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Casinos Complaints | Page 8

Playtika / slotomania

Lee Garozzo on Apr 11, 2018

Royal Diamond player, get the same results everyday! Spend plenty, win small, game play is rigged. Where is the legal RNG??? Why is it the same players winning trillions in Supergroup??? You win, I am done. You have made it impossible for higher tier players to get any value for money! 6...

DoubleDown Casino / wild red sevens

nancy christopoulos on Apr 11, 2018

I was playing wild red sevens on my tablet last night I was betting 50, 000 and got a wheel spin and hit 1000 on the wheel but then it froze there and didn't pay me my winnings.I had to eventually close double down to unfreeze it .So lost my winnings.When i went back in to check it just...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / not being paid for cash outs

[email protected] on Apr 9, 2018

i submitted 6 different claims for cash out each for $100.00. Chumba instantly asked for proof of identification. Totally understandable, so i submitted my drivers license, my property tax statement and a bill that i had. They got back to me after nearly a week and said that it wasnt good...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / cash out procedure/ not paid

Audryell Renae Clark on Apr 6, 2018

I cannot imagine spending money and not seeing a return, this is why I hardly ever gamble. However I was in a situation were I needed some money so I tried it. I spent my money to put on the account to play and won 181 dollars which one hundred of I decided to cash out. Since that time I...

Playtika / slotomania

Andrei Goaima on Apr 5, 2018

Hello!My name is Andrei Goaima and i'm from Romania.I just finish a quest in hard mode on Slotomania.I receive a ace pack of 5 stars and a god card of 4 stars.Why?? You said if finish a quest in hard mode guarantes I have to receive a gold card of 5 stars.So what's happening??please .. So...

Playtika / poker, wsop

silverpoker1 on Apr 3, 2018

I spent $18 on about 120, 000, 000. Spent about $5, 000, 000 on a spin game. Sent out free chips to poker buddies here on the site. Maybe a million. Played off in poker around $75, 000, 000. I only have almost $8, 000, 000 left. It seems around $26, 000, 000 chips are missing. I seem to be...

Playtika / slotomania

Shane Carter 7111 on Apr 2, 2018

Just got 18.75 million on the dice roll and it did not go on to the credit. Yesterday I tried to collect two card packs and six million dollars on the first island and after I tapped it they did not go on to the credit and I didn't get the cards. Not very happy. I have no money left to buy...

Slotomania / missing coins from the bonus

Beth McKnight on Apr 2, 2018

I know mistakes happen but this is absolutely ridiculous there are several several several people that are missing their coin from any bonus of the mega will come anytime you buy something IK cetera IK cetera I'm missing my 2 hour bonus and there's a tournament going on which I'm losing my...

Playtika / missing coins from slotomania

Beth McKnight on Apr 2, 2018

PlaytikaMissing coins from the bonus I can't remember exactly how much it was but I did a screenshot and I do understand that there are several several still having the same problems I hope this gets resolved quickly because there is a tournament going on and I was in a very good rating and now...

DoubleDown Casino / not receiving chips

Roberto Robaina on Mar 31, 2018

I am 88 years old and retired I've been playing your game for many years and purchase chips. Lately with in the last couple of weeks my totals gained on bonuses are not adding up to my total. After submitting several complaints it has not been resolved. My account is under my Facebook...

DoubleDown Casino / not receiving credits

Sue Tudor on Mar 30, 2018

Hey DD ... what's going on? You changed things recently and I lost my advancement on Harley game. Submitted report, but never a response. Today I "collected" a free spin from a friend, got the $1million, but screen went dark and when reset I was not credited the million. Also, the amount of... / account freezing / closing. lets file a class action suit

Playdoh.paul on Mar 27, 2018

I've had an account for 10 years with PokerStars, no issues. On St Patricks day I took advantage of a play money chip bonus, and bought 400 million play chips for $140 CAD. Well not even 2 weeks later I was randomly selected for security screening, and my account is permanently...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / payout

Elias parra on Mar 27, 2018

Ive played over 1, 000 dollars with this online casino. I finally woon hitting 3, 800. I went to cash out the ask for verification they accepted my ID but they never accepted 2nd proof so I went to bank of america to open a bank account so I could send that and now they said they closed my...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / verification and withdrawal

Jeremy Curtright on Mar 26, 2018

Fourth with your customer support for over 3 months now trying to verify myself and withdraw the $1, 100 that I won I sent in my ID they said that was good I sent in several different supporting documents at first the couple they said oh that wouldn't work so I sent in the ones that they...

Slotomania / 2 hour bonus

Leann macmillan on Mar 24, 2018

I bought a coin pkg on sat. March 17 2018. I then received my 2 hour bonus . The next day I purchased another coin package March 18 2018 . My 2 hour bonus still came up until Saturday march24/2018 when they cut it off & went back to 3 hour bonus. Each purchase entitles u to 7 days of 2...

how / I am 86 and cant get around mucomputer after I got internet from att for 10.00 a month as I could no

Carroll Redd on Mar 21, 2018

So I got free chips, they dont last. So I got weak and bought 36million chips for 39.00 the 36 mil. Did not last on thier game playing at 60000 at a time in less than 3 hrs all the chips were gone I checked before when I spent another 39.00, so within this month, I have lost 72million...

Sun International / unethical behaviour

Nivashni on Mar 19, 2018

I received an sms saying I had draw stay nights, I booked at wildcoast sun for the 11th March. upon booking I was not advised that I did not qualify for this. I travelled all the way from ladysmith to spend the night at wildcoast only to be told that I do not qualify for the draw stay...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / cash out not received

Fonda Griffin on Mar 17, 2018

I have sent several emails trying to collect my winnings. At first, i was told to send the necessary documents to verify my id. My id was accepted but not the second document. So, i sent my bank statement as well. After that i got a couple responces saying that they were very busy and...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / see charles valera chumba winner or what? 5 days a, month ago

Brad Mosby on Mar 16, 2018

i was there I saw the entire deposit to winnings and now from the 24th still charlie aka charles has not been paid. It is a scenario that doesnt make.sense since I have cashed out 100 times since then but the scrambling to run to the dmv find the extra over the top documents to satisfy the...

DoubleDown Casino / free promotional chips

Christina Campbell on Mar 16, 2018

I've been playing double down casino for several years now, and receiving free chips from pictures web page on Facebook and all the sudden I can't get any of the chips. I've been trying to figure out how to go to technical support and get help, but all I get is instructions on how to do it...