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News & Media Complaints | Page 8

Yahoo! / news

Stephen Llewellyn on Jul 14, 2018

Yahoo!Why are news headlines being twisted? A Yahoo UK News story adapted from the Guardian was given a new headline that emphasised Trump as taunting protesters, making him the central actor in the story: "Trump Taunts Protestors from Gulf Course". The choice of this headline empowers Trump in...

Fox TV / the cool kids

JPottgen on Jul 13, 2018

I recently saw a clip for a new series called The cool kids. I think it is very insensitive the line that they use when being pulled over by the police. The line was " just act like we have Alzheimer's ". I personally do not think that is funny and I am sure several of your viewers who... / St. Paul Pioneer Press / comments section

Adambbbbb on Jul 13, 2018

When will this paper shut down their hateful comments section? I have seen the same right wing racists spewing hateful bs every time I open the comments section for many years. Is this all your paper stands for, hate? Is racist money all you're interested in? I have canceled my...

24 Hour Fitness USA / scam on first responders

Eric Tiwanak on Jul 13, 2018

On Jul 13, 2018/0930 hrs I tried to register as a retired first reponder at the Kaneohe 24 HR Fitness in Kaneohe, Hawaii. I was informed by TJ, the Operation Manager, that I do not qualify since I'm retired. According to your add on Facebook I do qualify. I'm quite disturbed that your...

Foster Farms / feedback re truck accident

Ursula Veganspark on Jul 13, 2018

I encourage Foster Farms to begin to work with animal advocates to provide more transparency around what is happening on farms and in slaughterhouses. You do know that this business is inherently cruel and to begin the shift now to a kinder, healthier and more sustainable business model...

Netflix / michelle wolf offensive and discriminatory

MrsF3 on Jul 12, 2018

The Michelle Wolf/abortion show went too far. Many people oppose abortion because of scientific reasons and psychological reasons. Support women by not making them feel that abortion is their only option. Why not do a show on women's centers that give women AND their unborn and born...

Panera Bread / grilled cheese sandwiches

K_spencer on Jul 12, 2018

The only two things that I would get from Panera Bread was their Mac and cheese and their grilled cheese. But after I found a piece of hair in my Mac and cheese it's only the grilled cheese that I get. But that has changed because they changed the bread and cheese that they used for it and...

Topix LLC / Piketon Ohio Topix / double standards/favoritism by topix moderators!!

Jason Unbourne on Jul 11, 2018

People on the Piketon Topix are sometimes banned very quickly., especially if they are reported by the troll Mr-Smiley who has turned the forums dedicated to the Pike County Massacre into their playtime. The Smiley person has played many games, made false accusations against family of the Pike...

Michelle Wolf / netflix politics

War Immortal on Jul 10, 2018

Recently I cancelled my Netflix subscription over your companies continued support of Michelle Wolf. Who attacked the President of the United States daughter. If this had been Obama's daughters under attack your company would have pulled whoever was in charge of that attack. Meanwhile your...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news cross to thailand cave rescue

Craigby on Jul 10, 2018

Watching the interview with Michelle Payne and during ads breaking news regarding cave rescue in Thailand, on site news reporter is cut off mid sentence after just a few words for some more pathetic and worthless advertising and didn't return to the reporter or the story. Pathetic...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / media

Portia Bosch on Jul 9, 2018

Good day, Whilst a kids movie Anastasia was playing on channel 138 tonight an adult advert was played during the ad break showing men and women in bed on top of each other naked. I don't remember the name of the series it was advertising but this is completely unacceptable and outrageou...

ITV / itv news

Shelza on Jul 7, 2018

Headline news on 7th of July, "The Nation will be at a standstill this afternoon as England play Sweden". Sorry, most people in Scotland are mourning the murder of a 6 year old child and couldn't care less about a game of football. Absolutely disgraceful and bias reporting, there is more...

Yahoo! / article making jokes on racism and the metoo movement

Aubree Phoenix on Jul 6, 2018 Why do you publish and promote trash like this article? Do you find Trump's racism funny? amusing? Trump has no damn clue about science much less goddamn DNA. Him mocking Elizabeth...

Fox broadcasting / world cup quarter finals

JMG9 on Jul 6, 2018

I do not know why Fox would buy the rights to the World Cup and then not show any of the quaterfinal matches on Fri Jul. 6. How stupid to continue to show Wendy Williams and Dr. OZ when the world cup only happens every 4 years and despite what you think is enjoyed by millions of American...

Woolworths Australia / marketing

Jasminemarielynch on Jul 4, 2018

I accepted the request to complete a survey and then choose an ipad (stupidly believing that I might actuallybe sent an iPad) and was directed toa page to sign upfour a membership with a streaming service. I don't enjoy being hassled and lied to. I won't be frequenting your stores after...

Youtube /

James Harrington on Jul 3, 2018

I saw an advertisement featuring hosts from known Russian propaganda echochambers such as Source...

Asianet News Channel / tv program malabar manuel

PillaiTCJ on Jun 25, 2018

Asianet News ( Malayalam) had telecasted a program named Malabar Manuel on 25/06/2018 at IST 19:30. In that program, the anchor was illustrating that BJP had assassinated Mahatma Gandhi and stated that BJP is celebrating the anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Also, he wa...

Yahoo! / vile racism on your news comments

Claire Banton on Jun 25, 2018

Hi, I want to complain about the level of vile, racist trolling which is prevalent on the 'comments' section of your UK news posts. I've been onto a news posts just now about a couple murdered in Jamaica and the level of racism directed at those who live in the country is upsetting and...

The Kraft Heinz Company / boycotting due advertising on foxnews

Rileyboy1 on Jun 20, 2018

As both a Kraft-Heinz stockholder and consumer I regret to inform you that I can no longer purchase any products or services under the Kraft-Hines umbrella due to your advertising on Fox news. You certainly have a right to advertise wherever you see fit, as a stockholder I have the right...

Daily Mirror, Caters News Agency, Daily Mail. / racist staff.

OpposedToRacismAndHate on Jun 20, 2018

Racist Caters News Agency employee Becca Husselbee has made appalling and bigoted comments about Muslims Husselbee's father Steve Husselbee lives in Kingswinford in the United Kingdom and is a supporter of racist group Britain...