Feb 14, 2019

WestJet Vacations: Feb 4-11/2019 Fiesta Americana Holguin, Cuba Booking : 2460831 Susan Jackson: West Jet ID :[protected] World Elite Mastercard RBC holder Carl Jackson: WestJet ID: [protected] World Elite Mastercard RBC Holder Email: [email protected] [email protected] To Whom it May concern; We arrived...

Qatar Airways / lost case then received damaged

Penelope Rich on Feb 14, 2019

Did an on line form to you to report lost case. But when received 2 days later the case had the handle smashed off and the locks broken and the shell of the case damaged.. The case is now useless and a replacement is £80.00 plus for a similar replacement. We have tried to report this on line...