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Software & Games Complaints

WhiteSmoke / k.n. toosi

hoseyn on Feb 18, 2019

I bought a permanent license of WhiteSmoke that they called it "lifetime Plan" in 2015. But, now, it stops to work and when I run the software, it says "your license is expired". I sent e-mails the support team of the WhiteSmoke regarding this issue several times; but, no...

Glorious Games / bad customer service

thesadqueen on Feb 16, 2019

First they were replying with different answers which confuse people. And now they are bullying me and spying to use anything I write on the site against me, they are also spying on me outside stardoll, and are giving wrong idea about me as well as allowing members to bully and report me...

Wondershare Technologies Company / wondershare video converter ultimate

Dean Ford on Feb 16, 2019

On Feb. 15, 2019 I downloaded a 'trial' version of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and tried it on my Mac computer. It performed very well. So I purchased the program online for $42.75 ($39.95+$2.80 tax). I failed to perform. I tried several times with different videos and got the...

Covet Fashion / tapjoy diamond rewards

Ajhriahna Moore on Feb 14, 2019

Covet FashionHello, I very much enjoy playing your game but this week I have had a negative experience with tapjoy. I completed an offer, provided proof and was informed that there were extra requirements that were not initially stated in the reward. I am seeking compensation of 16320 diamonds for...

Miniclip / 8 ball pool

Luke-bxll on Feb 14, 2019

It said that if you log in to Facebook you get 5 cash. I got upset when I spent a while making a Facebook account then logging in it said heres five cash for logging in but it never actually gave it to me. My profile name is Luke. I'm level 15 and am at the top of my league. Please can I...

TapJoy / in-game currency not received

A.M. Mickle on Feb 11, 2019

More than a month ago, I submitted two tickets via my game for in-game currency which hadn't been rewarded upon offer completion. Typically, when this happened in the past, I received an update within 2-3 days, although they say it can take 7-9 days to resolve. After more than a week...

Candy Crush Saga / game issues

Helen Drakis on Feb 10, 2019

For the last several days the candy drops are not accumulating properly so there are no rewards. I will have 35/36 then play a game and then it reflects 0/60 then repeats itself to 35/36 etc. also not receiving the daily prize. I play Candy Crush through Facebook so maybe that is the...

TapJoy / currency payout fail

Nathaniel N on Feb 7, 2019

TapJoyCase #: [protected] Date Occurred: 19/02/07 12:19 Title: Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle Completed an install and open offer, but received a failed payout. Reason was stated as "Violation of Terms of Use" without details regarded what was violated only possible reason were given. (automated...

TapJoy / design home

sne9708 on Feb 7, 2019

I play design home and covet fashion on my iphone 8. I have been completing offers through tapjoy for years, so I know what offers will pay out, and which ones won't. For weeks, every single offer I complete, has not paid out, but it says the diamonds were rewarded. They were not...

Gameloft / illegal deduction in cell phone balance

Kapilsharma2285 on Feb 6, 2019

GameloftHello Team, Today I have opened the installed game in my samsung duos (no multimedia) and without any notification/message on the screen, 50 Rs are deducted. I have asked with the idea customer care regarding this but they are not filing my complaint and said I have purchased the game from...

Microsoft Corporation / windows 10

Joseph Willis on Feb 5, 2019

I have limited internet bandwidth, specifically upload bandwidth.It seems Microsoft lives in a fantasy world where everyone has unlimited internet bandwidth.Windows 10 uses Delivery Optimization to share updates on my computer with other computers on the internet .I can not turn off...

Miniclip / 8 ball pool purchase

James abbey on Feb 5, 2019

I purchased a pack that gave me 3 pool cash a day and 2 new ques for 7.99 a week. I would like to cancel that but I don't know how. The purchase was a good deal just not interested anymore. I've tried to look it up and figure out how I can unsubscribe for the purchase but have yet failed...

FunPlus / purchases from executive

Ar on Feb 5, 2019

FunPlusSpent $4500 through funplus executive celeste arnold and have not received what was promised. Not sure if she is an employee or not at this point. She is out of the netherlands and claims to be head of staff 2protolive is how she signs things. I have screen shoots and bank transaction...

Avakin Life / scammers

LacyAnn on Feb 4, 2019

This player scammed me into "gifting" her an animation set for 4999 coins that I earned. She said she's gift me an interaction, but promptly left. I don't care what happens to her, I'd just like the coins back. If that can't happen, then I'm just done with the game. Cause this is some...

High 5 Casino / previous game level deleted

Dorothea R on Feb 4, 2019

Yesterday my High 5 Casino Game was at VIP level Ruby and the bonus was at 17, 500. Today my High 5 Game level is put back to VIP level is Silver. MY bonus is 60.00. I want my game VIP level back to where it was yesterday. The money was 1, 500.000 now it is 51, 000. Please reset my High 5...

Zinstall / migration kit pro

baptiste course on Feb 4, 2019

On January 12, 2019, I purchased 3 copies of Zinstall Pro for $338.00 to remote transfer: files, software, settings, etc. (like they advertise) of 3 older Windows 10 computers to 3 brand new Dell Windows 10 Desktop computers. After the "Migration" Files and registry entries were corrupt... / p c use

margie mott on Feb 1, 2019

pet rescus is constantly freezing up, every game sometimes several times a game and the stupid cat keeps saying the same thing experiencing difficulties we are working on fixing the problem...well you been working on it for months...please fix it, I enjoy playing your games but the past...

MovieStarPlanet / movie star planet

Amberlanigan on Jan 31, 2019

Hi there Daughter received messages from the account of her best friend claiming to have gotten into her friends account. They then went onto say they knew who they both were, using both their first names. They said they knew which school they attended, again using the schools name. The said...

CBI*MalwareBytes / unauthorized credit card charges

MBarkley852 on Jan 30, 2019

There was an amount charged to my Bank America card on 12/27/2018 for $43.19. Reference #4546... I did not authorize this payment nor download their product. I removed it over a year ago when I went with another, better, company. They were contacted at the time of removal, so this charge...

Roblox / roblox

Beejay Bigmeat on Jan 30, 2019

My son's account gets hacked last week. Apparently this is a common occurrence. I emailed support for help, thinking that since we have spent a lot of money on this game, they would reply in a timely manner. Team minus 5 days with ZERO reply. Zero. Nothing. Just a crappy automated email...