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News & Media Complaints | Page 9

Youtube / channel censorship

AL Epding on Jun 18, 2018

Please quit your censoring and adding 'strikes' to the channel 'Lift the Veil for posting videos of atrocities and murders committed by the (Israeli) IMF that are true and accurate records of the reality the world deserves to know. If this gets worse I will form a group with first hundred...

Set it Up Rating / netflix original movie

heids_O7 on Jun 17, 2018

Hello. I am wondering how NetflixOriginal movie "Set It Up" has a TV-14 rating. At the very beginning there is a short graphic sex-scene where the guy says "I'm coming", there's multiple references to penises, including some disturbing lines like the one involving peanut butter, and even...

Lenovo Group / lenovo yoga 720

Maialh on Jun 14, 2018

Lenovo GroupI bought my Lenovo Yoga 720 on December last year, since I been travelling I haven't made a lot of recreational use until lately that I bought an HDMI adapter to use in the USB C but it doesn't work because when you connect the adapter it can't fit right because the USB C outlet is like...

Yupp TV / big boss 2 not telecasted

Pree1234 on Jun 10, 2018

We were eagerly waiting to watch big boss 2 telugu which is supposed to be telecasted at 9pm indian time on star Maa..though the program heading showed big boss 2, son of satyaMurthy was telecasted.. no proper response from yupp chat.. Wats the point of having yupp when we cannot see the...

TAG Heuer / my visit to tag heuer shop at wisma atria

Onegoodsamaritan on Jun 10, 2018

On the 10th of June, I walked in to Tag Heuer at Wisma Atria Singapore ready to buy Modular 45 watch for my friend in Indonesia. I'm very disappointed that the sales woman who greeted me was VERY RUDE, BELITTLING, JUDGEMENTAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I may not wear gold necklace or branded bag...

Marlboro / foreign object in cigarette

Kyliecanty on Jun 7, 2018

MarlboroI have found a foren object inside my cigarette It was sitting out the top of the cigarette & I am Concerned on what this is & harmful effect to myself It was a large white lump please see photos I would like to understand what this is & ensure this is not an ongoing issue with...

Financial Broker / turbo tax delauxe

Bhiremath on Jun 5, 2018

My financial broker had a service fee of $1600. When I claimed this is as investment income, instead decrease in the tax due but the tax due increased. This happened once in the past. Since Turbo tax claims that the Software is error free the diffretial amount to be transmitted to my bank account. I want some body from Turbo Tax to respond. Thanks

MidEast Analyst / pinterest suspended my account to support a hezbollah terrorist psyop called sarah abdallah @sahouraxo

I agree. Pinterest suspended my account to support a Hezbollah terrorist psyop called Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo and all I did is post Screenshots of her tweets proving she's a Hezbollah terrorist. Instagram did Not delete my account although same pics as pinterest. Pinterest are terrorist...

Netflix / movies

21mharris on Jun 3, 2018

Yall just added the Prince and Me 4 but dont have the first three movies . Yall also only have the last highschool musical movie instead of all of them . Yall also took the Hannah Montana movie off . Yall also took the series Violetta off of Netflix but kept the movie . No ones going to...

Mylife / false information

June Jack on Jun 2, 2018

I am shocked to have received an unsolicited e-mail from MyLife which I have never heard of. They have my name and age correct but they have given me a totally false nationality, given me a job that I do not have and to which I have never applied and added relatives I never heard of just...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / advertising and using “breaking news” in your advertising.

Kev Robinson on May 31, 2018

I am over it so much how you use breaking news in your advertising if your news service. I am over it and switching channels. Breaking news is breaking news. Your news service is not.. sorry but it's sensationalising. On sunrise theUs morning they commented on there is some breaking new...

Sarah / attitude of cashier

gbott on May 31, 2018

I have been buying furniture at Mathis Brothers for I know at least 30 years (through two wives). Their selection is reliably good if not superior. Their prices are competitive. Recently their back office and other customer service functions have been horrible! We the customers always seem...

Samantha Bee / nasty so called comedian

Pen57 on May 31, 2018

Done with this liberal nutjob. Never watched her before and now I know I will never ever watch this nasty disgusting freak of nature. She needs to be fired, this language and this attack on our President's daughter has gone beyond the boundaries. If TBS allows this behavior, promise I will...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks Miami Florida / david cassidy documentary june 11, 2018

Mandy Langford on May 30, 2018

Although I live in the UK so will only get to see this if its shared online, I like millions of others would ask that it isnt shown. David Cassidy doesnt deserve to have this as any attempt at a tribute. From the clips I have seen his is obviously very ill and frail and confused and...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / rosanne barr - "rosanne"

Olori on May 29, 2018

I think it is terrible that you would even consider cancelling "Rosanne" for the things that were said on her show. What about "Jimmy Kimmel"? Rosanne's remarks are no comparrison to the low down degrading words out of Kimmel's mouth towards President Trump, Melania, Barron, Mike Pence...

Fox TV / abc cancellation

rcon2018 on May 29, 2018

Hey Fox - do the right thing and pick up Roseanne! The liberals at ABC will cut their own throat if they have any excuse to cut the one conservative leaning show on TV. Roseanne apologized for her tweet! Give her a break! I would love to see this show picked up on FOX. Viewers will not let... / fraudulent monthly deductions from my acct since sept 2017

DebbieH2018 on May 28, 2018

I was looking at my young daughters bank statements and noticed there was deductions coming out monthly of approx. $55.00. This deduction has been occurring monthly since sept 2017!!! She was oblivious to this happening and I demand her money back! I will be calling them straight away. I...

Reportlinker / content

Ana Silvia on May 27, 2018

I was looking for A list of Hotels in UAE and I came to reportslinker which was showing that it is available on their website. I have got a subscription so I can have access on the report I was looking for and when I opened it was a poor article about hotels in general in UAE. I have sent...

Pep Boys / today I saw they sell paint to a man who obviously uses it to get high

Joey Cazares on May 26, 2018

5/26/18 at 4:40 PM store #5439 Store manager on duty name is Jerry He refused to give me his last name when he became aware I noticed him selling white paint to a man who was using it to get high in the parking lot Even worst he knew the mans name and addressed each other like this was a...

TxTag / billing questions

wayne-b on May 23, 2018

According to KXAN News they covered a program for Disabled Veterans to use the toll roads. I started using these roads according to the map provided on the txtag website and a month later received a bill. I contacted customer service and was told I would have to pay the bill and that I wa...