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Yahoo! / new feed

Tlowers1843 on Nov 22, 2018

Once I enjoyed reading Yahoo News- every morning and evening. However, I am getting fed up with the constant negative news on Trump and the obsessive need to publish every stupid thing possible about the Kardashians. Seriously?! I want real, unbiased news. I don't want to read the author's ‘facts'...

Yahoo News / the crap you put on your site

Jim Merrick on Nov 21, 2018

Why do you people put all this tabloid crap on your news feed? Seems like we have enough [censored] being shoved down our throats already! I'm switching over to MSN as will all of our staff. Yahoo news sucks the big one!! And now your people are telling me that if if my complaint isn't 350...

Family Dollar Stores / tailgate light up speaker #[protected]

Betty Ann Jackson on Nov 18, 2018

I purchased this speaker beginning of November 2018. It was working fine. I woke this morning November 18, 2018 it did not work no sound only lights. I called the store where purchased and was told as long as I have receipt I can return it. When I got around to store he said we can't...

Channel 7 News / news

Mary-Ze on Nov 14, 2018

News report on Monday October 29 and Friday November 2 2018 Matter at Frankston Court - ‘alledged victim" Beau Shortis and " accused - Breach 3.3 Accuracy and Fairness 3.3.1 In broadcasting a news or Current Affairs Program, a Licensee must present factual material accurately and ensure...

iTV News / national news (nov. 12th and 13th.)

Leonard Thompson on Nov 14, 2018

The recent "exposures" on the 6-30pm. news involving journalist entrapment by secret filming of applications for help in wrestling with Homosexuality issues when contacting Churches. Firstly it has been a long tradition that UK National News should be even handed and factual and not...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket coverage

iKen on Nov 3, 2018

I cant believe there is a two page spread in the Sunday Times saying Channel 7 is showing the cricket 'live and free in HD' on a day when they clearly aren't. Its UNAUSTRALIAN. Liars, fake news, call it what you like. Its bad enough not putting the cricket on free to air, like it has been...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

enoughofdon on Nov 1, 2018

"the biggest terror threat in this country is white men"...really??!! How dare CNN continue to support such commentary from Don Lemon. No more CNN for me, i use to watch but not after having him spit in my face one to many times. I am a tolerant man, but, we all have our limits. Gone are...

Cable News Network / CNN / don lemon

BrianWFGM on Nov 1, 2018

As a Non Radicalized White Male i take offense to Don's Racist comments. The platform you give him is in serious risk of collapse. Broad sweeping statements based on one's race is simply off limits. Your advertisers will certainly be getting complaints. We White American Men demand an...

Cable News Network / CNN / cnn - don lemon

St.Timothy on Nov 1, 2018

I have been a staunch supporter & viewer of CNN since it's beginning, l can no longer support the radical racist rants of Don Lemon. How dare he say that about white men being terrorist. I support the Democratic party & happen to be white! You have lost a number of viewers because we WHITE...

Yahoo! / news on homepage

Nicholas Sitzman on Oct 31, 2018

Are there any kind of preferences for news stories on my homepage? I am sick of having to read through five different headlines about Megan Markle and the royal family. I don't care about the Kardashians or Kanye West. I don't want to read about what some B list celebrity feels about...

ITV / xfactor

Distressed Dave on Oct 28, 2018

Please explain why tonight's x factor results were done in catorgries and not singulary ? Personally I'm not bothered but my wife Nicolette has basically just had a meltdown, guess what it's all my fault! I work 13 hour shifts days/ nights and I really don't need to come home to a big...

Fox TV / fire shepard smith

TxMD on Oct 26, 2018

Today Shepard Smith got into a verbal altercation with Chris Wallace in regard to all these mail bombs being sent to Democrats. Shep was trying to blame President Trump for all of it!! I was shocked & disgusted!! It's VERY HARD to be lectured by the DEMOCRATS on civility!! I don't know why...

Shepard Smith / shepard smith rhetoric

Maryann Petruccelli-Greco on Oct 26, 2018

Rhetoric I am writing this not only for me but from all my girls that watch Fox News. Shepard Smith does not belong on Fox News. His comments regarding bomber suspect are totally unacceptable. I watch Fox News because you were fair. Saying that President Donald Trumps rhetoric is behind...

CNN / news

Cranky old guy on Oct 26, 2018

Enough with the stupid swelling music and sound effects! I am not an idiot and do not need this to pay attention to a story. This is an industry wide problem and extends to commercials. Documentaries often are polluted with background music as well. Sensationalist tendencies are sad to...

Leading, High-Level Democrats / unethical behavior

TxMD on Oct 24, 2018

I'm sure by now you have heard about the suspicious pkgs today, addressed to obama's, clinton's, maxine waters, eric holder, george soros, debbie wasserman-schultz & cnn... All are democrats. My gut feeling is telling me the democratic party most likely sent out all these pkges. And i...

Fox TV / shephard smith

Brett LG on Oct 24, 2018

Every time Shephard Smith is on I think I'm watching CNBC. I am really starting to question Fox News. He is so far Liberal left I can't even imagine what he is still doing on Fox News. I can only surmise that he's got a very strong contract. I have seen him go off the rails for the last...

Fox TV / shepard smith

Howard Jubrey on Oct 23, 2018

He no longer reports the news. He now puts his own spin on the news and gives his opinions. He made statements today and in the past that the President is lying without calling him a liar. I have lost all respect for him. Check his broadcast from 5 years ago to now. How he knows what the...

Fox TV / shepard smith

ray millers on Oct 23, 2018

Shepard Smith" 10/23/18 I work from home and keep Fox News on as a background to my day. Today I listened to Shepard Smith on his segment which airs at 3pm EST. I was appalled by this unprovoked negative remarks about President Trump. Not everyone likes our president but this broadcaster i...

Bing any Google / unequal political coverage / fairness

Gary Eaker on Oct 22, 2018

Bing any Google profess to be unbiased. If that's anywhere true then why aren't any of their headlines mentioning the sex abuse scandals alleged to have been committed by Corey Booker and Keith Ellison. Corey said a few weeks ago that the person accusing him 'should be... / continue withdrawals from my account even after unsubscribing

Augustine Okwesili on Oct 19, 2018

I registered with Twoo on the social media for free, i have operated this account for some years, then one day i made a one time payment for three months but since then I discovered that they are still making deduction from my account, without my consent. Because of this deductions, I...